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Wake up Wise Woman and
Join the Crone Club!

I just started the Crone Club on my blog! I'll be sharing Crone Club Charms there (aka Female Empowerment Talismans) to awaken the wise woman within. The blog posts will all be tagged #CroneClub.

Why? I am a Gen X Crone, the first of my generation to go through menopause. I want to empower all women, but especially crones or women approaching cronehood to navigate these often treacherous waters with power and grace.

I feel guided to share these mixed media paintings along with my feelings about aging because I know how challenging it is to get older in a society that tends to discard aging women with their wrinkles and gray hair. Instead of hiding or destroying these marks of wisdom through plastic surgery, botox or ongoing hair dying, I challenge both myself and other women to honour themselves and their bodies.

I've got Aries Rising so I enjoy leading the way and causing a disturbance. Aging is natural and something to be proud of. Four of my favorite elder women heroes are Maude from the film Harold and Maude, Susun Weed (wise woman herbalist), Margaret Atwood (Canadian novelist) and my own spiritual mentor, Francesca De Grandis.

"Creating is as a release, a surrender, and a choice, to love myself, to be strong, divine, sexy, whole and holy with humour and grace as we face the darkness together." ~ Kathy Crabbe

Join the Crone Club by signing up for my Blog below. You can view all Crone Club Charms in the Gallery and purchase them here.

What is a Crone?

Darkness is the Crone-wise path; it is the third stage of life: maiden, mother, crone and after that the ultimate mystery. We are Crone as we birth ourselves into this new stage of life, which is like a second puberty, so transformative. I encourage you to write, muse, dream, create stories, poems, spells, dances, paintings and cartoons inspired by the Crone Club Charms within.

Contribute to the Crone Club

If you'd like to make a donation to help keep the Crone Club charming please do so by clicking the button below. If you prefer to snail mail me a check please make it out to: Kathy Crabbe, PO Box 84, Corona del Mar, California, USA 92625.  I gracefully accept all your love and contributions whether or not they are heart-gifts or donations. Your support keeps this Crone content and the Charms a flowin' :)

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Crone Quotes

"My best friend is starting something called the Crone Club. She's put it up on on her blog to support her art and writing as she builds what I think is a promising group and movement for women who are older, or getting older, in our youth-obsessed, "women over 40 are invisible" society. It's an important endeavor. Check it out and join or support her work if you are so inspired!" ~ Tangerine Bolen, Revolution Truth Founder

"love these charms
love the crone club idea
i am croning, too, and loving it
your work continues to inspire
in gratitude
xO" ~ S.L.

Kathy Crabbe in Temecula

About Kathy Crabbe: Soul reader, witch, professional artist since 1992, creator of the Lefty Oracle deck, teacher of the eClass, Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul at the Wise Woman University and author of several books including the Goddess Zodiac Playbook and Moon Musings, Kathy is embracing crone-hood, intuition, silver hair, and a wiser face and soul with wit, honesty and verve as she leads the way into yet another adventure. She currently resides in the desert and forest wilderness of Temecula, California and the 1000 Islands of Ontario, Canada with her two dog luvs, Abby and Djinn Djinn and her architect husband in homes they've built themselves.

Crone Club Charms

*all charms are available for purchase here*

Crone Club Notecard by Kathy Crabbe

Crone Club Notecard by Kathy Crabbe

Back of Crone Club Notecard by Kathy Crabbe

Back of Crone Club Notecard by Kathy Crabbe

Camping out on earth

Camping out on Earth: Witchy alien crone monster...human. Which are you? 

I painted Her last nite by darkness (as usual) accompanied by the jazzy, ethereal sounds of my hubbie's electric guitar. I tried to paint along with my zune (aka ipod) but it didn't work. I need either the silence of night or my partner's crazy tunes...hmmmm, I like that!

We are living in the beginning of times: It's NEVER too late to start again; to write that novel, paint that picture, find true love, eat healthy or just have a great Friday night. 

What's up your sleeve?

I AM PERFECT for each earth life: just because...and it's day after May Day...and there is hope...for us all.

Blessed Be!

The Future: This is a day of love and lust...May Day! What future seed can you plant today and water and nurture and love to fruition?  I'm planting the seed of our Crone Club growing here on Patreon. This is our private place for sharing secrets and telling tales. Is that why you're here? I hope so!

Blessed Be!

I had a moment by Kathy Crabbe

I had a moment: Last night Mama Moon was waxing to full - did you feel the energy building? So Scorpio, so intense, so passionate. As I painted this painting that energy came thru and this creature with her shiny pearly black and beaver brown hair was sated as she sipped at the edges of the moon's pearly delite.

How 'bout you? How has this Full Moon in Scorpio energy been effecting you?

To help you dive more deeply into the watery, intense energy of the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon I've channeled this Full Moon Meditation just for you to enjoy in our Crone Club.

Scorpio Full Moon Meditation

Don't focus.

Be water.

Absorb its nutrients.

Make bubbles.


At the very bottom of this lake/sea/pond/puddle is treasure, a gift, just for you. But first you must open your heart or your hand, a flower, a lid; whatever suits you in this moment and you must stir the contents with your mind.

Let off steam.

Within is YOUR secret wish. What is it? (TELL NO ONE).

Tend that wish with an elemental blessing of earth, fire, air or water, and of course Spirit.

Now, place that wish in your third eye (and your medulla oblongata) and say a blessing. Then draw a symbol in your Moon Journal representing your wish and the element you chose. Then repeat three times: With ___________(the element your chose) I tend this wish. Envision yourself doing so.

Blessed Be.
Luv, Kathy Crabbe
Channeled for the Full Moon in Scorpio
April 29, 2018, 5:58 pm pacific time

Into forests waving: She is masked yet present within her own private forest...which is often how I feel in this crazy, mad world we call home. How about you? Do you ever feel it's necessary to wear a mask or do you wear one because you have no choice? 

One day at a time: Wake up wise woman and join the Crone Club! This charm is oh so powerful so please please please place it in a very special part of your brain so that your soul will remember it exactly when you need it.

Blessed Be.

I believe in me (the power is wholly within): Does she have 2 third eyes? Do you? What power speaks to you through this sacred portal, this charm, this goddess of the mysteries? I channeled with this charm to create the content for my patreon. This charm is the reason I launched this patreon site...not sure why, but I do know that she is very powerful. Tell me what you feel?

Ancient Promises: This charm was sent from the Bird Tribes to remind us of...? I can't answer that question for you. You need to do that for yourself. Please share if you have a chance to dream upon it.

Blessed Be.

You are Divine: Love is divine. 

You are divine.

How can you celebrate that in this very moment?

I sent out a prayer to God/dess

that you and I will connect in this cosmic space

and become fast friends, compadres and makers of mischief



Blessed Be.

You are wiser than you know: Here's one of my very first Crone Club Charms and as usual I channeled her directly without any forethought or planning. Once she 'came' through and onto the page she sprouted flowers and then a cartoon bubble with exactly what I needed to hear that day. (pssst... thank you Grandpa Simpkins, for helping me create cartoons like you did!) 

Beauty Awaits: I painted this lovely lady the day after the Spring Equinox 2018 and ended up dedicating her to my spiritual mentor, Francesca De Grandis who looks somewhat like her and loves cats! Working closely with a mentor helps me remember to find beauty everywhere, even in ugliness.  Blessed Be.

*all charms are available for purchase here*