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This reading has it all! All the support, tools, psychic, spiritual guidance, wisdom, inspiration you will need in response to your questions and issues about love, relationships, soul path, life purpose, work, health and healing.

A Video About the Gold Deluxe Soul Reading

A Gold Deluxe Soul Reading is an intuitive, channeled reading of your soul’s energy during which I may see, hear, feel or sense your past, present and future lives. Guidance is received from the Divine, your ancestors, and spirit guides in response to your questions. Your reading will include affirmations, action steps, gemstone healing and oracle card guidance.

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All you need is within you already. I simply guide you towards the deep inner wisdom that you already possess and provide you with proven tools, techniques and resources to build your confidence and uncover your passion and purpose based upon my experience giving thousands of readings.

Soul Reading Benefits:
1. A reading is like a wake-up call for your soul.
2. Discover your soul's true purpose and unleash your creativity.
3. Connect with your ancestors and spirit guides, feel guided and loved
4. Move forward beyond crisis, clear blockages, reduce stress and promote peace of mind.

How is a Soul Reading Done?
I work to prepare myself energetically and physically through yoga, meditation and chakra balancing. I work with oracle cards of my own design along with healing crystals in response to your questions. I request from Spirit an open heart and a clear channel to provide you with information that is only of the highest, deepest and most profound good for your soul. My style of reading is down-to earth and informative with conscientious follow-up.

Nature Spirit by Kathy Crabbe

What You Will Receive:
1. A 15-18 page (15,000+ word) illustrated pdf transcript of your reading which includes images of the oracle card(s) chosen for your reading emailed to you within 3-5 days.

2. Phone support during a follow up call or email. (I will call you if you're within Canada or the USA otherwise long distance charges may apply if you call me).

3. An original watercolor painting inspired by your reading that is 6x6 inches and is mounted onto 8x8 inch acid free mat board and comes signed and titled with a certificate of authenticity.

4. A 15-25 minute guided audio meditation specifically channeled for you. This is a downloadable file and a phone in recording that you can listen to as often as you like. This recording will never be shared. Both the painting and the mediation are inspirational healing tools designed to strengthen, support and inspire you in tune with your reading.

5. Two bonus gifts:
     a. A Soul Reading Guidebook
     b. One Astrology Report of your choice:
- 14 page Asteroids Report: for greater insight into how you interact with the rest of the world.
- 22 page Friends & Lovers Report: To offer you insights into a specific relationship.
- 12 page Time Line Report: A three month forecast looking at major events in your life.
- 26 page Past Lives Report.

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Soul Reading Guidebook by Kathy Crabbe

About Your Soul Reading Guidebook
Your Soul Reading Guidebook will help you understand and process your Soul Reading and inspire a soulful life. Your Guidebook includes fourteen beautifully illustrated pages, which includes a resources page, and five blank pages with hand painted borders for you to continue exploring your creative soul journey on your own. Topics include: Understanding your reading, and how to connect with your spirit guides and gemstone guides

About Support and Follow-Up:
Discuss your Soul Reading with me by phone or email to make sure you understand and benefit from it on a soul-deep level.

Suggested Questions for Your Reading:
- Work/career
- Life/soul purpose
- Relationships/love
- Healing and health
- Ancestor/mediumship, spirit guidance
- Past lives and karmic issues

Kathy Crabbe at Karma Boutique, San Diego

Kathy's Background:
Kathy received intuitive training from English psychic and channel, Adam Higgs and spiritual training from meditation teacher Om (devotee of Sri Chinmoy). She studied yoga with Atma Khalsa and Amanollah Ghahraman, Herbalism with Susun Weed (Green Witch Intensive) and Therapeutic Touch with Joyce Fournier, RN. Kathy received her certification in crystal healing from Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy and has been a lifelong student of astrology through private study and group sessions with Steven Forrest, Patty Davidson, Laura DesJardins and Jeffrey Wolf Green. In 2017 Kathy was initiated into Third Road Celtic Faerie Shamanism after three years of intensive study with Francesca De Grandis, author of "Be A Goddess!".

"Kathy, your Soul Reading provided me with lots of inspiration and energy to move forward, so thank you tons for that. You're a true blessing! It's always a joy to work with you. And I was so surprised and happy when I saw that you also drew a card for my clients; I resonated so deeply with that, with all of it. What you said is truly validating (like in the Past Life Reading) and what I've already felt as my truth so far and it's relieving, so relieving. I'm ready to charge forward, forge my path and secure my safety and well being with plans and lots of me-time." ~ Kim Hafke, Professional Psychic Medium (Soul Reading, 2017)

"Kathy, I can't thank you enough. I so appreciate your care, time and love that went into this. I spent some time re-reading and meditating on the soul reading today, and it was so helpful for me to process". ~ Cara Imperato, Project Manager, Philadelphia, PA (Soul Reading 2017)

"If you're a really good psychic yourself, you might hesitate to risk time and money on a reader, figuring they may not be able to add to what you yourself can glean psychically, let alone perform at the level you provide your own clients. But I called Kathy to give it a try. Imagine my surprised delight when Kathy gave me exactly what I try to provide my own clients: accurate information, given with gentleness, compassion and sensitivity." ~ Francesca De Grandis, Shamanic Guide

“The Soul Reading was absolutely incredible. It resonated with me on so many different levels. I have read and re-read it many times. Thank you so much! I plan on following the advice and doing some journaling. I wish I could meet you! ?? You have such an incredible gift and your passion for what you do shines through your art and readings. ~ Anonymous, 2017”

"The Soul Reading Guidebook is amazing. I'm remembering why I loved my first reading, now. Thank you for your dedication to empowerment and education. It's refreshing". ~ Mary Evelyn (Deluxe Soul Reading, 2017)

"I read my reading several times and it does resonate deeply with how I feel and think about things. The reading is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks!" ~ L.L., 2016

"The accuracy was amazing - enough to make the hairs on the back of my neck tingle... ♥ You are very gifted ♥ Thank you again for my reading." ~ Sue, Etsy artist

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Past Life Reading for B.J. 2016

*Kindly shared with client permission. The Astrology part of this reading is not included below.

B.J.'s Testimonial: "Like many people, I've always felt I had other lives and, in fact,  have several vaguely in my "memory." When Kathy did a past lives reading for me, I was curious if what she saw was anywhere near what I felt. It was pretty uncanny that she saw some very similar things such as my past geographical  location, my work and my education. Though centuries earlier, I was very surprised that those lives have informed my present life in such a positive way. It was very uplifting and I enjoyed the experience tremendously." 

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How a Past Life Reading Works: My preferred mode of intuitive reading is via distance. This allows me to focus on you, your spirit and your guides in a focused way clear of distractions. Your reading involves preparations such as meditation and yoga and I will often pull healing stones, runes and cards from my four self-designed and painted oracle card decks, but unlike a tarot reading I will not actually look at them until after your reading is finished. The cards, runes and healing stones are tools that will help you absorb your reading in practical ways and a resource list is provided at the end of your reading for further exploration.

A past life soul reading can help you gain a better understanding of who you are so that you can maximize your potential and natural abilities to the utmost of your ability. Real growth comes from understanding and transforming behavior patterns so that you can challenge yourself to develop in new and exciting ways based upon acknowledge of your past lives.

Please remember to look for the common threads in your reading so that you can benefit from lessons learned (or not learned) in past lives.  You are the final judge of what 'feels' right for you about this information, so go with your intuition first and foremost, because that is your best guide.

“We are the sum of all our activities throughout time, as well—the product of many lifetimes that are recorded as vibratory patterns of negative and positive expressions written on the skein of time and space. Through vibrations, we sow the seeds and reap the destinies of ourselves” ~ Edgar Cayce, Psychic

Past Life Reading for B.J.

Your Past Life Reading will take a look at two significant past lives based upon a psychic/soul reading of your past life energy.

Lifetime 1

The first thing I see in your reading is lots of green along with a fairy lady who appears and takes me by the hand saying "come".

In darkness you toil; planting hoping, wishing, envisioning Jack and the Magic Bean Stalk. Streams surround you and fish look upon you. You dream of living underwater and riding the fish like sea horses. Anything but here.

You are worn out as day breaks; face dirty as you stretch out for a nap.

Your farmer father appears, grim above you - blocking out the sun.

You know better than to make a sound as you are hauled to your feet and taken home. Surrounded by squalling brats you help out your mother; dreaming, dreaming of your get-a-way.

I see you later; hair strawberry golden blond and riding a bike.

Your name is Delia and this is Ireland in the 1850's - 1870's.

You escape to Dublin and scrub floors for a while looking with envy at the fine clothed gentlemen and smart ladies of learning with their small wire rimmed glasses.

You learn to read and save your money. It is a scrabbling, hard life but you have a head full of dreams and possibilities.

You catch a boat(?) to England (North Yorkshire) and take elocution lessons and turn yourself into a respectable lady.

You learn fast and work in a dress shop selling to fine ladies.

You study in your spare time and eventually head to London where you take some classes and continue to work in clothing stores; but this time in a large department store. Your smarts and efficiency propel you up the ladder to manager. Soon you have enough put away to study full time and you don university garb and dive in completely to this world.

As an older student you keep away from the shenanigans and pranks of your younger classmates and fall in love with a studious bespectacled young man studying philosophy and history.

The two of you move in together. You graduate, having studied a wide variety of subjects and take a senior executive position at another department store.

You have two children; a boy and a girl. Your son becomes a farmer and your daughter marries well and is creative (blacksmithing takes her fancy!)

Your life is refreshingly simple, straight-forward and undramatic; just how you like it.

Lefty Oracle Card Guidance - Delia Speaks to you in your present life: Gabriel & the Golden Bird

We would be best friends if we met now and have a mutual admiration party.

I have to ask: what are you seeking in this reading? Validation or the unexpected?

We are equally accomplished!

A Future Card (to see into your life now): Aquarius Goddess - Ix Chel

I sense your trip and as you know the Spanish culture surrounds you finding it's way into the chinks in your armor so to speak. Allow this to happen, allow your defenses to come down and your emotions out. THIS is strength; something you CAN do and that you have been given an opportunity to do - take it.

Aquarius teaches us about independence, detachment and individuality.
Ix Chel: Among the Maya of the Yucatan peninsula, this was the name of the snake-goddess of water and the moon, of childbirth and weaving.  This night-riding goddess spent her energies in nursing the women of earth through pregnancy and labor, taking special care of those who visited her sacred island of Cozumel.

Herbal Advice Along the Way: Columbine Fairy

I see sunshine, light, joy. A release. A bright penny - a symbol.

Make a Mojo Bag along the way; a collection of talismans to guide, protect and celebrate this journey. Bless them. Bless yourself. Bless the Divine.

Healing: Columbine also known as “lion’s herb,” is used to attract courage and true love or to retrieve a lost lover. 

Lifetimes Glimpsed But Not Explored:

  • Tall, Ichabod Crane type figure on a horse in a Wuthering Heights landscape
  • Hrossey (Norse) - a buxom blonde Viking Woman
  • Metal scraps fashioned into flowers

Lifetime 2

I see a little Indian boy who knew Siddhartha - a rag tag follower along his journey. He is you. You have very pale skin for an Indian.

The landscape is barren desert. You belong to a nomadic tribe located in the middle ground. You knew elephants, tigers, boas.

Now the landscape changes to the Middle East and you follow Christ.

Your devotion grows. You are a common man, dirt poor, tribal. A gypsy! I see bears.

But you are the quiet one; often left with the girls.

Your fingers crafty; working with rope and string - knots and weaving intricate labyrinths. You are a wise soul for a young boy.

Your name is Raja and your family are scrap collectors and sellers. But your heart sings to prayer rather than money.

So, you have this family, this lifestyle and join a convent, monastery, walled enclosure in India and sit motionless for days meditating and filled with deep peace. Your head filled with the sound of bells and prayer-song and devotion and doves. You are home.

You teach, you pray, you tend the gardens and die peacefully of old old age buried at the temple close to where you first encountered Siddhartha (South India, Lahore?)

At your funeral beautiful yellow flowers (like plumeria) rained down upon your body - your last wish-vision complete.

Raja Speaks to Your Present Self Now and Lefty Card: Jolene Missing the Embarrassment Gene

Selfish, self-less - a fine line we dance.

Your soul yearns for freedom; like the butterfly caught in a net (society).

You must fly free.
You must dance with the heavens.
You must know peace within.

You are blessed.
Teach this.
Spread this.

A Goddess Power Card to See Where More Strength Can Be Drawn Upon: Virgo Goddess

Going within - finding your way - the deep quiet and solace of a garden and a song, the music of devotion.

You walk the right path. Collect a song along the way and sing it as you walk.

Virgo is all about healing (quiet time), service and crafting (a song)
Virgo helps us turn inward to investigate the health of our bodies, minds and systems, deciding what seeds to harvest and what to compost. Virgo knows how to harvest great ideas and turn them into something useful and nourishing.

Stone Guidance: Tiger's Eye

Earthy, golden, simple pleasures.

Practice by creating a song for Tiger's Eye (wear it, hold it, carry it) so that on your upcoming walk you'll be tuned up and ready to create a journey-song.

About Tiger’s Eye: This stone carries the frequency of creation – of sunlight upon soil. This stone helps allow one to make choices based upon discernment, not judgement, in accordance with one’s higher guidance. It also helps create harmony as well as being a blood fortifier.
Affirmation: I act with confidence, clarity, balance, fairness, enthusiasm and strength.

To end your reading I surround you with love, healing and radiance.

Oracle Card Summary

  • Delia Speaks: Gabriel & the Golden Bird - We are golden.
  • Future Card: Aquarius Goddess-Ix Chel - Seeking breakthroughs.
  • Healing Card: Columbine Fairy - Gentleness.
  • Raja Speaks: Jolene missing the embarrassment gene - Don't fear the inevitable - be free.
  • Strength Card: Virgo Goddess - Service, healing, quiet time, crafting (a song).

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