sadie-secret frog frolicker - Original Painting

Sadie BAck.jpg
Sadie BAck.jpg

sadie-secret frog frolicker - Original Painting


8x11 Original Painting
- Painted with watercolor and gouache on 100 lb acid free paper.
- Hand signed by Kathy.
- Includes full page Lefty Story in the back.

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I scooch down low
so the frogs will know
I can hear their chatter clearly.
Then it’s time for games & worms & water
and songs to greet the night.
Then quiet & slumber, mud & dreams
and a prince to kiss me softly.

This original is part of the 52-card Lefty Oracle Deck painted by Kathy Crabbe, using her non-dominant left hand. Healing and humorous, the Leftys guide us to receive soul sourced messages and develop our innate intuition.

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