The Patron Saint of New Orleans

CHATTING WITH Kathy Connolly, Etsy Artist: Kathy created this Hurricane Travel Altar to commemorate Our Lady of Prompt Succor - she is the protectress from hurricanes and other disasters (such as fire), and is widely credited with helping win the Battle of New Orleans. She is also the patron saint of New Orleans. This image of Our Lady (incorporated into the lid of Kathy's Travel Altar pictured on the left) is from the Ursulines Convent and is a replica of a huge mural in their courtyard.


Kathy responds to my controversial Etsy forum posting titled, “Psychic readings on Etsy, how do you feel about it?” by saying: ”And that's what it all boils down to for me -- everyone on Etsy has some kind of gift to offer. If our gifts happen to be in the realm of spirituality or metaphysics or just helping people understand something about themselves, then what is the rub? In essence, I am saying 'Give it a try.' If you don't like it, no one is going to make you do it again. If you do, and it goes against your grain, consider it a novelty. If you already understand what the benefits and drawbacks are, then you will choose your reader based on any number of factors, and feedback may or may not have anything to do with it.

And truly, if you look at the original artwork on some sites, like Kathy Crabbe's site, you will see that you don't even have to get a reading to get the art."


Kathy comments: ”I cannot reiterate how much I believe in personal choice and freedom of expression. But I suspect that many of the people who have already expressed their discomfort or dismissal will not read any of this -- and for that, I am truly sorry. Light encourages growth, and being enlightened is an invitation to grow. Light comes from many sources, and the choice is always yours."

*Tarot and psychic readings were officially legalized on Etsy in August of 2008 as long as a tangible item is offered. Etsy is the largest marketplace and community of artists and crafters on the web.


Kathy states: “I am a kind of Catholic, but one of the reasons I live in New Orleans is that so many of the old traditions are preserved here, and yet the religion has always expanded to fit the people who are here. It is joyous and celebratory, and for the most part, now in the twenty-first century (and some churches even back in the 18th century), welcoming of all people from all cultures.”

Kathy's Oyster Shell Shrine: "These little shrines are a pure expression of love. Each one is made as an act of faith -- in love, joy and peace. Amen!"


For Kathy Connolly "readings are about a way of looking at a problem, of organizing the factors in a decision. The cards are pretty good guides to overlooked information, or to a new way of seeing things. It's a kind of visualization, which can be replicated as an artifact to keep those factors in your "line of sight", so you don't slip into old ways of looking at problems. I have gone into readings for friends absolutely sure what the cards would say, only to be completely rocked back in my chair. It helps unlock any rigidity of perception that might be a hindrance to new ideas."

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