Custom Spirit Animal + Pet Portraits SALE!

Exciting news peeps! I'm now offering Custom Spirit Animal Portraits + Poems on special until Dec. 3 at midnight! This could be a portrait of you and your spirit animal or a beloved pet. If you don't know what your spirit animal is I will intuit that for you as I paint your picture.

Spirit Animals are guides that lead us to our true, wild self, the self that is tuned into our Divine source. Spirit Animals have beautiful messages to help us fulfill our purpose here on earth.

A custom portrait makes a lovely and super personal gift for a loved one or even for yourself this holiday season. Here's what Angela had to say after receiving her custom portrait which is pictured below:

"I have to say... when I saw this I FELL IN LOVE... I couldn't stop smiling. Your painting brought me to tears, as you literally have portrayed the whale smiling, and it reminds me of my deep memory and love of their species."

$20 Off Custom Portraits until Dec. 3 at Midnight

As an extra special gift to you I'm offering special pricing on Custom Spirit Animal or Pet Portraits just in time for the holidays so you can treat yourself or a very dear friend or family member to this one-of-a-kind gift unlike any other.

From now until Dec. 3 all custom portraits are $20 off the regular price (which is already priced very low). To receive this discount please enter this promo code when checking out: GUIDED

Custom Portraits Sale

40 Free Etsy Listings for you!

Soooo excited to say that I just launched my Spirit Animal Etsy Shop and did so because a friend gave me 40 free Etsy Listings and I want to pass that on to you...easy peasy :)  You just click the link below to open your own Etsy Shop and the 40 free listings are there on your account for use anytime you want. I thought they might expire but they haven't...I've been adding new prints to my shop for the last 3 days.

40 Free Etsy Listings for You

Cockatoo close-up by Kathy Crabbe - Buy the print here.

Cockatoo close-up by Kathy Crabbe - Buy the print here.

Painting in my home studio in Temecula (my hallway!)

Painting in my home studio in Temecula (my hallway!)

My mission in creating the Spirit Animal paintings is to empower your magical, soulful self. We all have our place in the universe. Have you found yours? Allow your Spirit Animals to guide you home, to your self, your family, and your heart, where love is all and beauty awaits.