Channeling the Grandparents

My baby squirrel buddy from yesterday turned up again today and needed rescuing, along with another baby squirrel, from yet another family (my pup tends to discover them and drag them around our property.) This didn't bode well for squirrel #1, so he kicked #2 off the bed, along with the turquoise stone I had tucked in beside them, for healing purposes!

I had the feeling that perhaps today was not going to be Anais Nin's day for coming through (being channeled by me, that is) And I was right! Instead of Anais, my birth grandparents popped in (I'm adopted so that's why they are known as my "birth" grandparents.)

Finding Ethel & Jim
Ethel and Jim Simpkins, argumentative as usual - no wonder the squirrels weren't getting along! This time they were arguing over me and whom I should emulate! So I promised Jim, who also happened to be a cartoonist and creator of Jasper the Bear, "the most recognizable Canadian cartoon character of the 20th century," that I would be sure to faithfully draw and sketch every day, and, as for Ethel, she already knows that I'm following in her footsteps by pursuing my spiritualist, channeling work. She visited Edgar Cayce's headquarters (the 'Sleeping Prophet') back in her day and was studying metaphysics as well. I just wish I'd been able to get to know them better...I didn't find them until I was 26 years old.

Love Is The Answer!
Today I realized, once again, that love is the answer, and it's really just a matter of figuring out how best to deliver our gift to the world. How best can we share that love without getting caught up in all the details? Not all of us care to delve deeply into what these details might mean, but I'm learning that my job is all about sharing these details; details about spirit guides and ancestors, who they were, who they are becoming, what they learned, what they have to say to us, how they are guiding us and watching over us; yes our ancestors still continue to grow and learn on the Other Side! It's my gift to be able to connect with our ancestors, share their love, their lessons and the tears that inevitably accompany these kinds of revelations; our souls never die, and that's the truth.

Channeling defined: n. The act or practice of serving as a medium through which a spirit guide purportedly communicates with living persons.