Conquering Saboteurs (Secret No. 6)

This week as part of our highly creative bloggers Next Chapter Book Club we are taking a look at: transcending our wounds, overcoming our fear of criticism, recognizing real saboteurs and cultivating self-defense.


Identify your personal saboteurs and their specific messages to you.

This idea may work for some folks, but not for me. I have no desire to dwell on the past. 'Been there...done that' kinda feeling - can anyone relate?

"If you do feel overwhelmed and helpless in the wake of your self-doubt, get some support to break the cycle. You have brilliance; you can let it emanate."


What messages did you receive as a child, a young woman, or an adult about the dangers of becoming a successful creative woman? Determine if your 'gremlin' voices have any wisdom to share with you as perhaps they protect you in some way.

My "gremlins' (a coaching term referring to inner voices of doubt and fear that eclipse our aspirations and self-confidence) are always screaming that I need to fight to make my point. For example, when I first started offering soul readings on Etsy in August of 2008, I made a point to stir up controversy by posting in the Etsy Forums a lot, and often in inappropriate places such as the Critiques section or the Business section. I was only trying to get feedback and help raise awareness about psychics being allowed on Etsy (a new ruling that occurred in August of 2008, partly because I was kicking up so much dust!) but this led to ALOT of nastiness and ignorance in the forum from critics, skeptics and disbelievers. I no longer feel the need to willingly subject myself to this kind of psychic bashing and I've since smartened up!

The reasoning behind this 'gremlin' call to action, I believe, stems from my childhood where I felt in constant battle with a society that had no room or understanding for intuitive dreamers.

"A critical skill for many creative women is discernment - knowing whose advice is from the heart and really meant to be helpful, and avoiding folks who pull you away from your intentions and may be trying to undermine your achievement."


What rituals or centering exercises can you do before you start your creative work to ward off your saboteurs and your fear?

I believe in preventative maintenance, organization, and planning, by looking ahead for potential road bumps or mishaps. I will examine an idea from all angles and get lots of qualified advice from professionals, friends and from my intuition: spirit guides, dreams and astrological analysis. I make contingency plans so if something breaks I'm ready with it's replacement.

The Next Chapter Book Club features one highly creative blogger every week to interview and this week's featured blogger is Berkeley artist, mom and life coach, Andrea Scher.

To finish things off, my question for you, dear reader, is this: if your nasty little gremlin had a name, what would it be? I'm calling mine "Scruff" - perhaps it will put him in his place and remind him he is nothing but a bit of 'scruff.'

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