On Being a Professional Psychic

I am a professional intuitive, channel, medium, psychic – all these words describe the same thing. I work in complete faith and trust with the Divine. It’s about letting go of ego, learning humility and recognizing that the Divine does all the work. We are merely channels and messengers. The daily work involves meditation, focus and strength; learning to trust implicitly in something greater than oneself.

“Clay Feet” – This was a phrase that came up during the shamanic journey that Jura Scott did for me last week. It really stuck with me and I mulled it over and over again. Having "clay feet" meant that I was not divine in and of myself, it is my clay feet, my earthbound feet, that remind me in every moment that I am merely human. This is reassuring because often a client will expect me to give them all the answers to their questions in exact and perfect detail. As a human being and as a professional psychic, this is just not possible. Perfection is Divinity itself and a psychic who says they are 100% accurate all of the time is lying.