Thank you, thank you for my moon goddess and owl birthday gift...I love it, it is so precious to me.
Krista Kirkwood, Laguna Niguel, California

I absolutely adore it. Plain and simple. I'm looking at it right now and I am in love.
Rosemary Clare, Eugene, Oregon

I have to say...when I saw this I FELL IN LOVE...I couldn't stop smiling. Your painting/drawing brought me to tears, as you literally have portrayed the whale smiling, and it reminds me of my deep memory and love of their species.
Angela DePriest, Oregon Coast

I love it! I am gifting it to my daughter for Christmas. It reminds me of her and of our healing time together. Thank you! 
Julia Ehret, Joshua Tree, California

I got my print today and I absolutely love it! The owl magick card was a nice surprise as well!  Thank you so much!
These are beautiful! ~ Suzy Fyfe, Boston, MA

I received the Bear print package...amazing work of art. So exciting! The art, design and colors are fantastic. Will treasure it! Definitely stirs creativity inside of myself that's been dormant for a bit. It makes the bear come alive, almost like a dancing bear. Thanks again. With much gratitude and blessings. Big Bear Hugzzzz. p.s. Really appreciate the beautiful card also.
Kristine Sauer, Atlanta, Georgia.

I was gifted with a Spirit Animal portrait of myself by Kathy...Let me say, she really got my spirit animal and poem down perfectly. The whole feel of the experience brought me to tears and even others, that I have shown it to, have also been blown away by how in tune she is...thank you SO MUCH! ~ Lori, Temecula, California