I AM WOMAN: A Scorpio Full Moon Reading

Each New and Full Moon I pull a Lefty Oracle card from my self published deck to inspire you to get creative, intuitive and in tune with Mama Moon. I'll also be sharing lots of juicy creative journal prompts and a body movement exercise in my Museletter.

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Blessed Be,
Kathy Crabbe
Scorpio Full Moon, April 29, 2018

Scorpio Full Moon Lefty Oracle Card
Lefty Oracle Carolee - Full Moon in Scorpio Card

Full Moon in Scorpio Lefty Oracle: Carolee*

Affirmation: I dare to be free.

Element: Earth

I am moon.
I am stars.
I am sun.
I am earth.

YOU, with your lies and false promises
will NEVER crush me.




If this card appears in a reading you are more than ready to forge ahead. You are brave and you are going for it; nothing or no one can stand in your way. Simple.

In my own life this card also speaks of raw, naked ambition and flaunting it without shame or fear. It’s a feminist card, a fighter card, a power card. Blessed Be.

What steps can you take today or this week to put your bold, brave vision into action?

*Excerpted from the Lefty Oracle Deck & 92 page Guidebook. Learn more here.

About Kathy Crabbe & the Lefty Oracle Deck

Kathy and the Lefty Oracle Guidebook

I became a soul reader at age forty after painting exclusively with my non dominant left hand for over five years. This awoke my intuition in a big way and taught me how to slow down and trust myself. In 2008 I created a Lefty Oracle deck and started giving intuitive readings that have touched many lives.

The Leftys are spiritual guides that show us how to release perfectionism to make room for simple, mindful ways of being. They are teachers and bridge builders that guide us to our higher selves. They show us, by example a freer and more playful way to live.

I hope this deck inspires you, your clients, and your loved ones to make creative and personal breakthroughs in all areas of your life. Click here to learn more about the Lefty Deck.