Lefty Guidebook

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Guidebook Cover 72 smaller.jpg

Lefty Guidebook


The Lefty Guidebook + Deck Can Help You:

  • Break through creative blocks
  • Set intentions
  • Give intuitive readings
  • Gain a fresh perspective by tuning up your right brain
  • Discover your true passion and make time for YOU
  • Heal your inner child
  • Parent/child bonding
  • Creative/intuitive prompts for groups, parties, moon circles
  • Connect with your guides and higher power
  • Activate your creativity in a fun, no-pressure way

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"I've been doing the non-dominant hand drawing which is a bit hard, and weekly spreads for my business issues (which I've noticed are also personal issues!) and I'm being led to consider some things that previously I tried to avoid. The Lefty Oracle Cards are beautiful in every way!" ~ Laura Jacquemond, Fiber Artist