WOW,  the color combination for this new deck is just incredible and I can't take my eyes off these cards. ~ Karin

I love it! I am gifting it to my daughter for Christmas. It reminds me of her. I think "Solace" will remind her of our healing time together. Thank you! ~ Julia Ehret

I absolutely adore it. Plain and simple. I'm looking at it right now and I am in love. ~ Rosemary Clare, Eugene, Oregon

Thank you, thank you for my moon goddess and owl birthday gift...I love it, it is so precious to me...xo. ~ Krista Kirkwood

Everything is just beautiful...And the colors are yummy! Yummy! ~ Francesca De Grandis

Enchantingly graceful, whimsical, playful, witty, gorgeous, unique and sweet-spirited ~ Esther Essinger

I have to say...when I saw this I FELL IN LOVE...I couldn't stop smiling. Your painting/drawing brought me to tears, as you literally have portrayed the whale smiling, and it reminds me of my deep memory and love of their species. ~ Angela DePriest

It's beautiful! Beyond words Kathy. You pictured my essence, not only how I see myself, but my journey this year as daughter of Sea Goddesses and the spirits of the sea. I will have this framed for my room to remind me to trust the journey, Spirit is always there. Thank you so much! I hope to work with you again soon, dear kindred spirit! ~ Rhonda Susini

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