Break Free: How to Be More Present and Enjoy Life!

This Cancer Full Moon (Jan. 12) was an emotional breakthrough moon for me. The theme that came through was BREAK FREE. How about for you?

Breaking free from social media's time sucking and time wasting was a biggie and it was also my first bargain with the Divine. Bargain Number Two (for this week) is to be the greatest artist I can be without doubt and fear as I give myself fully to the Divine.

I began by stopping my incessant checking of the Instagram feed and this has pretty much stopped me from going on it at all, other than to posta pic or two to go with my blog and at the new and full moon for my museletter..

Next I looked at all my dreams in my dream journal from 2012 until now and then put together a list of creatively soulful things about myself and my work. Here's my list:

  • I create power objects and talismans.
  • I create artists' books.
  • I paint custom portraits.
  • I challenge the status quo.
  • I paint in many styles.
  • I paint large (48"x48"), circular, layered, Japanese inspired paintings with clouds and trees.
  • I do not sell my own art; galleries/stores do that for me.
  • I give phone readings.
  • I teach a watercolor class called, "Painting for Relaxation."
  • My artwork sells out quickly at galleries and home decor stores.
  • I'm a writer and illustrator.
  • I work in a large industrial live/work space surrounded by other creatives, but also have a quiet space for spiritual work.

So far I'm taking my own advice: "Awaken Your Intuition".- see the tagline on my site? Well, I'm living it. Plus, I do most of the things above already although there are a few I long for: the live/work artist's community and selling out at galleries.

I can tell you that so far, cutting out all this social media and leaving behind fear and doubt so I can fully be the amazing artist I am has helped me be more present and it's simplified everything.  I have more time for me, my loved ones, my friends and in nature. Time that isn't co-opted by social media and being ON 24/7. I'm having more fun and enjoying life more. WHEW! How about you?  Why not make a bargain with the Divine right now?

Break Thru by Kathy Crabbe. Space Twins Story, Gouache in sketchbook, 2017.

Break Thru by Kathy Crabbe. Space Twins Story, Gouache in sketchbook, 2017.

I'll be posting more paintings like the one above here on my blog so please check this category to keep tabs: Space Twins Story.

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Daily Sketching and Story Telling is My Magic

One day not too long ago I decided I really wanted to invite narrative and story into my art; something I had not been able to do since I was very young when my goal was to be the youngest published author/illustrator ever. Once I decided this I sat down to write something and an entire sci-fi story just poured out. Since then I've been painting one illustration a day to try and flesh out the characters and to see where they take me. I started out painting children, but then realized that I rarely ever paint children! I also wanted this story to be for adults and children so was happy to switch over to painting adults, or maybe they're teens?

As I write the headline for this article I realize that I haven't yet analyzed why adding story to my life is helpful. Well, for one it's therapeutic to paint daily and to make those paintings part of a narrative and then to tie that narrative into my own life. It helps me deal with difficult emotions and it gives me subject matter which adds meaning and depth to the piece. I hope that all of that makes it interesting and entertaining not only for me, but for you as well.

I also found it interesting that when I mentioned my storytelling to my buddy in New Brunswick, he suggested I also try seeing if I could turn my life into a story because it was fun.  I like that idea and am trying it out. What about you? Do you see your own life as a story?

A Few Developmental Sketches from my Brand New Sci-Fi Story

Lost by Kathy Crabbe. Gouache on paper, 2016.

Lost by Kathy Crabbe. Gouache on paper, 2016.

My Star (Space Twins) by Kathy Crabbe. Gouache on paper, 2016.

My Star (Space Twins) by Kathy Crabbe. Gouache on paper, 2016.

About Kathy Crabbe

Kathy is an artist, writer and soul reader. She has kept a diary and a dream journal since she was a very young girl. At age 8 her goal was to be the youngest published author/illustrator ever. Kathy graduated with a degree in Art History from Queen's University in Kingston, Canada and a diploma in Graphic Design & Illustration in 1992. After graduation she moved to Southern California where she became a full time artist and soul reader. Her work has appeared in We’Moon Datebook, Sage Woman Magazine, Art for the Soul and San Diego Women’s History Museum. She has taught and mentored at Wise Woman University, Mt. San Jacinto College and HGTV along with starting a writer’s group and artist’s circle in Temecula, California. 

Cancer Full Moon Affirmations, Goddesses, Oracle Guidance and More!

Full Moon Lefty Oracle of the Month: Juliette Has Wings

Juliette Has Wings by Kathy Crabbe from the Lefty Oracle Deck

Juliette Has Wings by Kathy Crabbe from the Lefty Oracle Deck

Juliette's Story from the Lefty Oracle Deck

'One day...' was my mantra.
‘One day I will fly.’
But ‘one day’ never arrived until I stopped, cold turkey.
I stopped trying and wishing and striving so hard that it hurt.
And I turned my attention to a star; so bright yet sooo far away.
I told my star everything, then fell asleep.
That night I grew wings and my star wasn’t so far away anymore.

If you pull this card in a reading it’s time to break free and fly! You ARE ready…it’s time! Be Free.

In my own life I find that knowing when to break free is an art from in itself that I struggle with. I feel as though I’m always ready yet timing is everything which is why I pay close attention to astrology as well as my own intuition and meditation with the Divine.

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Full Moon in Cancer Healing Exercise Channeled Jan. 6, 2017

Take a moment to be still and present. Be with your emotions. Take a pen or marker and using your non-dominant hand draw how that feels.

What did you draw? I drew a teardrop.

Now, close your eyes again and using your imagination go into your drawing and explore. Write down your feelings and what you discovered. I found myself lying in the base of my teardrop as if it were a hammock and it was peaceful there. Now, write down an I AM affirmation to help empower this Full Moon in Cancer Time for yourself.

Goddess Zodiac Wisdom from my Goddess Zodiac eBook

Cancer – The Crab
Time of Year – Summer Solstice, June 22 - July 22
Quality – Cardinal
Element – Water
Planetary Ruler – The Moon
Anatomy – Breasts, stomach
Natural Sign of – 4th House
Color – Iridescences, silvery blue, smoky grey, white
Gemstone – Moonstone, pearl
Tarot Card – The Chariot
Goddesses – Circe, Isis, Mama Cocha, Tien Hou

Cancer Affirmations

  • I care deeply for others
  • I see the wounded child within us all
  • I teach others how to care and wash their wounds
  • I am sensitive and receptive
  • I am safe and protected
  • My home is my heart

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