Lefty of the Day: Viloxi and the right to die by choice

Viloxi by k. crab

Viloxi by k. crab

Lefty of the Day: Viloxi

Viloxi was born in Mt. Vesuvius, Italy. As a child gathering lava rock, a Great Winged Purple Bird appeared to her 17 times. The Bird spoke to her when she turned 17 telling her to choose between staying human or becoming a Great Winged Bird. She chose Bird and spread her wings never to return to earthly living again. From on high she orchestrates great change that ripples through the land such as helping humans die peacefully by choice, when and how they want to without any interference from the government or anyone else. As Viloxi got older she discovered that she was not aging physically so she continues to help all who  need her services on a daily basis.

Viloxi’s Day is dedicated to purple winged death-by-choice.

***currents of love & spices of fear***

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Why honesty matters in business AND in life

It’s the Aries New Moon coming up; the baby moon, the self-ish, self-less Moon I AM moon with a focus on ME and on YOU and on Spring (or Fall) and on moving forward fearlessly, plan or no plan.

As for ME, I’ve been re-structuring EVERYTHING in relation to my biz; sorting out what’s important and what to let go of; sorting out my branding (another word for soul-work) and my products on offer: artwork, services, and classes and circles and blog…the list goes on.

Why should MY story matter to you? Why read on?

Because words matter. I matter.  And part of my community service IS this blog and the honesty with which it’s written, so maybe it’s the Honesty Cliff I’m jumping off this Aries New Moon. What about you? Wanna leap with me?

I’m gonna be honest when I say that my Lefty art comes FIRST in my biz. They lead the way. They also guide my Creative Soul Readings (my other focus) and they had their big debut as a unified whole this month as well – yahoo!

Okay, so…honesty.

I am 100% obsessed with my Leftys. I’ve had an on/off love affair with them since 2000 when they first appeared. They are pretty much all I talk about; that and my in-person readings.

Who are they? And why should you care?!

I DON’T KNOW – you tell me.

They were born when my right hand grew bored with drawing and painting and so my left hand gave it a whirl and LIKED IT. They helped birth my heightened intuition which forced me to start giving intuitive readings along with many other adventures like appearing on stage in Hollywood with my hero Michelle Shocked as she sang my favorite song in the background, “When I grow up I want to be an old woman”.

The Leftys are awkward and weird and imperfect and charming and loveable and beautiful and tricksters, yes, TRICKSTERS.

They don’t fit into a homogenized world. They stand out and they stand up for themselves and for others of their ilk.

The Leftys mean something special and different to everyone who encounters them. That’s why, in creative soul readings I ask the client to interpret the Lefty card they choose without my help. That’s why the Leftys were born – to empower folks to believe in themselves.

So, anyway…that’s what I’ve come up with so far and if you like what I’m saying and you like the Leftys please support them and me and YOU by commenting on my blog or better yet, by buying a Lefty card, print or original for your Mom this Mother’s Day. Here are a few choices I thought you might like. All Leftys are available in my shop.

For Mermaid Mamas

B is for beauty mark by k. crab

B is for beauty mark by k. crab

Mercy Me by k. crab

Mercy Me by k. crab

For Moon Mamas

Moon Glory by k. crab

Moon Glory by k. crab

Kardin by k. crab

Kardin by k. crab

For Strong Mamas

Abraxia upholds the sky by k. crab

Abraxia upholds the sky by k. crab

Airika the strong by k. crab

Airika the strong by k. crab

For Shopping Mamas

Irma could ponder the really big questions and shop at the same time by k. crab

Irma could ponder the really big questions and shop at the same time by k. crab

For Witchey Mamas

Witch Power by k. crab

Witch Power by k. crab

For Mamas with Big Hearts

Carla has heart by k. crab

Carla has heart by k. crab

For Mama Stars

Dream of Stars by k. crab

Dream of Stars by k. crab

For Sexy Mamas

Year of the Sexy Sunflower by k. crab

Year of the Sexy Sunflower by k. crab

Leftys are available for purchase in my shop:

Lefty Cards
Lefty Prints
Lefty Mermaids
Lefty Originals

To sum things up as to why honesty DOES matter in business AND in life; because as a client/customer and business owner it is honesty that builds trust and trust builds relationships and that’s what a business and a life is built upon. Make sense?

Upcoming Events

The Leftys and I will be at Heather Pilapil’s Gallery Opening
When: April 18, Saturday, 5 – 9 pm
Where: 27371 Jefferson Ave, Ste. U – directions

Artist’s Circle Support Group
May, date TBA
Where: Ryan Bros Coffee, Temecula – directions
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Creative Soul Readings at Learning Light Foundation
2nd Saturdays, 10-5
Where: 1212 E. Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA – directions

Creative Soul Readings at Karma Boutique
April 25, Saturday, 11-5
Where: 4242 Camino Del Rio N. #19, San Diego, CAdirections

Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass ~ Aries Moon
When: 1 week before the New Moon each month
Where: Wise Woman University

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Lefty of the Day: Queen Carin

Carin by k. crab

Carin by k. crab

Queen Carin reigned from 2565 until her death in 2625. She was born on the Golden Planet Zephyrus in the small town now named after her (Carin-ville). She rose to power by shunning all contact with the Other Worlds bordering Zephyrus so that she could devote all resources to healing the many ailments afflicting her people ever since coming in contact with these worlds. She was the first and last Queen to effect radical change for the good and was abducted and killed for her troubles. She died in chains on the island Peploss but it is said that the golden flowers that surround her tomb are forever in bloom and that one whiff of their strong and strange odor will carry one, ever so momentarily to a place ‘without a care’.

Carin’s Day is dedicated to strong and radical women everywhere.

More Lefty cards and prints are available in my shop.

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Lefty of the Day: Zenobia

Zenobia by k. crab

Zenobia by k. crab

Zenobia, also known as the Purple Peter Eater was the daughter of Queen Midas and Bertie and sister of The Devouring Angel Sissy.  Zenobia never married although she devoured many a husband in her time, eventually retiring at the ripe old age of 300 to tend her garden and grow weird glass sculptures.

Zenobia’s Day is dedicated to the destruction of all nasty, no good husbands everywhere.

— even now it has begun —

Zenobia is available as a print or card

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How to create an art fair booth in 4 days

Leftys first booth EVER - Temecula 1st Friday Art Event

The Leftys first booth EVER – Temecula 1st Friday Art Event

Hey all!

This blog is going to be taking a different direction starting this Full Moon in Libra. Like I mentioned in my last post, it’s taken me 15 years to work up the courage to create an entire art booth devoted solely to my Lefty art. But now that I have, I’m not gonna stop…my goal is to get into some of the shows I call ‘millenial/GenX’ shows which are sooo different from the ‘boomer’ shows I’ve been doing over the last 20 some years with my very popular LuLu in Laguna artwork (which I’m retiring by the way other than still selling LuLu cards wholesale to the mermaid stores that love them).

So, to sum up the Lefty’s debut show of which I had no expectations whatsoever regarding sales because heck, it’s Temecula and it’s a brand new town that doesn’t really have any art galleries that anyone knows about, so the crowd was sparse but the folks that were there were interested in talking about art which was a very good thing. This town has potential and it’s changing fast so we’re all hopeful.

Anyways, I met with lots of folks who are quite involved with what little art scene we do have here and got invited to show my work at several shows and events.

Mercy Me by Kathy Crabbe

Mercy Me, Daughter of the Sea by Kathy Crabbe

I did notice that my Lefty cards and my small Lefty booth sign were not easily read (if at all) by older folks and I even had one man look quite disgusted when I trotted out my little spiel about painting my leftys using my non dominant left hand (perhaps he thought it was the work of the devil?  heck I dunno), but  I do KNOW that I’m NOT a salesperson. I don’t have that special something required; never have, never will, but I do plan on hiring someone sparkly to sell for me at shows. I myself plan to be in the back of the booth giving Creative Soul Readings with my Lefty deck which is something else that these Millenial/Gen X shows (let’s call them ‘XY shows’ from hereon out, okay?)  DO allow readings – kewl!  …because I’m almost certain the Boomer shows would not like that at all!

Next up is a new online shop for my Leftys (Shopify platform), new banners for my blog and facebook to match my Storenvy banner – it’s all got to be consistent, of course plus my first wholesale order from a shop in San Diego (just waiting for the owner to pick out her faves).  Then purchase some really cute envelopes for the Lefty Cards, perhaps in a fun pastel-ey color. I also need to hire a booth helper/salesperson for shows and then apply and actually get into said shows!  I may start an Instagram account and look into making Lefty resin necklaces and rings also.  The Artist’s Circle which I’m starting this month in cahoots with 3 other kick ass artists will hopefully prove to be a wonderful support group for helping all of us keep it together whilst living out here in cowboy land!

So, stay tuned…I plan on adding more of this kind of writing to my blog plus update the pix I posted here once new ones come in (I had a nice group of photographers snap my booth). We all gotta start somewhere, right?

Lefty Display by Kathy Crabbe

Lefty art booth display props and cards by Kathy Crabbe

Last, but not least, I created (and branded) this entire booth display and all the products in it in 4 days!  I went crazy at Michaels buying vintage, shabby chic props (in a record 10 minutes – they were closing) as well as absconding my husband’s childhood desk (which belonged to his grandma before him), an antique caned chair and a really cool turquoise taboret from Ikea. I touched up my Lefty artwork scans using Photoshop and then printed them on Mohawk color copy card stock using an Epson 2200 printer and archival pigment inks. My prints (I only had 4) were printed on Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster which ended up suiting the Leftys better than the very expensive Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper. I only featured  Leftys I’d painted in the previous 2 years to keep things consistent design-wise plus I did bring some old copies of Lefty poetry zines and postcard zines that I had made in the mid 2000’s.

First Friday Art Event Temecula

First Friday Art Event Temecula

First Friday Art Event Temecula - Photo by Chad Woodward

First Friday Art Event Temecula – Photo by Chad Woodward

Lefty Framed by Kathy Crabbe

The Kiss framed by Kathy Crabbe

FIRST EVER Artist’s Circle meetup April 12 ~ Temecula

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Libra Full Moon ~ awaken the kiss within

The Kiss by Kathy Crabbe

The Kiss who awakens within you by Kathy Crabbe

Full Moon in Libra
April 4, 2015, 5:05 am Pacific Time
Total Lunar Eclipse: 5:01 am Pacific Time

This Full Moon let’s dance in partnership with all our relations; not just loved ones, but everyone. Let’s make all our interactions a dance. The style of dance is up to you…slow and steady, raucous and loud, fiery, sharp, jiggly, juicy…take your pick. What are YOU sharing with others right now, today, tomorrow, over the next coupla full moon days?

As for me, I’m debuting my Lefty Art (cards & prints) for the first time in a booth devoted solely to them – finally! It’s only taken 15 years to work up the courage. Why so long?  Because I thought they were too weird and that the world wasn’t ready for them yet, but after doing the exercise below I realized they are PERFECT and so perfectly imperfect; just like me and you and everyone else we know…so there! It’s taken me years to get over a feeling of ‘not being good enough’ but I’m getting there… I am. How?  By being myself and standing in my truth and by sharing my truth as I’m doing here…by relegating $ anxiety to the wayside which is not easy at all and it’s taken a long, long time, but things DO change; for that is something we CAN rely upon. Oh ya, and the other BIGGIE was that I just could not let go of my other work and by that I mean show off in equal measure, both online and at art shows my other styles of art work: the LuLu Series, the Divine Feminine Series, the Aliens, the Magical Folk Art and on an on, but I needed to FOCUS and not confuse folks with all these different styles and for me, the Leftys are IT; they are my heart and soul and they need my full attention and YOURS! This quote from the book, The Twelve Wild Swans sums things up:

Up until now, Rose has followed her call, her intuition, her river. Now she must simply let go and allow herself to be carried away. In any initiation, there comes a moment when the initiate must give over control. In any creative process, there comes a moment when the work takes over, the characters come alive and take on a will of their own.  In ritual, the true moments of ecstasy occur when we let the power move us. But for those moments to happen, the basket needs to be woven, the container needs to be strong. ~  The Twelve Wild Swans. by Starhawk and Hilary Valentine: Rituals, Exercises & Magical Training in the Reclaiming Tradition

Venus, (the Goddess of love and beauty) rules the sign of Libra and in my astrological birth chart She packs an extra wollop ’cause my Venus is in the sign of Libra AND in the 7th House (the Libra House) so I’m going to be sharing my beauty this Full Moon in the form of cards and prints displayed in a lovely, shabby chic booth. My two main props are oooold! The green desk was antique when my husband inherited it as a boy and it’s where he did all his homework growing up. The chair was hand caned by his dad, several times actually. I didn’t know that the Leftys would fit in with this particular style, but it all came together so organically after countless hours online spent researching booth and card rack designs at fab indie fairs like the Renegade and Crafty Wonderland.

To discover your own style, your brand, your dance, take time to go within during this Full Moon to find your quiet center. Then, look around you at your space; what objects are you in love with that are calling to you? Think about their colors, their feel, and any words that could describe them. Why are they so meaningful to you? Do this quickly while jotting things down in your Moon Journal.

Now, in 3 words sum up your personal style as depicted by all your fave objects surrounding you and make those words matter for they express you; your love, your heart, your soul.

My 3 words: Sweet, natural, earthy
My 3 colors: yellow, purple, red
Fave objects: a tiny handmade ceramic vase (cute, with swirly designs and a praying mantis), wildflowers, a letterpressed mermaid card, books

My Altar

My Altar

Wild Cucumber

Wild Cucumber out my window

Lefty Display by Kathy Crabbe

Lefty Display by Kathy Crabbe

Lefty Framed by Kathy Crabbe

The Kiss Framed by Kathy Crabbe

Libra Moon Circle Altar Suggestions (from my Goddess Zodiac Playbook)

  • Libra – Scales of justice
  • Time of Year – Fall, Autumn Equinox,
  • September 23 – October 22
  • Quality – Cardinal
  • Element – Air
  • Ruler – Venus
  • Anatomy – Kidneys
  • Natural sign of – 7th house
  • Opposite sign – Aries
  • Color – Shades of blue, pale green, pink
  • Gemstone – Bloodstone, jade, jasper
  • Tarot card – Justice
  • Goddesses – Athene, Benzaitan, Maat, Minerva, Nemesis, Themis

Libra Meditation

Forever beauty we dance and spin,
Ride our chariot, harness the wind,
Find divine balance within.

Divine Moon Muser by Kathy CrabbeCalling All Goddesses! My 4 week eClass “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul” begins 1 week before the upcoming New Moon in Aries at the Wise Woman University…expect SiStar connections, moon collaging goodness, your own personal moon chart and lots of divine feminine fun! Learn more here.

  • Purchase a birth chart and 30 page report here.
  • Lefty Art is here.
  • Goddess Zodiac Playbook is here.

Lefty Art Debut: Friday, April 3 in Old Town Temecula at the Truax Bldg ~ First Friday Art Gathering with music, 15 artists, yummy food, 6-9 pm, RSVP here.

Creative Soul Readings at Karma Boutique

Creative Soul Lefty Readings at Karma Boutique in San Diego

About Kathy Crabbe

Kathy Crabbe inspires soul-seekers to discover their innate gifts and talents through intuitive, creative expression in safe, relaxed and playful environments. She has been an artist forever and a Creative Soul Guide since awakening her own intuitive gifts at age forty. She channels New & Full Moon readings every month on her blog at kathycrabbe.com

Originally from Kingston, Canada Kathy currently lives in the wine country of Temecula, California with her husband and pet muse: Abby the dog.

Kathy created a Lefty Deck for giving intuitive readings after spending  7 years painting  with her non-dominant left hand. Developing the intuitive right side of her brain awakened Kathy’s intuition in new ways and inspired her to help others develop their own unique gifts and talents.

Kathy has given over 1000 intuitive Creative Soul Readings using her Lefty Deck. She was invited by Susun Weed, renowned herbalist to  teach her class “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul” at the Wise Woman University.

Pisces New Moon Reading: b is for beauty mark

B is for beauty mark by Kathy Crabbe

B is for beauty mark by Kathy Crabbe

This New Moon Reading is going to be quite different from all my others…hmmmm, maybe because it’s in Pisces? A dreamy, watery, très magical kinda sign. So I sit before my altar which is all decked out in Pisces finery with a bowl full of cucumber, lettuce, and willow snippets and some Piscean gemstones (aquamarine and moonstone) and I sit…and I sit…Then I hear the words: just put pen to paper and the words will come. So I do.

With my paints, brushes and stones in hand, I say to Goddess…O Goddess I am readying myself for Spring and this New Moon in Pisces. What do you want of me?

And I hear Her say, “No word necessary”.

And so I paint and a Lefty Mermaid appears…’b is for beauty mark’ (to the left).

If you too are seeking inspiration to help find your way out of the deep (it IS a Pisces Moon after all; a watery sign represented by two fishes) then I hope that ‘beauty mark’ and her magical mirror can lead you deeper within, to where you soul calls out.

When setting your intentions for the upcoming New Moon and Spring Equinox ( which is like New Years for many of us) the best time to do that is at the exact moment of the New Moon which is on Friday, March 20 at 2:36 am PDT (kinda early, so maybe set intentions when you wake up or before you go to sleep) and the Spring Equinox is on the same day- woohoooo…double power!

The original painting above is available as are prints and cards.

Divine Moon Muser by Kathy CrabbeCalling All Goddesses! My 4 week eClass “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul” is once again being offered at Susun Weed’s Wise Woman University so get ready to Moon Collage your heart out starting one week prior to the New Moon each month…more details here: eClass