Break Free: How to Be More Present and Enjoy Life!

This Cancer Full Moon (Jan. 12) was an emotional breakthrough moon for me. The theme that came through was BREAK FREE. How about for you?

Breaking free from social media's time sucking and time wasting was a biggie and it was also my first bargain with the Divine. Bargain Number Two (for this week) is to be the greatest artist I can be without doubt and fear as I give myself fully to the Divine.

I began by stopping my incessant checking of the Instagram feed and this has pretty much stopped me from going on it at all, other than to posta pic or two to go with my blog and at the new and full moon for my museletter..

Next I looked at all my dreams in my dream journal from 2012 until now and then put together a list of creatively soulful things about myself and my work. Here's my list:

  • I create power objects and talismans.
  • I create artists' books.
  • I paint custom portraits.
  • I challenge the status quo.
  • I paint in many styles.
  • I paint large (48"x48"), circular, layered, Japanese inspired paintings with clouds and trees.
  • I do not sell my own art; galleries/stores do that for me.
  • I give phone readings.
  • I teach a watercolor class called, "Painting for Relaxation."
  • My artwork sells out quickly at galleries and home decor stores.
  • I'm a writer and illustrator.
  • I work in a large industrial live/work space surrounded by other creatives, but also have a quiet space for spiritual work.

So far I'm taking my own advice: "Awaken Your Intuition".- see the tagline on my site? Well, I'm living it. Plus, I do most of the things above already although there are a few I long for: the live/work artist's community and selling out at galleries.

I can tell you that so far, cutting out all this social media and leaving behind fear and doubt so I can fully be the amazing artist I am has helped me be more present and it's simplified everything.  I have more time for me, my loved ones, my friends and in nature. Time that isn't co-opted by social media and being ON 24/7. I'm having more fun and enjoying life more. WHEW! How about you?  Why not make a bargain with the Divine right now?

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Break Thru by Kathy Crabbe. Space Twins Story, Gouache in sketchbook, 2017.

Break Thru by Kathy Crabbe. Space Twins Story, Gouache in sketchbook, 2017.

I'll be posting more paintings like the one above here on my blog so please check this category to keep tabs: Space Twins Story.

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How to envision a new reality: Tips from the ancient dreamers

Kathy Crabbe, Take me to your playground, 2012, acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 48 x 48”. While reading the Seth Material (printed below) please be aware that this is channeled information received by Jane Roberts from Seth, “an energy personality essence no longer focused in physical form”. Many people find this kind of writing transports them creatively into other worlds and dimensions.

The text below about the ancient dreamers clicked with me instantly so I'd like to share with you how it relates to my work. When I began my current series of paintings, Journey into Intimacy I too radically slowed my pace of living; editing and simplifying, putting my painting and drawing at the forefront. My inner compass has always been guided by my dreams and I feel a natural affinity with the ancient cave painters, and with vedic scribes and medieval monks; creators of the illuminated manuscripts. I also believe that we can heal and create our reality using our thoughts, dreams and visions as a starting point. But now, with my current work I am expanding that personal vision, just as the ancient dreamers and cave painters did, into the external world. My dreams are my paintings and, like the ancient dreamers, invite you to step into a new world and envision a new reality.

My first painting on canvas from the Journey into Intimacy series is titled "Take me to your playground" (see above) which quite literally is an invitation, but an invitation to what sort of playground is unclear, leaving room for imagination - that part is up to you. Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments and visions below.

Notes from the Seth Material by Jane Roberts

There is a great underlying unity in all of man's so-called early cultures - cave drawings and religions - because they were all fed by that common source, as man tried to transpose inner knowledge into physical actuality.

The body learned to maintain its stability, its strength and agility, to achieve a state of balance in complementary response to the weather and elements, to dream computations that the conscious mind alone could not hold. The body learned to heal itself in sleep in its dreams - and at certain levels in that state even now each portion of consciousness contributes to the health and stability of all other portions. Far from the claw-and-dagger universe, you have one whose very foundation is based upon the loving cooperation of all of its parts.

These ancient dreams were shared to some extent by each consciousness that was embarked upon the earthly venture, so that creatures and environment together formed great environmental realities. Valleys and mountains, and their inhabitants, together dreamed themselves into being and coexistence.

The species - from your viewpoint - lived at a much slower pace in those terms. The blood, for example did not need to course so quickly through the veins, the heart did not need to beat so fast.

Gravity itself did not carry its all pervasive sway, so that the air was more buoyant. Man was aware of its support in a luxurious, intimate fashion. He was aware of himself in a different way, so that, for example, his identification with the self did not stop where his skin stopped: He could follow it outward into the space about his form, and feel it merge with the atmosphere with a primal sense-experience that you have forgotten.

In a fashion those ancient dreams, through their immense creativity, dreamed all of life's creatures in all of their pasts, presents, and futures - that is, their dreams opened up the doors of space and time to entities that otherwise would not have been released into actualization, even as, for example, the units of consciousness were once released from the mind of All That Is.

Dreams, "Evolution," and Value Fulfillment Vol. 1, A Seth Book by Jane Roberts

Mid Life Transition: No More War

Jules by Kathy Crabbe

Jules by Kathy Crabbe

Last night I requested a dream in honour of the Autumn Equinox and with the help of Mugwort (an herb placed under my pillow) and a Lefty Oracle Card by the name of Jules (see image to the left) I soon found myself in a war torn Middle Eastern country learning how to escape  and survive. The dream involved many men, both attackers and helpers and I did manage to escape and survive. In this dream my inner male learned teamwork and survival skills.

At this time in my life I find myself learning how to integrate and accept my inner male (and as women we all have one) and dangerous as he is this dream showed me that if we stick together and help each other that we can survive. If any of you are currently going through a Mid Life Transition (it happens for all of us around the age of forty) you might want to ask yourself:

What has my inner male been teaching me? What hidden strengths and shadow issues are being revealed? What lessons are presenting themselves to me over and over again until I 'get' it?

I understand teamwork, but not the fighting. Next step: to make war completely unnecessary because we've got more important things to deal with, such as keeping our planet, Mama Earth alive and healthy.

Lefty Oracle Jules' Mantra:

Within each of us lie oppositions. The way to balance these oppositions is through our hearts. We MUST open our hearts now.

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Do You Believe In Dreams?

I've been writing and researching alot for the online course I'll be teaching - trying to determine the outcomes of the course. Perhaps my lunar based course is trying to teach me something; to let go of outcomes. Aren't there enough courses out there that beat that into our heads? How about a course that seeks to awaken us to our passion, our instincts, our inner knowing, our emotions? I know how easy it is to cut oneself off from these ways of being. Society and the media cannot package and sell these qualities - we must spark and grow them on our own or in cahoots with like-minded souls who now, thanks to the internet are much easier to find.

Today I look at my pure white canvas board and I realize how important it is to be true to myself and to express this truth in all I do. Why, you may ask...Because happiness breeds happiness, passion - passion and joy - joy ... I revel in this fertility.

By picking up a pen, a brush (whatever works for you!) we focus our attention, our minds, upon the other, as we let our soul speak. It's truly amazing how we are able to manipulate our own feelings, change track, or get back on track, fall off track - do we even realize how powerful we are?

As I press myself into it's surface (the masonite) I leave an imprint from my soul to yours.

"Do you believe in dreams? That's how I found you." From the song "Fallen" by Delerium

Power Potion & Meditation to Cure Addiction & Let You Shine!

How to stop addiction? This is a question that many of us are asking ourselves. How do we stop doing what we know is harmful to our very being? It may be something that provides us with both intense pleasure and pain and I do believe that we are quite the masochistic society. So, how do we stop? I meditated upon this today with my many crystals in tow acting as chakra balancers and guides, allowing me to access the All, the Divine wisdom that is available to each one of us when we open our hearts, minds and souls and truly listen.

I was guided towards my Lefty Oracle cards and pulled a card called "Intrepid Dalmia ~ fern-dancer". Dalmia expresses how the passionate, sensual side of us can find release through dance, sacred play and pleasure and through expressing ourselves in an enchanted, physical way.

I also worked with a stone called "Bloodstone".

Bloodstone (green and red) helps force one's focus onto the physical level and the earth plane, promoting courage and achievement and preventing distractions in living and moving forward on one's life path. Placed under your pillow at night, it may help you have visionary dreams of the future. Bloodstone is said to bring wisdom, and in the past was polished and used as a mirror to watch solar eclipses.

A Bloodstone Meditation:

I am a dreamer. My dreams will guide us all. Dreams of blood, hate, sorrow, madness, joy. Dreams foretelling the future, reliving the past. I am the wise woman who knows nothing. My life, my words, my art - together as one - prophesizing freedom from bondage - guided, blessed, beloved.

We heal ourselves time and time again until time no longer is, and we are ONE, at peace with the ALL.

Power Potion:

Plant the Bloodstone deep within your core and let it re-formulate your being, your blood, your cells.

Wear white pearls as you envision pearly-white wings surrounding you, offering you protection.

Pray constantly - in gratitude and to be of service, with integrity and honour shining forth, knowing that you are indeed blessed.

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