Why Psychics Burn Out & Other Interesting Facts

Email Questions from New Clients:

"How are you able to channel our energy when all the information you get about us is our email address? Do you need more details?"

"Is this reading unique to me or is it computer generated, or from a book?"

My Response:

It is an interesting thing, how energy works, but I like to compare it to radio waves; we can't see them, but they work! I don't like to get more details before a reading because I want it to be pure and unclouded with extraneous information. It's easier, the first time I read for someone, to work solely from their first name, so that I can focus on their spirit/energy/soul without any distractions from the so called 'real world' of facts and figures.

My soul readings are done by tapping into your soul's energy and then looking into past and future energetic possibilities as well. I usually suggest crystals that you can work with and sometimes affirmations and other healing exercises. I will also be sending you (via email) samples of the oracle cards that I pull for your reading (all drawn by me, and from the four different oracle card decks that I have created.) I will also include some factual information about the stones and the cards as well, so that you can continue to work with them on your own after the reading.

Psychic Burnout:

I am discovering, after chatting with other professional psychics, mediums and healers that the burn out rate is pretty high amongst psychics, due to clients becoming overly reliant and dependent upon their readers, and because of sheer exhaustion and over work!

I can sense a person's energy during their reading and if I feel they have a tendency for giving away their power I will discourage this kind of co-dependency from the beginning. This is also why I suggest healing exercises and tools, individually designed for each client, to enable them to work on their own, without my help, and in doing so learn how to empower and develop their own intuition and self healing capabilities.

Restoring Your Energy:

I also learned a technique from James Van Praagh's book "Ghosts Among Us" that he learned from psychic healer, Michael Tamura, who suggests that "when we give our energy to others, we have to get it back; otherwise we eventually feel depleted...(and he suggests that after giving a reading) I meditate on the person and visualize my own energy leaving him or her and returning to me." I use this technique after each reading, and this definitely helps restore my energy so I don't get depleted while doing this kind of work.