Kathy’s reading was dead on. Everything she said resonated perfectly. I contacted her because I was feeling stuck in life. Her incredible intuitive insight and exercises she suggested helped unblock my energy and almost immediately my life started to turn around and amazing things started happening for me. ~ Annalee Jackofsky

This class opened me up creatively like I never expected. I would NEVER have attempted to draw ANYTHING!!! You two have no idea how the support from you both made a HUGE impact!! I KNOW I will do the class again in the summer! I wanna go deeper and this created such a huge shift for me! ~ Kate Molina

Did I suddenly realize (like everything in my life) that it is always up to me to make the choice of healing? Yep. It doesn't mean that I have to embrace things that I have left behind for many reasons. It doesn't mean that I have to change into a woman that I don't like. It doesn't mean that being solitary is bad and I have to stop. It only means that I can move closer to what I have asked for many years ago, when I was young (13). I don't care if I am beautiful, I just want to be wise and to share that with others. ~ Claudi Neff

Enchantingly graceful, whimsical, playful, witty, gorgeous, unique and sweet-spirited. ~ Esther Essinger

I have to say...when I saw this I FELL IN LOVE...I couldn't stop smiling. Your painting/drawing brought me to tears. ~ Angela DePriest

It's beautiful! Beyond words Kathy. You pictured my essence, not only how I see myself, but my journey this year as daughter of Sea Goddesses and the spirits of the sea. I will have this framed for my room to remind me to trust the journey, Spirit is always there. Thank you so much! I hope to work with you again soon, dear kindred spirit! ~ Rhonda Susini

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