Spotlight on Aries

"The point of this New Moon in Aries is to direct the great pressure we feel for change right into healing ourselves, healing all the complexes and limitations that got us where we are now. So, when you see things collapse this month that you were sure are very important for you, consider that old and useless things are collapsing so that you won't collapse." An excerpt from Barbara Hand Clow's AstroFlash.

Spotlight on Aries Psychic & Metaphysician, Jason Lee Earle
"Being an Aries is both a blessing and a bit of a curse. As an innovator and creative dynamo my Arian traits are very well represented, I have plenty of ideas and enthusiasm, at least at the start of any project! I guess my biggest challenge is being the ‘completer-finisher’ that most long term projects require.

My artistic and spiritual interests are, not surprisingly, many and varied. As a musician I have worked as a solo performer and songwriter, as a member of a traditional folk band, and even as a collaborator on a film soundtrack. As a photographer I have produced some limited edition prints. As a writer I have written on a range of psychological, spiritual, and theatrical topics and as a ‘mystic’ I have theatrical, television and radio credits for consultancy.

My spiritual training (if that is the correct term) is as eclectic as my artistic endeavours, and a rather odd mix of scientifically based formal qualifications in combination with a life long interest in esoteric traditions. This makes for some very interesting ‘internal conversations.’

I guess were it not for the stabilizing influence of Taurus in my birth chart I would never have been able to complete any particular project, but live my life as an initiator. I guess I can only reflect upon what may have been possible were I able to focus my often divergent attentions on one particular discipline, but hell, then I wouldn’t be me!"

Here's a link to Jason's newly created YouTube site which has a video titled "Cornish Reflections" (photography by Jason) accompanied by the hauntingly mystical music of Ahanan.

You can learn more about Jason by visiting his website.

I originally connected with Jason on Twitter. For the upcoming New Moon in Aries on March 26th I will be featuring Etsy artist, Dianna and her cheerfully vibrant angel/saint acrylic paintings.

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