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Owl Magick  Print

Owl Magick Print

"I've been enjoying our interchanges and hope to meet you in person someday. Your vibrancy, creative spirit, and the love and beauty that you share with the world are special and real. Thank you for shining your light!" ~ Rosemary Clare, Pacific Northwest

"My favorite part of the your newsletters are the thought provoking questions for the moon cycles, as it helps me to get out of my head and into my heart for the most part and feel through the phases of the moon and the zodiac signs. I never know where my thoughts and feelings will lead me while journaling. I find that it helps me to connect more to my intuitive abilities and receive guidance and support during the moon phases. Thank you again for creating this amazing resource for moon lovers". ~ Carol

"You DO awaken my creative soul! I love all your posts and hope to do a reading with you one day soon. I hope I can meet you one day and see your work first hand. You may not realize you do touch and inspire others, at times when it is most needed. Thank you!" ~ Debbie Herbel, Retired Public School Teacher, Lake Elsinore, CA|

“Thanks so much for sending me your note and the museletter. It's actually a bit serendipitous that I came across your blog today.... A long time ago I looked at your etsy shop and really liked the inspiration and art. Today I was feeling down and out, so I decided to look for you again... I love that your blog is about connecting with nature and people on so many levels through your art. I'll be looking at more posts : )” ~ Lucy, University Student

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