New Moon in Virgo ~ a perfect party

It’s the New Moon in Virgo on August 25th at 7:13 am Pacific and I’ve pulled a Creative Soul Card from my deck and channeled a New Moon Challenge to go with it.  Here is a snippet from the challenge.  The full challenge will be offered in my upcoming Creative Soul Class (both online and in-person – coming soon!)  In the meantime, feel free to join my Creative Soul Circle on Facebook where I release private moon meditations for those who are interested.

Creative Soul Card & Challenge for the New Moon in Virgo

Jacko invites himself to all the best parties by Kathy Crabbe

Jacko invites himself to all the best parties by Kathy Crabbe

This New Moon we’re going to journey deep, deep, deep within our hearts to seek and find what lies within.

So, take a moment to envision the color of love, whatever color that may be for you. Then feel it pouring over you and enveloping you like a waterfall, like snow, like a warm, plush blanket, like a clear blue sky.

I pulled this card (to the left) just for this New Moon and although it’s more of a Gemini card we’ll stick with it to see where it takes us, keeping in mind that Virgo and Gemini share the same ruling planet, Mercury.

So, the stage is set for a party; not usually Virgo’s style, but definitely in her bag of tricks – she is mutable after all and loves to talk!

Now envision yourself at a Fall Party; the perfect party while asking yourself some questions: What kind of party is it? who is the host? describe the guests, the food, the decor, the setting, the music, the conversation, the time of day, what you’re wearing, the theme etc. Make it your perfect party. Don’t over-think it either – whatever pops into your head.

Could you perhaps make this vision a reality in some way or another? It doesn’t have to be to the letter. What parts of your your party could you implement and when could you do it? So do it! Then report back in your journal or in my Creative Soul Circle with all the juicy details titling your post “My New Moon Perfect Party”.

Prints of Jacko are available here.

Virgo’s Creative Soul Song
We are all perfect
as we are
in this moment
in perfect grace
We shine
We dance
We dine
We are perfection
Perfection Divine

Affirmation: “My perfect party awaits. I’m off!”
Affirmation: My perfect party Virgo Altar Suggestions from my Zodiac Goddess Playbook
Color: green
Gemstone: sapphire
Herb: valerian
Food: oats
Animal Spirit: cat
Goddess: Changing Woman

And last, but not least don’t forget to set your New Moon intentions for the moonth ahead. I’ll be checking back in with all of you at the next Full Moon to see what’s flowered!

Blessed Be.

Kathy Crabbe Guiding Your Creative SoulABOUT KATHY CRABBE
I am a Canadian born, self taught intuitive artist and creative soul guide currently living and working in a desert valley of Southern California surrounded by ancient oaks and an elfin forest. I live in a home created by my husband that we share with our cat and dog muses, Spartacus and Abby. I’ve been drawing since age two and offering creative soul guidance since 2008.

Happy Aquarius Full Moon: I quiet my outside so my inner voice can be heard

Afirmation: I quiet my outside so my inner voice can be heard
The affirmation and image in this post is from my soon to be released Creative Soul Deck and Class and was channeled by me for this Aquarius Full Moon. I have included a snippet from the Creative Soul Activity that accompanies it below. There is also a gemstone healing meditation that I channeled and will be sharing in my Creative Soul Circle, a private group on Facebook. Please email me if you’d like to join.

Affirmation: Shush! I quiet my outside so my inner voice can be heard. And I open up to touch the core of me-ness.

It’s the lunar lammas and the first harvest (in the northern hemisphere, that is), but because it’s a lunar celebration which happens this Sunday at the Full Moon in Aquarius (August 10 at 11:09 am PDT) this celebration is about our inner harvest.

What feeds you? What keeps you going and fulfills you?  Is this a part of your daily work or play or even your dreams at night?

Mummy by Kathy Crabbe

Mummy (Creative Soul Card) by Kathy Crabbe

Quick, the fairies are calling you; can you see that flash of light, that wee sprite, out of the corner of your eye?  She is calling your name.

You are the mummy now; the mummy of your own inner dreams. Take time out to acknowledge yourself.

Take time out for you.

Wrap yourself up like a mummy, in protective layers so that YOU, yes YOU can hear your own thoughts without distraction.

Allow the Divine to speak through you, trusting that the advice she has for you is going to be good for all of us.

Allow the group mind, the myriad of voices, the universal, co-creative, collective consciousness to speak through you by listening to your heart and soul at this Full Moon in Aquarius.

Allow this Full Moon to fill your soul with light for you are love and all you touch is loved.

Aquarius Full Moon Delites for your altar 

  • Divine image: the Sphinx
  • Color: black
  • Stone: chrysocolla
  • Element: air
  • Plant: orchid
  • Herb: pepper
  • Food: dried fruits
  • Goddess: Freya, Ix Chel, Nut


I am I am I am

A walker between worlds

I am nourished, sustained, enthralled

by love of the ALL

I seek first within

My duty calls

More about the upcoming Creative Soul Class & Certification Program

If you like what you see here you will probably enjoy my upcoming Creative Soul Class which will include these goodies:

  • Play and draw using your non dominant hand
  • Make your own Creative Soul deck
  • Learn how to stay focused and on track with your goals and dreams
  • Set intentions for the month ahead at the New Moon
  • Circle with your fellow Moon Musers and Creative Souls in a private group
  • Work towards Creative Soul Guide Certification and teach classes online or in person

To view more images from my Creative Soul Deck please click here for prints.


i am transformed

I am transformed by Kathy CrabbeWhat’s below is my response to an activity I’ve written for one of my Creative Soul Cards called Carerre Metamorphosis.  This exercise will be part of my upcoming Creative Soul Program. I’ll be posting more activities, cards and affirmations on my blog which you can subscribe to at Creative Soul Saturdays.

Carerre ~ Metamorphosis (from my Creative Soul Deck)

It’s transformation time! I am in the middle of a transformation. It feels like a weight is being lifted off my shoulders as I release my Creative Soul Readings and the God-like status of supreme know-it-all-ness that goes with it.  I became a psychic because I wanted to develop intuitively, and I did. ‘Been there, done that.”  I’ve also been a teacher and yes, both avenues worked very well for me and for my students/clients, but right now I choose to be in-between, and not offer all that I had before.

I am in development (transformation) and I am developing a Creative Soul Program which is truly unique and I can feel it’s special-ness. It’s like a sanctuary where folks will come to release their baggage and clutter and hone in on their spiritual, creative soul to see what develops – a completely personal journey.  I am sharing my own journey on this blog – using myself as an example.

*Dear Goddess I know I’m on the right track*

I am transforming into a butterfly. It’s light and airy. I touch down gently through my work, to inspire, educate, connect, and all I do reflects that.

*I am becoming more me in every way*

To view “Carrere metamorphosis” please click here.

Kathy Crabbe Guiding Your Creative Soul

I am a Canadian born, self taught intuitive artist and creative soul guide currently living and working in a desert valley of Southern California surrounded by ancient oaks and an elfin forest. I live in a home created by my husband that we share with our dog and cat muses, Abby and Spartacus. I’ve been drawing since age two and offering creative soul guidance since 2008

i am a conduit for the Divine

I am a conduit for the divineAs summer chugs ever forward I remind myself daily that I am but a tool in the hands of the Goddess. These days I’m working hard (or playing hard…same diff) at developing a new Creative Soul Program involving my Lefty cards; all drawn with my non dominant left hand.  I am walking the talk as I do the program myself to make sure it works and works well, so that when I share it with all of you, it will be perfect and exactly what YOU need for your own growth and development.

This work is accentuated by the spiritual growth work I’m doing such as the classes and mentorships I’m undertaking with Francesca De Grandis (Faerie Shamanism) and Marisa Anne (Creative Thursday). I’m also studying the books of Paul Selig and am finishing up a 40 Day Prosperity Program.

I hope that your own summer/winter is equally productive and just to let you know, we’re all in line for a major boost astrologically from Jupiter, the planet of expansion, which has just entered the sign of Leo.

Sparkly Blessings!

Kathy Crabbe author box

Wild Lotus Gallery in Temecula, California now offering the Art of Kathy Crabbe

I am very pleased to announce that Wild Lotus, a lovely new art gallery and  gift shop in Temecula, California is now carrying my LuLu cards and prints.  This shop is owned and operated by Anju and her family who are originally from Nepal.  They stock crafts and culture from their homeland such as Buddhist statues, mandala paintings, clothing, crystals and the work of local artists from Temecula and area.  They are very kind and helpful and I hope you stop on by and support the local community and especially the work of local artists.

LuLu in Laguna art prints and cards by Kathy Crabbe

LuLu in Laguna art prints and cards by Kathy Crabbe

Wild Lotus gift shop in Temecula, California

I am beautiful in my own way

This beauty is killing me by Kathy Crabbe

This beauty is killing me by Kathy Crabbe

High heels, bikini waxes, botox, boob jobs, nips and tucks, fat suction, girdles, bleach, dyes, injections, starvation, bulimia, the list of beauty treatments, or rather, torture treatments that we endure to ‘look good’ go on and on and are absolutely insane, not to mention expensive.

We all have our excuses for why it’s worth it and we endure. Well, this card (from my upcoming Lefty Affirmation Deck) is asking you to be honest and question ALL of it.  Make a list of all the beauty treatments and accessories that you use and that you know, deep down are not good for you even though society and your vanity tell you otherwise.  Discuss this list with other women and start making choices in YOUR favour putting YOUR health, wholeness and holiness first.

Affirmation: “I am beautiful in my own way.”

The text and image above are from my upcoming Lefty Affirmation Deck.  Prints of “This beauty is killing me” can be purchased in my shop.

About the Leftys

The Lefty Series was painted with Kathy’s non-dominant left hand; the intuitive hand. While turning forty she lost all interest in painting with her right hand because frankly she got bored. It was time to explore new worlds and be creative in new ways.

 “Drawing with my left hand was slow going at first, but felt right in this fast paced, hyperkinetic world we  live in. I painted with watercolors because of their fluid simplicity which best expresses the Lefty soul.”

The Lefty Series has evolved over the years through zines and chapbooks, oracle readings, a Hollywood appearance with Michelle Shocked, museum shows, awards etc, but, most importantly, the Leftys show us how to trust our intuition, break through creative blocks, and take a chance to speak up for what matters most.

“Juicy Alive! Your Leftys make me feel like I’m not alone. They restore something in me…make me feel sane again.” ~ Tangerine

My body dances me home (a channeled text)

Crazee Janice - a Lefty drawing by Kathy Crabbe

Crazee Janice – a Lefty drawing by Kathy Crabbe

Firstly, get all that mumbo jumbo religious dogma out of your head. We are entering the Earth; deep, deep, deep within, whilst maintaining a single silver thread to the surface.

Knock, knock…is anybody home?

Is this the end? Or the beginning? Or just more talk, talk, talk?

We ask you three times and three times you answer: “of nothing, of nothing, of nothing.”

You feel unworthy. You feel drained. You feel unlucky.

Then a Lefty appears, one of the many hundred. She calls to you and you come home.

This drawing and text was channeled by Kathy Crabbe and is included in her upcoming Lefty Oracle Deck.  In the meanwhile, prints can be purchased in the shop.



My feet grow roots as I sing Her song

Alice lives here now by Kathy Crabbe

Alice lives here now by Kathy Crabbe

Affirmation: My feet grow roots as I sing Her song.

From my Lefty Deck: tricksters, guides and angels dreamed up and drawn with my non dominant left hand and later compiled into a Lefty oracle deck which I use for giving Soul Readings.

Prints are available in my shop.

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Lefty Deck which I’m working on right now.

Kitty in love

Kitty in Love painting & necklace by Kathy Crabbe

“Kitty in Love” painting & necklace by Kathy Crabbe

Kitty in Love is my newest commission and is painted with acrylics on reclaimed pine board. It comes with a matching necklace.  My client cried when she first saw it and I take that to be a good sign!  She also suggested I paint more kitties in this style which is quite a bit more realistic than my usual style. I tried to explain that it’s just not my thing and that doing so wouldn’t be true to my nature.  It got me thinking about how approval-seeking is just not how I, as an artist operate. I must paint first from within, expressing my heart and soul, because that’s what it’s all about for me. That’s also why I paint in so many different styles. It’s because it’s how I’m feeling on that particular day and it’s also most likely just what I needed to hear and see. I think that this quote explains things quite well.

We want you to understand at this moment that eighty percent of what you are doing in your life has been motivated by a need for approval from someone else, or a cultural belief that what you need to do is a certain thing, or by a certain time…How can you be in your own knowing when you are operating from truths that are misaligned to your requirements for growth?  ~ Paul Selig, “I Am The Word”

Please email me if you’re interested in commissioning a Pet Portrait. Order a print here.