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I can't write a bio worth diddly but I sure as heck try! (daily) What I do do is paint daily and I paint in series until the passion leaves me and I move onto another series. Right now the Spirit Animals have me in their grip...and the elves and fairies. I discovered the paper that flamed this project when visiting my home town of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It was made in Montreal and thus triply special to me (I was conceived there which I didn't find out until I was in my 20's...i'd been adopted at birth). And so I took this pad of paper to my cottage near Kingston and I painted outside in the forest and what came through was a cat woman. I launched this website in September of 2017 because the Spirit Animals are ready now to magic you.

Kathy Crabbe

About Kathy

Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Kathy moved to Southern California in 1993 to be with the love of her life. She currently spends winters on a five acre ranch in Temecula, with her dog muses, Abby and Djinn Djinn and her architect husband in an adobe style home they built themselves. Summers are spent in the forest on a lake in Ontario, Canada in a hand built cottage close to where she was born. Kathy finds inspiration in daily painting, country living, her 4 legged furry friends and her spiritual practice rooted in Celtic Faerie Shamanism.

Kathy's art has been exhibited at San Diego Women’s History Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art and the New York Stationary Show and featured in collections at UCLA Arts Library and Carnegie Library. She has taught at Mt. San Jacinto College, Laguna Outreach Community Artists, HGTV and Wise Woman University. Kathy’s art has been published by We’Moon Datebook and Sage Woman Magazine and she has self-published zines, books, four oracle decks and two e-courses. Kathy is a founding member of The Temecula Artist’s Circle, Temecula Writer’s Café, and Riverside Art Museum Printmakers Network. Read Kathy's entire CV here.

Kathy and Mark
Our girls: Abby & Djinn Djinn

Our girls: Abby & Djinn Djinn

Painting at the cottage

Painting at the cottage

Our home in Temecula, California


My Journey into the Goddess Womb Cave

The journey below was filmed in Sage, California near my home. I've played classical flute since high school but later discovered the Native American flute and was hooked; it's such a magical instrument. Playing it helps me call upon my spirit animal, the owl. I don't usually give readings in a cave as depicted below, but it's a great place to celebrate the seasonal festivals and to cool down in the summer when it tops a 100 degrees outside.

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