Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul Hello dear Creative Soul! I’m Kathy Crabbe, Creative Soul Guide, artist, writer, and teacher of the class, Awaken Your Creative Soul. I offer guidance to creative seekers who are learning how to trust their intuition and live their dreams free of clutter and distraction.

I believe that a regular, ongoing creative and spiritual practice IS possible and essential in keeping you healthy, whole and holy.

Through my intuitive, creative work with thousands of clients and students, I know that healthy habits can be developed and maintained as long as there is a willingness to take creative risks and listen to your intuition. It also helps to have a supportive community and a guide you trust to lead the way.

About Kathy

Originally from Kingston, Canada Kathy currently lives in the wine country of Temecula, California with her husband and pet muses: Abby the dog and Spartacus the cat.

Kathy’s latest creation is a class called Awaken Your Creative Soul which she developed after spending seven years drawing a Creative Soul ‘Lefty’ Deck using her non dominant left hand. This awakened Kathy’s creative soul in new ways and inspired her to help others awaken and pursue their dreams.

Kathy has given over 1000 intuitive Creative Soul Readings using her Creative Soul Deck. She also developed and taught a successful online class called Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul at the Wise Woman University.

Kathy’s art has appeared in galleries, museums, magazines and on HGTV. She has self-published two books, many zines, an affirmation deck and a blog. Shortly after moving to Temecula Kathy sought out other creatives by forming a writer’s group where she shared her ‘Lefty’ art and poetry which she later published in a zine featuring local writers from the group.

Kathy and a life sized Lefty were honoured to speak at an International Women’s Day event in Los Angeles that the LA Times dubbed “self esteem boosting” which was almost as dreamy as hearing Michelle Shocked sing her favorite song in the background as she spoke.

Learn more about Kathy’s background here.

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