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Jolene by Kathy Crabbe

Full Moon Lefty Oracle: Jolene - missing the embarrassment

***Excerpted from the Lefty Oracle Deck***

Mantra: I am daring.
Affirmation: I am so proud to be me, can't you see?
Element: Spirit

Yes, I AM wearing a fox tail.


Maybe it’s a cat tail
to impress my friends, 
of course.

No, really, it’s just me being me; 
without shame or excuses.
Just plain ol having fun. 

And proud of it.
Dang, grrr.

If this card appears in a reading expect the unexpected. Be prepared to be unprepared and be okay with that. Jolene, like many a Lefty is a trickster who was sent to shake you up and out of your comfort zone. Be optimistic and aware; have fun, yet keep your wits about you. This is a time of growth and new experiences that will expand your consciousness. Enjoy!

In my own life, this particular card was inspired by a girl I spotted at a café in Santa Cruz, California wearing a tail. This amused me to no end and I just had to paint her as part of the deck to inspire you and me to be more odd, quirky and outlandish just for the fun of it.

Creative Journal Prompt
Try to do one new thing that feels a bit embarrassing every day for one week and keep a journal starting now.

Creative Journal Prompt Number 2
Take a chance, be silly and laugh at yourself now and then. It can be healing for body and soul. Name one silly thing that you spotted someone you admire saying or doing recently. What was so daring or amusing about it? Now, dare yourself to do something similar or pair up with a dare devil partner and dare each other. Document the experience and share it with others, encouraging them to do the same and describe how it helped you in the process.

Expressive Body Movement Challenge
Pretend, like Jolene, that you now have a tail. What kind of tail? Walk around as if you are that creature.


Soul Reading Spread with the Lefty Oracle Cards by Kathy Crabbe

Soul Reading Spread with the Lefty Oracle Cards by Kathy Crabbe

Leo Full Moon Artist Feature, Affirmations, Goddesses and More!

Gonna Fly (from the Lefty Oracle Deck) by Kathy Crabbe

Gonna Fly (from the Lefty Oracle Deck) by Kathy Crabbe

Leo Full Moon Oracle Card: Gonna Fly

Mantra: I change.
Affirmation: I am free to be me.
Element: Air

I'm ready to go.
To fly right outta here.
I know no boundaries on earth or elsewhere; above or below.
I am a force of nature; divine in body AND soul.
My magick fills me with purpose and freedom and yes, flight.
I surrender.
I let go.
I am free to be me.

If this card appears in a reading either your spirit or your physical body, or both are ready to fly, move, shake things up, make a change, shift directions, vamoose! Perhaps this will enable you to see things from a different perspective or perhaps you’ll actually shift your reality in a big way by making a major change in your life. Whether big or small, this card signifies change. So embrace it, welcome it, prepare for it ‘cause it’s a coming…soon.

In my own life I kept pulling this card over and over until it felt like my mascot. I didn’t yet know what direction it would take me, but I opened my heart to receive and surrender to guidance and change. And move forward I did without mental distraction and this is how the Lefty Oracle deck and guidebook was birthed and exhibited in a fine art museum for all to see!

*Gonna Fly is from my upcoming Lefty Oracle Deck coming out Spring 2017.

Leo Full Moon Celebration

*from my Goddess Zodiac Playbook available below

Leo   .  Mixed media on board, 24 x 36 inches.      © 1997 by Kathy Crabbe

Leo. Mixed media on board, 24 x 36 inches.  © 1997 by Kathy Crabbe

Leo – The Lion
Time of Year – Summer, July 23 – August 23
Quality – Fixed
Element – Fire
Planetary Ruler – The Sun
Anatomy – Heart, spine
Natural Sign of – 5th House
Color – Gold, orange, scarlet
Gemstone – Amber, diamond, ruby
Tarot Card – Strength
Goddesses – Amaterasu, Bast, Cybele, Hestia, Ishtar, Sekhmet, Tara, Vesta

Leo Meditation ~ The Gold Within
Feel the sadness of earth’s cry,
Let your body touch the sky,
Guide by light, your soul’s fire,
Spark to lead ever higher.

Leo Affirmations

  • I am special and loved
  • My heart is open
  • I am awake and in tune with my spiritual self
  • My inner child is alive and well
  • I am a creative being bursting with joy
  • I am one with the Sun
  • I am generous and loving
My Leo Full Moon altar

My Leo Full Moon altar

Feed Your Fire ~ Release Your Inner Child

- Have the guts to be visible
- Be proud of heart
- Work with Leo’s energetic and extroverted energy to inspire self-confidence
- Be dramatic
- Feed your creative appetite.
- Bring home treats for your inner child.

Leo Goddess - Cybele by Kathy Crabbe

Leo Goddess - Cybele by Kathy Crabbe

Cybele Mountain Mother,
Great goddess earth,
In divine madness we worship
And celebrate her birth.

Cybele or “Mountain Mother” is an Earth Goddess originally worshipped in Turkey.  She appears as a full-breasted and mature woman carrying corn and keys and wearing a crown and robe the color of all the flowers of the earth over which she ruled.

Spotlight on Leo Artists: Hanni & Koshka of Finland

Amazon Queen: halter top and mini skirt

Amazon Queen: halter top and mini skirt

Hanni & Koshka. Helsinki, Finland
Web: Vaisto Instinct
Featured Art: Amazon Queen: halter top and mini skirt

We’re two Leo ladies with a passion for beauty. We want to give every woman the gift of feeling strong, sensual and beautiful – to feel that little warm purr inside that makes her move with dignity, like a feline.

When we work, we really work hard to hunt down the sweetest zebra, and when we rest it’s all about occasionally twitching an ear to fend off the flies.

Our creative process comes in a burst of brilliant bi-polar energy and results in a fat stack of sketch papers, later to be sorted and polished sharp and shiny before the actual production takes place.

Hanni & Koshka, Finland

Hanni & Koshka, Finland

It’s like this: color, shape, lines, tones…our little visual carnivore hearts start beating faster.

Add texture, weight, drape…we’re together running for the prey, tiring it down. And then detail, fitting, final snips…it’s there and we’re feasting, dancing around the room wearing it, making poses, laughing, taking photos.

The imagination demands to be materialized, there’s nothing we can do about it. We walk with the Sun and the Sun shines with us.

This article was originally published at in August, 2009 and also appears in my Goddess Zodiac Playbook below.

Zodiac Goddess Playbook
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Break Free: How to Be More Present and Enjoy Life!

This Cancer Full Moon (Jan. 12) was an emotional breakthrough moon for me. The theme that came through was BREAK FREE. How about for you?

Breaking free from social media's time sucking and time wasting was a biggie and it was also my first bargain with the Divine. Bargain Number Two (for this week) is to be the greatest artist I can be without doubt and fear as I give myself fully to the Divine.

I began by stopping my incessant checking of the Instagram feed and this has pretty much stopped me from going on it at all, other than to posta pic or two to go with my blog and at the new and full moon for my museletter..

Next I looked at all my dreams in my dream journal from 2012 until now and then put together a list of creatively soulful things about myself and my work. Here's my list:

  • I create power objects and talismans.
  • I create artists' books.
  • I paint custom portraits.
  • I challenge the status quo.
  • I paint in many styles.
  • I paint large (48"x48"), circular, layered, Japanese inspired paintings with clouds and trees.
  • I do not sell my own art; galleries/stores do that for me.
  • I give phone readings.
  • I teach a watercolor class called, "Painting for Relaxation."
  • My artwork sells out quickly at galleries and home decor stores.
  • I'm a writer and illustrator.
  • I work in a large industrial live/work space surrounded by other creatives, but also have a quiet space for spiritual work.

So far I'm taking my own advice: "Awaken Your Intuition".- see the tagline on my site? Well, I'm living it. Plus, I do most of the things above already although there are a few I long for: the live/work artist's community and selling out at galleries.

I can tell you that so far, cutting out all this social media and leaving behind fear and doubt so I can fully be the amazing artist I am has helped me be more present and it's simplified everything.  I have more time for me, my loved ones, my friends and in nature. Time that isn't co-opted by social media and being ON 24/7. I'm having more fun and enjoying life more. WHEW! How about you?  Why not make a bargain with the Divine right now?

More articles on addiction to social media can be found here.

Break Thru by Kathy Crabbe. Space Twins Story, Gouache in sketchbook, 2017.

Break Thru by Kathy Crabbe. Space Twins Story, Gouache in sketchbook, 2017.

I'll be posting more paintings like the one above here on my blog so please check this category to keep tabs: Space Twins Story.

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