Thank you, thank you for my moon goddess and owl birthday gift...I love it, it is so precious to me.
Krista Kirkwood, Laguna Niguel, California

I love your vision and sharing your work with our readers is a genuine privilege.
Anne Newkirk Niven, Publisher, Sage Woman Magazine & Witches & Pagans Magazine

I absolutely adore it. Plain and simple. I'm looking at it right now and I am in love.
Rosemary Clare, Eugene, Oregon

Self esteem boosting. Los Angeles Times

My favorite cards in the whole world!
Mary Hartmann, Owner, Girl in the Curl Surf Shop, Dana Point

Your artwork sells itself.
Randy Peshkin, Owner, Black Cat Gallery, San Juan Capistrano

like illustrated words of kindness and inspiration.
Claudine, Phoenix, Arizona

I have to say...when I saw this I FELL IN LOVE...I couldn't stop smiling. Your painting/drawing brought me to tears, as you literally have portrayed the whale smiling, and it reminds me of my deep memory and love of their species.
Angela DePriest, Oregon Coast

I love it! I am gifting it to my daughter for Christmas. It reminds me of her and of our healing time together. Thank you! 
Julia Ehret, Joshua Tree, California

I was gifted with a Spirit Animal portrait of myself by Kathy...Let me say, she really got my spirit animal and poem down perfectly. The whole feel of the experience brought me to tears and even others, that I have shown it to, have also been blown away by how in tune Kathy is...thank you SO MUCH! ~ Lori, Temecula, California

I know your artwork is essential to my creative process so cannot wait to get it all hung on the walls for inspiration.  I can feel that they will make the room come alive!!! ~ Victoria Abrams, San Diego