Kingfisher Custom Portrait

Custom Spirit Animal + Pet Portraits

As an intuitively inspired artist I will connect with your soul's essence to discover your spirit animal and create a lovely custom portrait painting of you and your spirit animal (or your pet) based upon this vision. I will also ask for a guided message/poem to empower you on your path. Spirit Animal Guides can protect and inspire us as we uncover our core truth and wisdom.

A custom portrait makes a lovely and super personal gift for a loved one or even for yourself.

You will receive:

  1. A beautiful, original, hand signed, custom portrait of you and your spirit animal (or pet) painted in gouache and watercolor on 6 x 6 inch (15.2 x 15.2 cm) heavy Montreal made watercolor paper adhered to an 8 x 8 inch acid free mat, ready-to-frame.
  2. A guided poem/message from your spirit animal or pet.
  3. A certificate of authenticity and artist's bio.
  4. The artwork will be packaged in a clear sleeve and shipped flat with backing board within 2 weeks.
  5. Shipping is FREE worldwide.

Please email me two photographs of yourself. If you already know your Spirit Animal let me know beforehand. If you don't know what your spirit animal is, I will intuit that for you as I'm painting your picture. Your portrait will be painted in my own interpretative style which may not replicate your photographs exactly. View a few samples of actual custom portraits below.

Custom Portrait
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Examples of Custom Portraits

Whale Heart Custom Portrait

I have to say... when I saw this I FELL IN LOVE... I couldn't stop smiling. Your painting/drawing brought me to tears, as you literally have portrayed the whale smiling, and it reminds me of my deep memory and love of their species. ~ Angela DePriest, Oregon

Lori and Kingsfisher Custom Portrait

I was gifted with a Spirit Animal portrait of myself by Kathy...Let me say, she really got my spirit animal and poem down perfectly. The whole feel of the experience brought me to tears and even others, that I have shown it to, have also been blown away by how in tune she is...thank you SO MUCH! ~ Lori, Temecula, California

Jen & her spirit animal

I couldn't wait to discover what my spirit animal was. What a lovely surprise to see the fun and playful fox and I together. I chuckled when I noticed how Kathy cleverly painted my red hair by wrapping the fox's tail around my head. ~ Jen, Montreal, Canada

Custom Butterfly Spirit Animal Portrait
Custom Butterfly Spirit Animal Portrait
Canada Goose Spirit Animal Portrait

"Dearest Kathy, Thank you  for your thoughtfulness and kindness for the beautiful, thoughtful gift you drew,/ created wrote and sent." ~ VC, Calgary, Alberta