Moon Circle Leadership Certification coming soon!

Private Moon Circle in Corona del Mar, California

Private Moon Circle in Corona del Mar, California

Is Moon Circle Leadership Certification for you?

  • Do you want to build a supportive community?
  • Do you want to make $ leading and/or facilitating circles and groups?
  • Lead a (goddess) group in person or online?
  • Teach creativity classes in oracle card making, collaging, crystal healing, moon magick?
  • Start a support group that tunes into Mama Moon on a regular basis?
  • Create a spiritual framework for your life?
  • Get inspired and stay inspired all year long?
  • Set monthly intentions within a group of like-minded soul seekers?
  • Do you love crystals, goddesses, astrology, moon gazing, collaging, womens’ mysteries, tarot, oracles, shamanism?
  • Are you witchy, pagan, nature loving, spiritual, a feminist?

By the end of Certification you will:

  • Have started your own circle/community
  • Be promoting your own circle and making $
  • Be leading and facilitating a circle or group
  • Have all the material and structure you need to continue your circle for at least 1 year
Moon Circle at Yoga for Life

Moon Circle at Yoga for Life

About the Moon Circle Leadership Certification Program

This 12 week program begins with a month of Divine Feminine moon magic, self discovery and creativity then delves into strengthening your intuitive powers with the fun and experiential Lefty Oracle Deck and winds up with the nuts and bolts details of how to create, lead and make money by hosting your own circle as well as creating a supportive spiritual community of like minded friends.

By the end of the program you will have received a wealth of creative, intuitive material that can be adapted to fit YOUR needs as well as being a jumping off point to further your own spiritual growth and share it with others.

You will receive:

  • Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass plus bi-weekly emails
  • A personalized Moon Chart
  • Membership in a private Facebook Group
  • Lefty Oracle eClass (expanded version) + 4 weekly emails
  • Moon Musing Playsheets
  • How-To Video
  • Circle Structure handout outlining 4 different circles
  • Brainstorming Worksheet to help you plan your own circle.
  • Private Coaching Call with me
  • Lead a circle by phone during a private or group call and receive feedback
  • Graduation Certificate
  • After graduation bonuses

Month 1 is all about self discovery and creativity as we dive into our spiritual self in tune with Mama Moon and the Moon Goddesses, through moon collaging, meditation and more.
Month 2 - We explore the Lefty Oracle Deck through fun, experiential journaling exercises, body movements, and mantras.
Month 3 - We put it all together with the help of a how-to video, and two awesome worksheets plus a private coaching call. You will lead a circle by phone after submitting your circle structure and receive feedback on both. There are also some juicy after graduation bonuses and a certificate of completion with your name on it - woohoo!

Kathy is indeed a shining light, illuminating the way for you to find what you are seeking through creativity, art, moon musing, astrology, mid life transition …the list is long! As a mentor she has the knack of, despite being in the northern hemisphere in Southern California, making you feel as if you are sitting next to her having a good ol’ chat! She emanates a warmth that feels like a beckoning hand outstretched as she gently guides you to find your path. Most importantly though – Kathy makes it FUN! ~ Michelle Buckley (Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass)
I can't thank you enough for having this course and for the wonderfully open and supportive atmosphere you've created, it has been totally transformative for me and has given me so much direction, I just can't believe it. I don't want to leave...PLEASE!!!!!! don't say it's over!!! ~ Dawn Pinke Anderson (Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass)

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My Experience

Kathy Crabbe

I’ve been teaching Moon Circle inspired material since 1996 when I created my multi-experiential Zodiac Goddess Book and shared it with small circles of friends.

In 2010 Susun Weed, Voice of the Wise Woman Tradition and founder of the Wise Woman University asked me to teach at her university and so I created the Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass. In my first year of teaching it was by far the most popular class of the year. I had many students take it over and over again because there was so much to absorb and they loved it!

In 2017 I finished my Lefty Oracle Deck and Guidebook after 16 years in the making. I’ve shared this material at many events, such as gallery openings, moon circles, parties, writing groups, and onstage in Hollywood. The Leftys and the Guidebook material work magic. They inspire and encourage folks to be brave, conscious and light and they love group energy!

Then in 2008 I delved fully into sharing everything I'd ever done through live and in-person Moon Circles for my community and beyond. I've outlined all those experiences below.

Moon Circles I've initiated and facilitated in-person

  • Gypsy Luv, Pomona, California
  • Yoga for Life, Temecula, CA
  • Inspire San Diego Studio, San Diego, CA
  • Mt. San Jacinto College, CA
  • Rosewood Holistic Registry, Menifee, CA
  • Moon Circle Meetups, Temecula
  • Private homes: Corona del Mar/California, Kingston/Ontario, Canmore/Alberta

Circles and Groups I’ve attended in-person

  • Traditional English Healing and Teaching Circle with Adam Higgs – 3 month weekly training in clairvoyance and mediumship, -  Wildomar, California, 2007
  • Crystal Healing Certification (Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy) – 1 week intensive, Escondido, California, 2007
  • Sweat Lodges – Laguna Beach, 1997-2000
  • Astrology classes and healing circles – Laguna Beach, 1994-2000
  • Celtic Shamanism classes – Long Beach, 1996
  • Pagan Circles – Crystal Avalon, Temecula
  • Spiral Dance, Reclaiming Tradition (led by Starhawk) – Los Angeles

Circles I've attended by phone (and I've led a few as well)

  • Third Road Celtic Faeire Shamanism 3 Year Training with Francesca De Grandis and ongoing - 2014-2017

Learn more about my background here: