Gemini New Moon Spotlight on Spiritual Healer Tiffany Wilson

This month's New Moon in Gemini Spotlight is on Spiritual Healer Tiffany Wilson who just happens to have Gemini Rising.

Your Rising Sign or Ascendant describes your outward personality, kinda like a business card. It also describes how you initially approach things.

Spotlight on:  Tiffany Wilson from Elemental Enchantment

Tiffany Wilson of Elemental Enchantment

1.       What originally got you started as a spiritual healer? 

It was the realization that I had already been doing spiritual healing for all of my friends and family because it just came naturally for me.  

From a very early age in life I realized that I could see certain things about people that they couldn't see in themselves, and with deep empathy communicate this to them in just the right way.  

It was natural for me to take up tarot as a tool for aiding seekers, including myself, in seeing life and healing from a different perspective.

2.       What do you like best about your job?

Connecting with people in great depth and watching them as they meet themselves through flashes of insight and intuitive inspiration.  Those moments are what make my heart overflow.

3.       Spiritually, who has inspired you the most, and why?

Elle North from Drawing Within was my first exposure to learning about reading tarot.  Once I discovered that her teaching style spoke to my soul, I was anxious to take more of her classes.

When I learned to reconnect and trust in my intuition, I was able to amplify that with others.  

Another person of great interest to me is Madame Helena P. Blavatsky.  She was a psychic medium and a pioneer of the occult, not to mention way ahead of her time.  Although she was considered an outcast, she was comfortable enough with herself and her experiences to continue her life’s work.  To me this is a symbol of her integrity and dedication to bringing the messages she did to the world.  I find this so very inspiring.

4.       How did you decide what specialty to focus on as an intuitive?

I found myself being pulled toward what came most naturally to me.  This wasn’t really a conscious decision, so much as a surrender to what the universe was calling for me to do.  I followed my intuition.  There was a class for tarot (with Elle) offered in my Facebook feed and deep down inside I knew it was something I desired to do.  At that time I didn’t realize how it could be used as a tool for healing myself and others.

5.       How does your Rising Sign (Gemini) influence your work?

Being a Gemini Ascendant allows me to take my gifts into a social setting and tempers my introverted nature.  My powers of observation are keen and I am constantly mentally active, which means that I have a lot to say and many ways in which to say it.  It is easy for me to create an analogy with which to gain the understanding of a client. 

6.       If you had to choose a spirit animal to describe yourself, what would you choose and why?

My spirit animal is the hawk.  The hawk is known for having powerful vision and for flying very high above the earth in the sky.  This allows the hawk to see things other people and animals cannot see.  Also, it is a bird of prey, which is a symbol for leadership and intellectual action.  Hawk is connected with the air signs and spiritually symbolizes intuition, which is my greatest tool.

7.       What advice do you have for others who are just starting to develop their intuitive, healing side? 

Focus on what your intuition tells you about everything.  Journal about unexplainable moments where you just simply know things, and were right.  Give your intuition the credit it deserves.  

Meditate daily to connect with your intuition.  

Use the power of knowing to help others know themselves in a loving and medicinal way.  Show others how to connect with their intuition.  Take classes that teach you different ways to connect with, or deepen your connection with your intuition.

8.       What’s next?

I have created space in my spirit for whatever the universe decides I need to be involved in.  I plan on learning more about developing my business and strengthening my knowledge of tarot.  Ultimately, I would love to be a creator of my own tarot deck, just like you!

More About Tiffany
Hi there , I'm Tiffany Wilson and I'm here to bring out the beauty and strength in all I come into contact with. By pushing past my perceived limitations in all I do, I show others what it is to be who they really are. I live a life of passion and in everything I love, my originality is showcased. Meditations, hot baths and all things in nature bring me comfort. I love listening to philosophy, records and podcasts.
I fancy myself crafty, enjoy exploring the depth in all things and take wayward pleasure in exploring the occult with all of its mysteries. Intimate conversations and deeply rooted moments of silence are ways to my heart and writing and journaling bring a smile.
If you walk away from an experience with me feeling better about yourself, then I've done my job. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can as not only are things I have listed here passions of mine, but so are you.

Sag Spotlight on Gem Artist, Meg & Pirate Painter, Jeanne

Sag Artisan, Meg Arbo

New Moon in Sagittarius December 5, 2010 9:36 am pst

Spotlight on Sagittarian Artist Meg Arbo Etsy Shop: Gem Obra

What aspect of creating your art or craft do you find the most enjoyable? I think it is the moment I pick up a raw material and instinctively know what it needs to be; now that doesn't always happen. I had some beach glass on hand for years that I had picked up off the coast of Vancouver, BC, Canada, and I would occasionally look at it and wonder what it wanted to be and I recall the day I finally knew. I looked at it and I knew it needed to be a necklace - I thought it was going to be a simple pendant and earrings but was wrong.

What originally got you started creating your art or craft? Truthfully? I wanted jewelry and was too cheap to pay thirty bucks for mass produced plastic! I saw some thing in a store and thought, "Oh, that's nice..." then I picked it up, realized it was a thirty-five dollar plastic piece and instantly knew I could make better for less!

Who has inspired you the most creatively, and why? My father's side of the family is mad creative! I think my Aunt Chris, her daughters, and one of my other cousins really spur me on. Incidentally, several of them are Sag's, too! When we are together I like to joke that there is a great sphere of celestial power percolating around us and all should look out lest they be swept up in it!

How did you decide what medium to work in? Well, being a Sagittarius I have many interests and I feel that through various experiences, I choose my mediums. I am sure I will add others.

Medallion Statement Necklace by Sag Artist Meg

How does your zodiac sign influence your creativity? Several of my jewelry pieces contain items from my travels. I like that I can share a little bit of my wanderlust through my craft.

What do you like best about your sign and least? We Sags are the explorers, the travelers! We want to know what is out there and have wanderlust! My boyfriend is also a Sag and I just gave him a cruise for his 40th birthday! Obviously, we both can't wait to go! Least? Sag rules the thighs and hips. SIGH. I have large thighs and hips and lower back problems!

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art or craft? There is joy in color and being unique!

If you had to choose a fruit or vegetable to describe yourself, what would you choose and why? Kumquat. Go on. Say it! Kumquat! It is a fun word to say and an underused fruit. I like to add a little bit to a glaze that I make when cooking chicken.

If you had to choose one other medium in which to display your creativity, what would that be and why? I also bake and act and I adore candy-making. It is fun to see people's faces light up when they bite into one of my creations and my Divine Peppermint Bark is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop. I have been acting since I was fifteen years old, but it is a hard business and I sometimes need to find other creative outlets to keep me going.

What advice do you have for others who are just starting to develop creatively? Let anything and everything inspire you! Don't just settle for one medium; explore many and see what tickles your creative funny bone! You may just end up being a Renaissance woman!

Sag Artist, Jeanne Hawkinson

Spotlight on Sagittarian Artist Jeanne Hawkinson Galvaston, Texas, USA Etsy Shop: Galleon Gal Blog: Galleon Gals

What aspect of creating do you enjoy the most? Witnessing my research materials so I may create. My time is best spent en plein air which means "on location." To create you must have a positive environment, free mind, and dexterity of limbs and hands. I make my living with my talented inherited creations: an artist’s hands. Who has inspired you the most creatively? My mom's quiet ministrations, encouragements, sketching, and oil paint lessons. You know, the mentor as always stands in the Shadows of the Master. What is your preferred medium? My small child’s hands reached for color pencils; I was allowed to work with color pencils on geography maps in grade school. How did you decide what medium to work in? Sag is fueled by nature's astounding beauty, emotion, wind, waves, animal instincts, four elements of earth, and the absolute desire to create artwork to reflect one’s heart's emotional sagas; unending, and unyielding to taunts or torments from aggressive bullies in school and in life.

What do you like best about your sign and least? Best: Creative often earth moving powers and instincts. Least: Sentimental to the point of exhaustion.

Avast Galleon Gal Pirate Pen and Ink Art T-Shirt

What message, if any, do you want to convey with your art or craft? My weary eyes yearn to convey the beauty they have been blessed with past, present and future.

If you had to choose a fruit or vegetable to describe yourself, what would you choose and why? A Tangerine although small is aromatic.

If you had to choose one other medium in which to display your creativity, what would that be and why? Scratch Board Texture Tactile Sensation Satisfaction.

What advice do you have for others who are just starting to develop creatively? Do not be critical and treat yourself with respect. Take joy in your craft.

Is there anything else you’d like to share? Rush of ocean tides warm fragrant welcome sea breeze spirit of sailors gusting into the rigging singing sweet chords dream tears - my true inspirations.

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New Moon in Scorpio Artist Spotlight on Gaetana Parris

Hippie Chic Bronzite and Wood Beaded Necklace New Moon in Scorpio Artist Spotlight on Gaetana Parris Brooklyn, New York, United States Website: Etsy Shop: Blog:

1. How does your zodiac sign influence your life and your creativity?

Scorpio is the 8th house of the zodiac and is commonly associated with death, sex, secrets and change but what most people don't know is that we are very passionate and mysterious individuals. Every sign has it's good and bad traits but the passionate side of my sign has always fueled and influenced my creativity and maybe even the sensual and determined side too, since every project I start I see through to the end.

2. What do you like best about your sign and least?

What I like best about my sign is how passionate I can be be about something. I will tend to fight to the bitter end if it's something I believe in. I'm also a very loyal friend; honest, intuitive, sensual, driven, and a good listener. What I like least about my sign is that no matter how hard I try, tend to see things in black and white; no gray area. I'm also short-tempered, moody, secretive, emotional, and vindictive if you really piss me off. I like to think the good outweighs the bad.

3. How has being a Scorpio helped you become a better artist?

I never thought about this until asked this question but being a Scorpio has fueled me as an artist; I'm very passionate about my work and what I do. I've told people in the past that this is my god given talent and I won't waste it on them or anyone else; I put all my energy into my work. On bad days when I'm feeling down or upset, my work is what I run to ever since I was a child. Also being a Scorpio has made me very intuitive. For some reason I'm always ahead of the trends or I hit the mark. Time and time again it keeps happening and my intuition has never steered me wrong.

Jaded Turtle Wooden Beaded Necklace

4. What kind of creative activities are best suited to your zodiac sign?

Because Scorpio tends to have many good and bad traits, any creative activity that deals with the arts is best for my sign. For me personally, I love to draw, sew, and make jewelry. The more creative outlets a Scorpio has the better in my book. Since we tend to be very emotional, it helps us express ourselves and release anything we're holding in. We are known as being very secretive and mysterious so I think to find out our deepest inner workings, we need look to our art for a hint.

5. What advice do you have for other Scorpios who are just starting to explore and develop their creativity?

Scorpios tend to hold things in and when they reach their capacity they explode. So, to avoid the whole explosion, we need to find an outlet to express what we are feeling inside; we need to write it, paint it, or even draw it - a masterpiece is sitting inside us to be released and shared with the world. It's important to see everything to the end because you may be surprised where you end up.

Scorpio Artist Gaetana T. ParrisGeatana's Bio I attended and graduated from the Katherine Gibbs School with an Associate Degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. While in school, I became close friends with a classmate and we came up with the idea of starting our own company. I soon realized that I was the only one motivated enough to start and own my own business so it was best for me and my classmate to part ways, but in the process we also lost our friendship.

After getting back on my feet, I went back to the drawing board and came up with a company name and the products that I would like to sell. Although my main focus is designing women’s apparel, I decided to also create handbags and accessories. For about a year I dabbled making samples of handbags and eventually started to try my hand at jewelry. Since my father is a vendor in Brooklyn, New York I decided to see what the public thought of my products and within weeks my jewelry took off with a life of its own, and customers began to ask for custom designed pieces.

As time drew closer for my younger sister to graduate from high school and leave New York to attend college in Florida, I made the decision that I would join her. I needed a change of scenery. So, at the beginning of 2007 I left for Florida, where my dream of owning my own company began to take form.

In June of 2007, Satin Doll & Co. was born in South Florida featuring handmade jewelry, accessories and handbags in our Etsy shop and our web site.

Fast forward 3 years and I'm back in New York with several collections of jewelry under my belt, hundreds of pieces of jewelry sold, and business booming. I'm currently working on several new lines of jewelry for my company and I will be releasing my signature collection in the coming weeks so keep your eye peeled.

Get Sparkly with Libra Jeweler, Marcia in Hawaii

Watermelon tourmaline slice earrings - Ipu Haole v1 New Moon in Libra October 7, 2010 11:44 am pdt

Spotlight on Libran Artist, Marcia Big Island of Hawaii Shop: Kahili Creations

As a Libra woman I must confess to my need to be surrounded by beauty with Venus being my ruling planet. Could that be why my family and I packed up our things and moved from a congested urban landscape to a rain forest in Hawaii?

Being a Libra enables me to be fair and honest in all aspects of my life. I can see both sides to every argument and situation, but unfortunately that can lead to indecisiveness! I will make a necklace, admire it, start photographing it and then decide it would look better as a pair of earrings; out come the wire cutters!

Libras are known for being artistic, but  I can't draw! I desperately needed a creative outlet as a child but since I lacked drawing and painting skills I became crafty instead. I dug holes in the backyard for clay so I could make little bowls and pots, I strung beads, and made "stained glass" out of food coloring, toothpicks and Elmer's Glue plus made a mess out of the kitchen trying to cook everything out of cookbooks.

Sparkly things mesmerize me and I can stare at gemstones all day long - I hold them in my hands and designs flow from them.

Today my creations are made from stones and metal. For inspiration I just have to look outside my window to find the beauty of nature all around me from blue sky, azure waters, rainbows, and black sand beaches to the volcanoes of my island home.Even the air, fragrant with jasmine, ginger and plumeria, is magnificent and I see textures in the hardened lava, sea shells and leaves that will eventually translate into a piece of jewelry.

Leaf motif paper box packaging

Indulging in the Libra characteristic of loving the finer things in life, I have traveled extensively. One of the most memorable experiences I had was watching goldsmiths in Greece work on a sapphire and gold ring for me. It was influenced by a Mycenaean design and I cherish that ring to this day. I love seeing artists at work, so walking through the Oltrarno district in Florence, Italy inspired me greatly.There are so many amazing artisans there who are more than happy to open their studios and talk for hours about their craft. If only I could afford their gorgeous work; the micro-mosaics took my breath away.

While being artistic I also require the balance of actually making a fair wage for my creations. This means that along with designing comes the other part of owning a business: the dreaded marketing, packaging and accounting.

Libran Artist, Marcia

A balanced life with family, friends and a fruitful creative presence is precious to this Libra.

Marcia's Bio

Kahili Creations specializes in delicate jewelry made with precious and semi-precious stones, fine and sterling silver, vermeil and gold-filled findings.

What is it about things that sparkle? I really, really wanted a Yag simulated diamond when I was 8. The lady at the Akron showed me how much they twinkled under those fluorescent lights and I was hooked.

After an education at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and many careers later, we fast forward to now. My twinkly things are the many gemstone beads, silver and gold in my collection. The inspiration for my jewelry line comes from my life on the Big Island of Hawaii. The riot of colors and sounds that greet me every morning starts my

Marcia ~ Libran Artist

creative juices flowing. The flowers are more vibrant, the trees greener, the sky more blue, the water warmer, the air more fragrant. We have hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes galore and Kilauea has been churning lava my way. I am really one with the elements. With an annual rainfall totaling over 120 inches a year, I also need something to do during the downpours.

As with most gemstones and pearls, natural inclusions occur. In other words, the beads in my jewelry are a little flawed, just like yours truly.