The Lefty Oracle Deck and 92 page Guidebook will help you break through creative blocks, identify your gifts and empower your intuition so you can move forward in a playful and profoundly life changing way.

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The Leftys are spiritual guides that help us release perfectionism to make room for simple, mindful ways of being. They are teachers and bridge builders that guide us to our higher selves. They show us, by example a freer and more playful way to live.

Your Deck Comes With:

  1. 54 hand painted and hand stamped oracle cards.

  2. This includes 2 extra cards with powerful mantras for each card.

  3. A 92 page full color Guidebook pdf with affirmations, creative journal prompts, expressive body movement challenges, non-dominant hand exercises, the meaning of the card if pulled in a reading, plus real life examples, stories, and games for each card.

  4. A simple box to store your magical goodies.

The Lefty Oracle Deck Can Help You:

  • Develop your spirituality

  • Express yourself creatively

  • Identify your gifts and strengths

  • Follow through with intentions

  • Give intuitive readings

  • Gain a fresh perspective

  • Have fun and challenge yourself

  • Make time for YOU

  • Heal your inner child

  • Parent/child bonding

  • Connect with your guides

  • Activate your creativity & spirituality in a fun, no-pressure way

  • Creative/intuitive prompts for groups, parties, classes, and moon circles

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How to Use the Lefty Oracle Deck

The Lefty Oracle deck is a magical tool designed to stimulate your intuitive, creative self. It is an affirmation and storytelling deck with options for personal interpretation.

Use the playful, in-depth exercises in the 92 page guidebook for healing insights and self-care.

The deck can be used for self development and with friends, clients, in moon circles, writing groups, as art therapy, at parties or in classrooms. Suggestions for making your own deck are included. The Lefty deck is part of my Lefty eClass.

When you start using senses you’ve neglected, your reward is to
see the world with completely fresh eyes. ~ Barbara Sher

Inspired by the Leftys...

  • Annalee follows the path of the universe.

  • Christine tries out non-dominant hand drawing for the first time.

  • Janene slows down.

  • Kristin creates a New Moon Spread.

  • Tamara loosens up painting.

  • Annie shares how left hand writing changed her life.

  • Participants at the Riverside Art Museum opening (photos).

Lefty Deck Reviews & Interviews

Today I have a fun review for you of an oracle deck that’s a little different, a little strange, and completely excellent...Spiritual guides and guided messages shouldn’t always be easy but they should be supportive, and that’s something I’ve always found with this deck. ~ Jess Carlson, - Click here for the review.

This deck holds a very light and playful energy to it.. and I know you will love as much as I do! ~ Rachel Caringella, Oracle at Read the review here.

The Origin of the Lefty Oracle Deck

The Leftys changed me.

I spent 5+ years painting the deck with my non dominant left hand. This recharged my batteries in new and healing ways.

It helped me slow down and trust myself.

When I paint Leftys, the lines lead me. I start with the head, and the name comes later.

I’ve given over 1000 intuitive soul readings with the deck and it works! I've shared the deck in moon circles, chapbooks, zines, writing groups, poetry readings, online classes, art shows, a red hat group, a performance art project, an interactive museum exhibit and onstage in Hollywood with Michelle Shocked for International Women’s Day.

I hope the Lefty Oracle Deck inspires YOU to make creative and intuitive breakthroughs in YOUR life.

I refuse to take sides by Kathy Crabbe (Lefty Oracle Deck)

The Leftys are delicious! ~ Susun Weed, The Voice of the Wise Woman Tradition

I like the simplicity of the Lefty Oracle Deck…drawings from the heart. I don’t think they would be as hard to feel out as Tarot. ~ Tana Musser, Domestic Goddess

So, I've been in this major creative funk as of late ~ after roaming around the internet I was inspired by Kathy Crabbe and her use of non-dominant hand Lefty drawings. I sat down and gave it a try myself and wow! I never realized I could draw with my left hand too!!! Thanks new friend for helping me out of that slump ~ hugs. ~ Janene Christman

Juicy Alive! Your Leftys make me feel like I’m not alone. They restore something in me…make me feel sane again. ~ Tangerine Bolen, Revolution Truth

Lefty Oracle Deck Spread by Kathy Crabbe

In the case of bilateral drawing, there is an assumption that because both hands are engaged that both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated…I believe bilateral drawing, guided by a helping professional, is helpful simply as a method of self-regulation. In particular, it can be introduced as a grounding technique because it is a novel, non-threatening yet embodied experience for most individuals…Making marks or gestures on paper with both hands simultaneously also creates an attention shift away from the distressing sensations in the body to a different, action-oriented and self-empowered focus. It capitalizes on the embodied, self-soothing experiences originally observed by Cane almost seven decades ago and takes advantage of the power of “drawing on both sides” to alter one’s own internal rhythms for self-regulation and well-being. ~ Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, Art Therapist

Lefty Oracle Deck by Kathy Crabbe

I’ve never seen anything like it…I laughed out loud.
Michael Pontacolini, Spoon Magazine Editor

Order a Lefty Original Painting here
A Lefty Story Comes With Each Painting

"My initial impression of this deck was love at first sight. It's so fun to work with and the energy is just so refreshing... I can tell it holds tons of healing opportunities as well and I hadn't even gotten to the guidebook yet!" ~ Rachael Caringella, Tree Talker Art

Gonna Fly from the Creative Soul Deck by Kathy Crabbe

They open you up; like letting a crack of light in. I felt them in my heart, playful and light. ~ Cheryl, RN, Canmore, Alberta

Creative Soul Cards from the Deck by Kathy Crabbe

Self esteem boosting ~ Los Angeles Times

Me, Michelle Shocked and Lefty "Ginny" onstage in Hollywood for International Women's Day

Me, Michelle Shocked and Lefty "Ginny" onstage in Hollywood for International Women's Day

The world needs more of your kind of clever silliness. ~ Linda Brunker, Sculptor, Ojai

I refuse to take sides by Kathy Crabbe

I get totally lost (in an inspirational way) when looking at these. The images have a sense of quirky fun and the colors are so bright, mesmerising and playful, I seem to find another little detail in them each time I look. Your words that accompany them in the eClass are also inspiring and add more depth to the cards and food for thought. Overall they inspire me to want to express myself just as eloquently and fearlessly. ~ Michelle Buckley, Art Therapist, Australia

At night Karya dreams of wings by Kathy Crabbe

I absolutely love love love your Leftys! They are like illustrated words of kindness and inspiration. ~ Claudine, Occupational Therapist, Phoenix, AZ

Alice Lives Here Now by Kathy Crabbe

You must travel to some secret place when you create them.
~ Jennice Hyden, Acupuncturist, Seattle

Donna aka 'Donnie' posing as a Lefty in Laguna Beach

Lefty Poseurs from my Performance Art Lefty Polaroid Project

Lefty Poseurs from my Performance Art Lefty Polaroid Project

Lefty Oracle Deck 3 Card Spread

Left handed people are disproportionately represented in the creative professions - Turning on the right brain is a skill and one that grows stronger the more you work at it. ~ Martha Beck, Oprah Magazine

The Leftys are like a breath of fresh air. When I got bogged down in my writing they helped me feel free and playful. They loosened me up and got me creating again. ~ Andrea, Novelist

Oracle card spread using 4 of Kathy's handpainted decks

“Zen-like” ~ Mary Fleener, Cartoonist

"They tickle your mind" ~ Diane DeBaun, Ceramicist

"Everything is just beautiful...And the colors are yummy! Yummy!" ~ Francesca De Grandis, Third Road School, Shaman and best-selling author of Be a Goddess!

"My realtor went crazy and practically tried to take them all!" ~ Kay Ferrell, Mother of Will

"Love your work" ~ Emily Pohl-Weary, Kiss Machine Editor, Author

"Amazing! I have stars in my eyes with your pages. Your cards are going right to my heart. I am very very happy." ~ Patricia Sorokaty, France

“Oh, and my mum! She has begun work in earnest on her dystopian novel, writing every single day and really enjoying it. We credit your Lefty Oracle Deck at least in part for helping to shake her out of her decades-long writer's rut, so thank you!" ~ Rosemary & Mum

“I think it's a very sweet-natured oracle deck. one that invites the shyest of inner children to come out and engage with their intuition. There is a lot of potential for healing with this deck (as a supplement to, not a replacement for, professional care). The art style both engages and puts the reader at ease.” ~ Rommy Driks, writer 

"The artist Kathy has created this deck with great dedication and creativity and what a fantastic way to create a deck painted & written with her left hand. This is a deck to be used if you are working on your patience & creativity at the same time!" ~ Karin Wu

"Very elegant and refined" ~ Bill Agee, Photographer

"The Lefty Oracle eClass is a great class to help you familiarize yourself with the deck, create a daily or weekly spiritual practice, and open you to your creative spark through journaling and painting. This helps you to know yourself and express yourself in an empowered and creatively expressive way which is important for your inner spiritual and creative growth as well as assisting others realize those qualities and abilities in themselves." ~  Kaila Iversen, Divine Frequency Crystal Jewelry Designer & Facilitator of Women's Self Empowerment Sessions and Workshops

"They are and aren't cartoons" ~ Paul Madonna, Artist, Author, Comics Editor

"Thank you for your unique and gently humorous pictures. They will bring smiles to the faces of those using next year's diary" ..."Great to see your quirky, light-hearted pics in the 2016 Moon Diary! I'm going to really enjoy coming to the pages with your art ... It lifts the spirits with it's combination of lightness and profound message." ~ Arafelle Oné & Minerva, Creative Cronies Calendar, Editors, Astrologers, New Zealand

"There is something that is sexual and not sexual all at the same time. It feels very edgy" ~ Lisa Kelly, Lawyer & Director of Education, UAW, Toronto

“They’re so delicate, succinct, playful, refreshing.” ~ Susan Mrosek, Pondering Pool Cards, Artist, Author

“Beauty, colorful, pretty, delicate, Murano glass come to life almost too beautiful to touch…I fall in love with the Klimt-inspired drawing…I am charmed. An aging art snob with a guerilla aesthetic. I flip through card after card and start scheming ways to steal K. Crabbe’s work. Beg her to keep drawing!” ~ Andree LaChapelle, Broken Pencil Magazine

"I think I know all these people!" ~ Susan Ruyle, Dawn Magazine Editor

"Fresh and unpretentious" ~ Denise, Pussy Cat Magazine, Editor

"I've been doing the non-dominant hand drawing which is a bit hard, and weekly spreads for my business issues (which I've noticed are also personal issues!) and I'm being led to consider some things that previously I tried to avoid. The Lefty Oracle Cards are beautiful in every way!" ~ Laura Jacquemond, Fiber Artist

“The Leftys helped me slow down so that I could hear the voice within. The cards and process have a relaxed energy that helped me find my center so that I could organize and create direction in my life.” ~ Ian Iversen, Lightworker

"I use other decks to get the situation, but then use the Leftys for advice as to what to do in order to move forward from the situation...trusting my intuition when reading the cards without relying on a book's definition of the cards --- the Lefty Oracle opened that door for me." ~ Annalee Jackofsky, Yoga Teacher

"Over the last couple of weeks, the Lefty Oracle Deck has been sitting on my desk like a loyal companion. Throughout the day, I've caught myself glancing over at the deck and each time I've felt an immediate connection to my inner child. I can't think of another deck that has stirred up that sort of connection to my true-self." ~ Sharron Basanti, Owner and Founder of Seeds of Shakti Community

"This is a fun loving deck. If I use it once, even for a few minutes, I get a nice big smile that will not go away. I was surprised by the simplicity of the drawings that was paired with messages that were short but deep and that were getting to the point (there is a list of mantras and then the PDF goes into a lot of depth about the relevance of each card). It a beautiful occasion to remember to smile and play and just enjoy life. Thank you, Kathy." ~ Ecaterina Gheorghe, Switzerland

“All the wisdom you need is right there in you and the cards (images) spark your attention to go within where all the good stuff happens.” ~ Rebecca Janes, Spiritual Director

"My dear friend Kathy Crabbe is a Canadian artist living in the desert of Southern California. Her work ranges from the whimsical to the contemporary/abstract. Kathy's art is a group of off-beat and often profound characters drawn by her non-dominant left hand. This artwork asks us to remember the quirkiness of life, the nerds, the wallflowers, the pranksters and the soul-keepers. They are irreverent reminders that we should rail against homogenization, and that uniqueness, awkwardness and outsiderness are quite often the places where wisdom can be found" ~ Tangerine Bolen, Revolution Truth, Executive Director

"Enchantingly graceful, whimsical, playful, witty, gorgeous, unique and sweet-spirited" ~ Esther Essinger, Artist, Author, Activist

Lefty Oracle Deck by Kathy Crabbe

Lefty Oracle Deck Art Opening @ Riverside Art Museum

 In 2016 I exhibited all 52 original paintings from the deck at the Riverside Art Museum as part of the 52 Project; a 52 week experiment that involved creating every day.

I helped people understand that non dominant hand drawing could awaken their intuition and help them pursue their dreams from a deeper and more aware place.

All the Leftys are collaborative. They are not meant to hang on the wall or sit on the shelf. They deeply desire to engage people on deep levels using sacred play.

Claim Your Power to be Quirky by Kathy Crabbe
Kathy Crabbe and the Lefty Oracle Deck

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