Get Ready for the New Moon in Leo - Finnish Artist Feature

New Moon in Leo

August 20, 2009

3:02 am PDT

New Moon in Leo says "ROAR - Let your inner Wild Woman out to play"!

This month's Leo artists are Hanni and Koshka of "Vaisto" from Helsinki Finland. I love their work and their spirit expressed in a distinctly Leonine way...grrrrr!


We're two Leo ladies with a passion for beauty. We want to give every woman the gift of feeling strong, sensual and beautiful - to feel that little warm purr inside that makes her move with dignity, like a feline.

When we work, we really work hard to hunt down the sweetest zebra, and when we rest it's all about occasionally twitching an ear to fend off the flies.

Our creative process comes in a burst of brilliant bi-polar energy and results in a fat stack of sketch papers, later to be sorted and polished sharp and shiny before the actual production takes place.

"Enigma" - long skirt with tatters - red silk & brown jersey

It's like this: color, shape, lines, tones...our little visual carnivore hearts start beating faster.

Add texture, weight, drape...we're together running for the prey, tiring it down.

And then detail, fitting, final's there and we're feasting, dancing around the room wearing it, making poses, laughing, taking photos.

The imagination demands to be materialized, there's nothing we can do about it. We walk with the Sun and the Sun shines with us.

"Amazon Queen" halter top & mini skirt

You can find Hanni & Koshka's work online at:

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