What an incredible experience this was!! This far surpassed my expectations. Some of the advice in this was incredible. I have had other Past Life Readings from Etsy and this was by far the best one that I have found. I am going to print this out and put it in my journal to read again and again in the years to come. Thank you very much! ~ Tiffany

All in all, the readings I’ve had with you have been beautiful, life-affirming glimpses into myself, and I feel, the nature of Life…you have an amazing gift and I’m so grateful to be on the receiving end of them. I feel buoyed up and held by this guidance you offer and channel. ~ Amanda, Midcoast Maine, USA

I received my reading during a very black part of my life. Being desperately unhappy and not knowing why can make you feel like you’re in a dark space. To be perfectly honest I didn’t understand much about what the reading was trying to tell me at first, so I read it over and over and eventually I saw a crack starting to appear in the dark wall around me. The suggestion of drinking nettle tea didn’t seem to appeal to me, but I have started drinking it and to my complete amazement I feel completely energized! It really does help. Also I took the advice of working with a picture of a waterfall and I bought a huge picture and made it a centre piece in my lounge. I feel peace and ease when I sit and look at it. laura gellar Overall the reading allowed me to see things from a different perspective. I was told that the one thing I needed to do was be open to love and I always thought I was, but this is where the different perspective comes in. I was thinking be open to love from a lover, but I have recently closed myself off from everyone and everything, but slowly and surely I’m taking the advice as it was meant and trying to let people love me again. I feel so much more positive about my future now and know that I will eventually be able to move forward! Kathy, you are amazing. You rescued me when I thought there was no hope left for me. Thank you. ~ Laura Gellar, Writer ~ East Midlands, UK.

Kathy is very down-to-earth and honest. She is by far one of the best readers I have every come across on my path. She is passionate, open and willing to do what it takes to make sure you are satisfied. ~ Chris Sauner, Director, Work At Home United ~ Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

let's knit magazine Scarily accurate! ~ Leah Sutton, published in Let’s Knit Magazine, Issue 18, May 2009 ~ United Kingdom

My surgery went well and my biopsy came back completely fine. The imagery and affirmations were very helpful. In particular, on the day of the surgery I found myself feeling very panicky and began the “I am Susan. I know I will be okay.” It calmed me immediately. ~ Susan Anderson, Accountant ~ Exeter, Pennsylvania, USA

test2Your Ancestor Reading gave me a HUGE exhale moment. Like I said earlier, I have waited 32 years to exhale. Each day since the reading, I am taking the pieces you handed me and filling in the spaces. Thank you seems too simple to describe my gratitude.You have opened up a whole new world for me.Thank you Kathy, for bring Jeffrey back to me and giving Frank the gift of his love. Frank Comments: As RuthAnn’s husband, I have listened to her tell stories of Jeffrey. I have heard the love and emotion in her voice as she described who he was, what he did and what he meant to her. I have witnessed the pain their separation has caused RuthAnn. Their relationship, as short as it was, is the best kind of relationship in the truest since of the word – they were each others protector. Nothing could fill that void for my wonderful wife. Marriages, material things, even happiness. The void was still there. Since Kathy’s reading I have seen such an amazing release in RuthAnn. She calls it her long lost ability to exhale. It is palpable in our house. You can feel, sense, know the energy that has been released and given back to the Universe as a result of this reading. I am thankful. As her husband, I am thankful to RuthAnn for seeking out Kathy and being willing to open herself to what may or may not happen in the reading. Thank you my sweetheart. I am thankful to Kathy for the way she handles her readings with such diligence and integrity. It is really about the connection for Kathy and she works hard to prepare herself and give of herself in the process of the reading. Thank you Kathy. Lastly, I am thankful to Jeffrey for never failing to make his sister happy. Even after 32 years “separated” Jeff, you have returned to love and protect your adoring sibling. She’s smiling big time my friend! Thank you Jeff. I’m smiling too. ~ RuthAnn & Frank Dickinson ~ Fairview Heights, Illinois, USA donnaleigh de la rose

There is a lot involved, and the fact that you made the cards yourself made it unique, a stand-out service no one else can offer. You could even go double (in price) and still be way too low. ~ Donnaleigh de la Rose, Psychic & Artist, Website ~ Woodstock, Connecticut, USA

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is beautiful, I cried tears of joy. I have printed out your reading, and will be reading it again and again. Also, I just wanted to let you know that I am focusing on what I really want and working on the visualizing that Grandma communicated to you – I feel more centered, and more on track, than I have for ages! Your readings have helped me stay true to my heart. It was also nice to hear about my spirit guides, and fascinating for me to hear/read the things that you were able to learn from them, that were spot on in my life. I am also happy to have learned some techniques to help me ‘on my way’ to achieving and being, who and what I am here to do and be. I also now have a real feeling of peace, which I did not have before. You are so gifted. I feel peaceful, happy and relaxed, knowing I have done what I need to do to effect necessary change. Thank You! I can’t say it enough. My world is brighter and I can say that with all truth and gratitude! ~ Simone ~ Australia

test3That reading was AMAZING OMG you hit on so many things UR SO RIGHT!!!!!! Anyhoo I’m on cloud 9 just amazed right now…it was just amazing how he called when i was writing you about him…I will keep meditating on all the things that make me happy and make me feel whole, visualizing positive future events…and the white rose. ~ Asra Iftekaruddin, Pharmaceutical Rep, Model, Improv with 2nd City ~ Los Angeles, California, USA

As someone who’s skeptical, this certainly has helped me a great deal in finding some direction during this difficult time of my life… Thank you Kathy! ~ Debbie Fang, Mom, Wife, Graphic Designer, Jewelry Designer, Website ~ Hong Kong

Soul Reading Client, Lotta SvobodaKathy has an uncanny knack for providing just the right insight at just the right time. Not only is she right on the mark and incredibly insightful and guiding. But she sends such a pleasant, and positive energy out with her readings. Truly! ~ Lotta Svoboda, Stay-at-home mother, Jewelry designer, Etsy Store ~ Brookfield, Illinois, USA

That reading really cleared away a major spiritual blockage for me. I will be forever grateful! I think it was a very powerful reading and it helped me to finally be able to reach out. I’m sleeping better and I’m not afraid all the time, like I used to be. I’m going to enjoy this new-found peace of mind. ~ Aleta

creative soul reading client mary millerI am impressed by Kathy’s work. She has adapted a unique style of her own; creating cards that specifically addresses her needs. Her understanding of her clients are very “on.” She addresses her clients with compassion, understanding and going “within her clients” to address their needs. I am a professional psychic of 30 years. I know ethically, she is top notch and well worth getting a healing/reading from. You cannot go wrong in her hands. ~ Reverend Mary Miller

I’m just floored.  It’s wonderful!  It’s everything I knew I needed but didn’t know how to accept…if that makes any sense? haha!  I think I’ve already read it a dozen times.  There is so much there that really fits. Finally, I just wanted to tell you again how happy I was with my reading.  I’m not sure what I expected but I was just amazed at how much it resonated with me.  There were parts that I almost found myself laughing at because the message was one I’ve been hearing for so long from so many different places.  You’d think I’d get the hint.  😉  But honestly, it was astounding to me…so consistent!  I think the two main points that really hit home for me were “In stillness your truth will come to you” and “Be good to yourself/cut yourself some slack”.  So much easier said than done for me.  Seeing those messages laid out in this format really did seem to drive them home in a different way.  I feel very blessed to have received such a great reading and such valuable insights.  Thank you for choosing to follow this path and put yourself out there.  This work you do is so helpful and refreshing. ~ Rachelle, Texas (Past Life Reading)

I found your reading very straight-forward and easy to understand. That is very important for someone like myself who seeks guidance from a reader and is often very muddle-headed. Using too much flowery/psychic-like language only serves to confuse the seeker. Why I find your reading interesting…well, for starters, most readings do not include any illustrations especially one done by the reader. That makes it very very special. I also love the poem that you chose. ~ Anonymous

Soul Reader ClientsI got the best Anniversary gift I could have asked for – a wonderful reading and beautiful piece of art. This is the best kind of thing we can do for each other on our special days. We have been together long enough that a new shirt or a night out aren’t nearly as meaningful as something that informs us, encourages us, guides us and beautifies our life like your readings and art. I can not express just how much you, your art, your readings and your spirit mean to us…. Thank you Kathy… from the bottom of our hearts. ~ RuthAnn & Frank Dickinson

“Thanks again & I’m so glad you enjoyed doing readings at Karma Boutique! My clients were very pleased!!” ~ Michelle Klein, Owner, Karma Boutique, San Diego

Jen SwansonI just wanted to let you know that after receiving the reading, something sort of clicked and I have been really happy to feel as though I not only can, but need to pause every day to make sure I am not losing myself in tasks that will never be completed. I think the greatest gift of the reading though, was the feeling that I am growing from one phase of my life into another. It’s a process to let go of the need to make myself feel worthy by accomplishing any number of things I set up for myself but I have, on the whole, felt as though it’s getting easier and easier. I have also taken to heart the notion of seeing myself as a joyful person instead of just as a responsible person and it’s getting easier to do that as well. I was happy to see that my bookmark was “Jonie, perpetual daisy dreamer” because shortly after I got this reading I pulled out my art journal for the first time in months and made a “dreaming” page. ~ Jen Swanson

I wanted to say that the more I think about it or read it , the more it touches me. I like the positive thinking and the fact that your answers and impressions are “straight” (direct? simple ?), it goes to the heart. ~ Julie Falzon, Sales at Lush ~ Paris, France

esoteric kat

A wonderful reading, packed with insight AND practical advice. A rare gem from a beautiful soul. Thank you again for all the energy and love you have put into this reading. It has been heartfelt and is so very much appreciated. ~ Colleen ‘Kat’ Borucki, Jeweler ~ Connecticut & Vermont, USA.

This is my third reading and it was right on. It stopped me in my tracks, making a change in my narrow mind. Each reading has been a great help to our lives, bringing peace and settling troubled thoughts and feelings. This lady is blessed with a special gift and was able to correctly capture my grandmother’s highly unusual name and I thank her from my heart plus she is extra nice to boot. There is not enough thank-you’s on this earth to give to Kathy for giving me back a happy soul. ~ Denise, Home-maker, Artist, DCH Studio ~ North Carolina, USA.

Ancestor Reading Client, Ruthann DickinsonYour Ancestor Reading gave me a HUGE exhale moment. Emotions that I have buried far too long are being released…although it is sad, it is also cleansing. I have waited 32 years to exhale. Each day since the reading, I am taking the pieces you handed me and filling in the spaces. You have opened up a whole new world for me…thank you doesn’t begin to describe my gratitude. Thank you Kathy, for bringing Jeffrey back to me. ~ RuthAnn Dickinson, Paralegal Studies ~ St. Louis, MO, USA.

I think the biggest message I got from this is also my life lesson here, which is trust. It’s time for me to take a deep breath and jump into all the opportunities that await. It worked out in the past and it will work out this time too. I will continue to revisit this as a reminder to my Self to get back to business and trust it’s the right thing. ~ Mollie ~ Elementary school teacher/social worker and mom (my favorite job!) San Luis Obispo, California

“Kathy’s Creative Soul Reading was one of the most unique I’ve ever had, and not to mention the most interactive. The guidance I received allowed me to just let go of trying to control the outcome, and to just let things flow along organically, as they should. The integration of her artistic and intuitive gifts reveals an entirely new form, something much deeper and more Chad Woodward, Astrologerpersonable than anything I’ve seen or experienced before. If you’re looking for a different kind of reading, one that is fluid and self-empowering as opposed to being rigidly deterministic, I highly suggest what Kathy has to offer here!Two Years Later: Looking back at Kathy’s reading, I’m amazed how accurate it was. I didn’t quite connect with everything when I first got it, but now, with the way things unfolded, I’ve found her insights very helpful almost two years later. Her reading really helped to validate what I already knew intuitively from the beginning, allowing me to really trust my vibes and follow my heart–but the way it was presented really gave me the bigger picture helping to reassure me that I’m on the right track. ~ Chad Woodward, Astrologer

Sandy Meegan -Creative Soul Reading testimonial“Thanks again for this reading. It’s funny, I have read it over and over and each time I find something different popping out at me. First, i want to say I love the way you put this together. I, to date, have not met my own guides/angels and so to read about them is super fun! If you have any creative advice on how I can connect with them, I am all ears. Thanks so much again for such a rewarding experience”. ~ Sandi Meegan, Portland, CT, Reiki Practitioner **View Sandi’s’ Spirit Guide Reading here.

I am so glad I stumbled upon you on Etsy. Getting the soul reading was clarifying and sparked an interest in my own spirit guides, but the most helpful aspects were learning about the stones, goddesses, and cards that resonated with your reading. It was a very good and clarifying reading. Why I didn’t have the natal chart done earlier, I will never know, maybe that was just the right moment. It was incredibly helpful in understanding how I cope and how I see the world. It’s a lot easier to accept less flattering qualities when you see them in the report, the same goes for positive qualities that were validated. Thank you for such a great experience.” ~ Amy from Pasadena (Creative Soul Reading & Astrology Report)

momomatic review of Kathy Crabbe's pscychic readingSo it’s taken me about 12 years to work the nerve up to try a card reading again. Kathy of Creative Soul Guidance gives “Creative Soul readings” with cards that she paints herself. Her art has such a pretty and positive energy that it drew me in and I decided to give it another shot. The reading was fantastic. So insightful, guiding and uplifting. Kathy truly works in the light. (If any of my in-laws are reading this post, I swear I can hear you rolling your eyes.) ~ Mom O Matic from her blog, read the entire review here on her Blog

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Soul Essence Portrait Testimonials

Holly SoutarKathy’s Soul Essence Portrait of me is more than a charming, elegant, quirky, sublimely delightful sprite of art (though it is that), it’s an experience beyond expected ideas of the psyche. It stirred up unknown and hidden tendencies and capacities in me, allowing me to loosen the concrete of fixed patterns in my life, and explore refreshing new vistas with more zest and verve. Above all, you’ll find anything other than what you’ve experienced with a reader before; only now and zen do you come across a unique spirit like Kathy’s! ~ Holly Soutar, Artist, Inland Empire, California

It is lovely!! I love it. I was so happy to receive it. I love how the “lady” has leaf feet which flow into the branch…she has a beautiful organic feel with those double spirals and leaf designs on her dress…very elfish…I love the green/plant connection. She is sort of ethereal, with a whimsical air, yet grounded too.

I also like the fiery waves around the heart chakra area. Those are definitely “my colors (the Fall/earthy ones, esp the red on her dress). It is all quite intriguing and mysterious. Again, a thousand thank-yous for this gift you have given me. I cherish it. ~ Amanda, Midcoast Maine

Chad WoodwardReceiving a soul portrait from Kathy was quite a unique experience. Kathy has combined her astounding creative and intuitive talents to create a truly unusual piece of art that reflects the soul essence of each client she works with. Her quirky, colorful and simple artistic style adds an element of playfulness to each piece that invokes a sense of childlike joy. As Kathy connected with me energetically as she drew my portrait, I could feel a soul connection taking place as if she were quite literally tapping into my true spiritual nature. The experience was a lot of fun, and although the likeness was nothing like my physical self; there was an intuitive knowing that the image somehow represented me on another plane of existence. I found the piece inspiring and confirming of my spiritual path. It revealed that at my core is a bright luminous being radiating light all around. After reflecting on the image, it seemed to speak to me deeply, inviting me to continue on with my creative process, to see that new life was emerging. Kathy is offering something truly special, fun and original. I can’t say that I’ve ever had a reading quite like it. Not only did I receive valuable intuitive guidance, but I came back with a one of kind work of art that provides motivation whenever I need it. Thanks Kathy!  ~ Chad Woodward, Masseuse/Astrologer