Mid Life Transition: No More War

Jules by Kathy Crabbe

Jules by Kathy Crabbe

Last night I requested a dream in honour of the Autumn Equinox and with the help of Mugwort (an herb placed under my pillow) and a Lefty Oracle Card by the name of Jules (see image to the left) I soon found myself in a war torn Middle Eastern country learning how to escape  and survive. The dream involved many men, both attackers and helpers and I did manage to escape and survive. In this dream my inner male learned teamwork and survival skills.

At this time in my life I find myself learning how to integrate and accept my inner male (and as women we all have one) and dangerous as he is this dream showed me that if we stick together and help each other that we can survive. If any of you are currently going through a Mid Life Transition (it happens for all of us around the age of forty) you might want to ask yourself:

What has my inner male been teaching me? What hidden strengths and shadow issues are being revealed? What lessons are presenting themselves to me over and over again until I 'get' it?

I understand teamwork, but not the fighting. Next step: to make war completely unnecessary because we've got more important things to deal with, such as keeping our planet, Mama Earth alive and healthy.

Lefty Oracle Jules' Mantra:

Within each of us lie oppositions. The way to balance these oppositions is through our hearts. We MUST open our hearts now.

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Mid Life Transition

Uranus Opposition is a major astrological transit that occurs for all of us around ages 38 to 42.

The planet Uranus (ruler of the zodiac sign Aquarius) is opposing (by angle) Uranus in your birth chart. Like the Saturn return that occurred when you were twenty-nine, the Uranus-Uranus Opposition that occurs around the age of forty marks a period of major transition in your life.

I did my best to prepare for this transit by faithfully going to a wonderful astrologer that had been recommended to me by friends for a mid life reading. She was a bit surprised that I was getting prepared a few years in advance, but that's how I roll! I knew it was gonna be big and I wanted to be prepared.

That's the thing though, you can't really prepare for Uranus, it just loves to surprise you! I had seen quite a few friends fall apart during this transit, but I could also see how stuck they were and how they needed to change, and that's exactly what Uranus does, it forces you to change, like it or not!

My favorite astrological author is Barbara Hand Clow and I recommend her book Understanding Key Life Passages: The Liquid Light of Sex for a very detailed explanation of what can occur during this time.

For me, things got very intense! I used to find time for relaxing and taking in movies by myself but stopped all leisure activities (or at least it felt that way) so I could concentrate on honing my psychic and medium-ship skills. I was part of a development circle led by renowned English channel, Adam Higgs that met once a week for six months and we practiced psychic readings on each other as well as medium-ship, psychometry, scrying and oracle reading.

I also followed another passion of mine, gemstone healing and attended a very intensive and experiential class offered by Coral Karnaze, a teacher trained at Katrina Raphaell's Crystal Academy where I learned how to trust the wisdom of the stones by actually hearing them speak to me as well as learning crystal healing layouts to help guide and heal people.

I started painting large divine feminine abstracts like the ones pictured here because I HAD to; they healed me and kept me sane.

I also started giving intuitive readings at a local new age store and when it closed my dreams became even more powerful and guided me towards giving readings online at Etsy using my own self designed oracle card decks. I was thrilled to bits, because finally it felt like my life's work had come together and I was able to combine my spirituality, my art, my writing, my healing and entrepreneurial skills into something tangible that I could offer to people, to help them heal, transform, get inspired and empower themselves in a one-of-a-kind experience.

More about Uranus Opposition: Mid-life crisis unfolds in three parts: it is a 'one step forward, two steps back, three steps forward' process. As the first opposition approaches you may feel acutely disturbed. Physiologically, Kundalini energy has awakened and moved up and out of the root chakra, has rushed up through your body and has gotten stuck in whatever chakra is blocking your spiritual evolution. (Click here to learn more about chakras).

Our job is to clear blockages by whatever means work for us.

Mid-life crisis is a very different experience for men and women; Men are learning to open their heart and women must take on their power. It is time now to separate yourself from outside definitions of who you should be, and instead prepare yourself for a new path in life more closely aligned with your inner needs.

Many people suffering from crippling boundaries, insecurities and limiting mental states can blast through these blockages at mid-life more easily than at any other time of life. Your job is to clear these blockages by whatever means works for you: traditional therapy, journal writing, past life regression, a soul reading (I had to include that since I offer it!) and bodywork are some useful methods.

Uranus Opposition is the most accelerated integration point of a person's entire life. It comes at mid-life, goes through its process, and then its force is gone. What you do during this transit determines how far you may evolve; the openings you create are the places where you can grow in the future. I suggest that it is dangerous to not go all out at Uranus Opposition because it is often the ideal opportunity to broaden as much as possible, and this does not come again. Spiritual breakthroughs may come later in your life, but the potential for growth that you will possess then is established now.

Excerpted from: Barbara Hand Clow: Understanding Your Key Life Passages - The Liquid Light of Sex and from Planets in Transit by Robert Hand (her brother!)

You can read more about my metaphysical background here. The paintings above are from my Uranus Opposition inspired series of acrylics and pastels on silk titled the Divine Feminine Series.

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