How To Meditate

How to Relax and Meditate

Meditation is simple … really! It’s about letting go, relaxing the body, freeing the mind and releasing all worries (ahhh…) as you allow peace and love to gently flood your being.

Meditation can be practiced by just about anyone and involves muscle relaxation, focus on breathing and visualization techniques. It doesn’t have to be weighty or as serious! It’s really just another way to relax and release all your tensions and worries.

Meditation can help you quiet your mind and is one of the best techniques to improve your mood, sharpen your concentration and help you manage stress and even chronic pain.

I began my own meditation practice in 1991 when I joined a group in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada run by a lovely woman by the name of “Om” who had studied meditation with Sri Chinmoy. Meditating in a group can be a truly powerful experience and I recommend it highly, especially when you’re starting out!

Simple Meditation How-To

1. Find a space with few distractions. Close your eyes and relax your breathing. Focus on the physical sensation of your breath. Notice any tension or changes in your breathing. If your mind feels overwhelmed, return your attention to your breath: In. Out. In. Out.

Often your breathing will be shallow or irregular if you are feeling nervous or tense so spend a few minutes practicing and breathing slowly and steadily to restore a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide to your body. You can also breathe in to a count of four and out for another count of four until you become relaxed. Make sure that you are comfortable and breathing gently without taking in big gulps of air.

2. Let your mind relax along with your muscles. If an emotion comes forward such as anxiety or anger, try not to attach to it, just let it float on by and disappear. In. Out. In. Out. You can also practice tensing and relaxing various muscle groups starting with your head and working your way down to your feet. Try tensing for five seconds and then relaxing for ten seconds. This is called progressive muscle relaxation and it can lead to deep levels of physical and mental relaxation.

3. Try visualizing scenes that are peaceful, calming, safe and. The more senses you can awaken, the more relaxing your meditation will be. For example, try imagining yourself walking down a tree lined path on a beautiful spring day, you can hear the birds tweet and you can see the light dancing through the trees and alighting in interesting patterns on your arm. Imagine that you can feel the cooling touch of a gentle spring breeze and smell the delicious scent of spring flowers in bloom.

Need more help? Here are two more meditations from my website:

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Consulting with your Spirit Guides: A Morning Meditation

I'd like to share a small sample of my day in the hopes that it might motivate you to try something different for yourself. I begin each day with yoga, meditation and intuitive consultation in a circle with my spirit guides, angels, goddesses and ancestors. I work with  oracle cards of my own design and Norse runes.

Kathy Crabbe, I call wrinkles 'god-points' and so far i'm winning, 2007, mixed media on paper, 8x10”.

Kathy Crabbe, I call wrinkles 'god-points' and so far I'm winning, 2007, mixed media on paper, 8x10”. 

I begin today's Intuitive Consultation with the words, "Just for today I am guided intuitively by my angels, guides and Ancestors." If this feels selfish to you, then ask yourself, "Is liberation selfish?" I open myself to sharing, loving, being and doing all that supports my highest and deepest good. I open myself to Creation, to love, caring and healing. How? By reverence for life and for death.

I write down any channeled guidance or oracle card insight I receive plus my Sacred Mission for the day. For example, today's sacred task is to paint Paloma, a Goddess who appeared to me yesterday (blog post coming soon!) What is your sacred mission or task of the day?

Before you close your circle don't forget to thank your guides and angels and when you blow out your candle make sure to send healing, health, wholeness and holiness to all those in need and please feel free to mention their name(s) aloud when you do.

Blessed Be.

p.s. if you're interested in 'pulling' a card from my Lefty Oracle Deck you can do so here: Creative Soul Cards

To purchase a Creative Soul Reading using the Lefty Oracle Deck please click here: Creative Soul Readings

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Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative Soul

How to Calm & Center - A Quickie Meditation

How-To Calm & Center (a quickie meditation that really works!)

Close your eyes. Deep breath.

Sit with eyes closed, just listening.

Breathing deeply

Relaxing your body.

Checking in and asking, "How do I feel?"

Picking music that fits your mood (ie. "Flow, River of My Soul" by Single Gun Theory)

Letting the music energize and sweep you up.

Now, you're ready to go!