How to Prepare For Your Reading

Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare for your reading so that you can have the best experience possible. The clearer your questions, the clearer my responses will be. I would advise you to check out my areas of specialty beforehand. Also, be sure to read over these Soul Reading samples to see if my style of reading meets your needs. I want to make sure we’re a good fit before we begin. Most people find the experience of getting a reading to be profound, inspirational, reassuring and healing.

Plan on receiving an excellent reading

If this is your first reading, or if you're feeling unsure or skeptical please try and keep an open mind so that the reading can take effect, both consciously and subconsciously, in direct and subtle ways. After a few days, you can question and analyze your reading from a more intellectual viewpoint.

Keep an open mind and heart

Sometimes a client can be so resistant to hearing an answer they just don't want to hear that they may shut down before the reading even begins. Questions such as "Is this person my soul mate and will I be spending the rest of my life with him/her?" may not give you the response you are expecting, so if you come into the reading with a closed mind or are looking for a predetermined outcome then you will not benefit from the overall message of the reading. Over time, the big picture will start to become more clear and you may discover that you already have your answer.


Will I be able to ask questions about past, present and future issues?

Yes you can, but my readings are intended to be self-empowering, therapeutic and healing based, so if you are looking for a 'fortune teller' or an ‘entertainment style’ reading I can always direct you towards another reader. Ultimately the goal of a Soul Reading is to encourage and empower you to go more deeply within your self.

How do you read cards if the client isn't holding them?

I don't read cards like a tarot reader does. I use the cards as a visual affirmation to confirm the insights I received during the reading and I don't look at the cards until after the reading is finished. During the reading, I hold my hand over the card to sense it's energy and this usually confirms what I'm picking up about that your situation/question/issue during the reading.

The oracle cards I use for giving a Soul Reading(I only work with cards of my own creation) are meant to expand the reading into the visual realms, because I find that people's consciousness is more easily expanded when they resonate with art imagery along with the written word. I have always been an artist and I truly and deeply believe in the healing power of art.

The real work has just begun

During a Soul Reading you will often receive confirmation about something that you already know and this is wonderful, because it's spirit’s way of giving you the thumbs up. Sometimes you will receive information that may throw you for a loop, and in that case it's best to give it some time. Very often clients will write to me a month later telling me that their reading finally makes sense. But information alone is not the sole purpose of my readings. My intuitive skills are just a diving board, and a preparation that will motivate and encourage you to take the plunge and delve more deeply into your heart, and soul's passions. Once you become more aware of yourself as an intuitive, creative being, you can move forward and start to create, manifest and attract that reality into your life.

Elizabeth Major

Elizabeth Clary-Boyd, Public Servant/Manager of Work Related Injuries, Norwood, New York, USA:

I was thoroughly satisfied with your connection and your gift is true. The truth sets you free and like you twittered, your specialty is the fruit of the spirit in which your gift said that people are put on a path that keeps leading them in the right direction. This is SO close to what I believe I am called to do and was exactly what my Grandma Myrtle indicated she always wanted from her life. Your gifts and my gifts and these connections are all part of the true Body of Christ at work in this world.


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