New Moon in Taurus Artist Feature

New Moon in Taurus
April 24
8:22 pm PDT

The New Moon in Taurus slows us down, letting our roots grow deeply. It is a stubborn, creative, earthy and sensual time. So get inspired, get a massage, make art or make love. Notice the things that endure; the feel of wood and rock, the smell of a home baked bread or Russian tea. This fertile sign encourages strong, slow growth. (Excerpted from the We'Moon Datebook.)

The Taurus artist featured this month is an Etsy online friend of mine and a wonderfully talented Australian artist.

Spotlight on Taurus Artist, Susan Rodio

"Being a Taurus, I think I display many of the typical Taurean traits when approaching my art and creativity. Firstly, I just LOVE beautiful things, whether those beautiful things are art objects, paintings, flowers, photos, or anything in nature and I can be quite obsessive about things I am interested in.

Also when I get started on something I can be slow and steady or cautious about it at first, but once I'm stuck into something I get this intense determination and become very focused about it and it can be hard to tear me away from the object of my attention (my partner finds this most frustrating.)

For example when I start a painting I am a little tentative initially, but once I feel connected to the work and in a flow I generally can sit for hours at at time painting away and I find it hard to actually get up and do anything else as I don't like to lose focus, often 6 - 8 hours can go by and I haven't moved from my chair, which I think would be hard for most people that aren't as fixed in their nature."


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