A Celtic May Day Meditation

What is Beltane?

Beltane, also known as May Day, is one of the 8 major (Celtic) Pagan holidays falling at the midway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. The word "Beltane" means "bright fire," and may be associated with the Celtic sun god, Bel. Love is in the air this month as we celebrate the earth's fruitfulness through our own sensuality and sexual revitalization. Symbolic bonfires were burned on hill-tops in Ireland and Scotland from pre-Christian times and well into the 19th century to summon the life-sustaining forces of the sun and to purify the land for crops. Modern-day Pagans in Scotland honor this tradition at the annual Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh.

A Beltane Blessing Ritual

As usual, I celebrate the Celtic festivals on my own, through meditation and ritual. *When I work with my oracle cards (all drawn by me) I DO NOT look at the cards until after the reading, I simply place my hand over the card and 'feel' or intuit it's energy.

I decided to work with my Fairy Herbal Healing deck for this particular Beltane ritual and pulled a card (randomly, of course!) called "Faery o' the Vine."

The Fairy Herbal deck consists of 80 oracle cards that I created from my Fairy Herbal paintings. Their energy is light, ethereal, airy, and sparkly plus based in the green world, so add in some earthiness and green energy as well.

The Grapevine is a feminine herb ruled by the Moon. It is said to increase fertility and strengthen mental powers. It is also used in money spells.

I also was very drawn towards my Welsh Isis Rainbow Generator Crystal as well.

Generator Crystals can broadcast healing and Love through the Earth’s energetic field, to be received by all beings upon the planet. The Isis Crystal (or Manifest Spirit Crystal) has the ability to guide one in connecting with the archetypal Goddess energy and in giving birth to one’s dreams through action. It is particularly useful for those who are willing to dedicate their lives and essences to expressing Divine energy in this realm of matter.

Healing Visions

During my meditation I was able to feel peace, contentment and healing, by getting to a place of satisfaction with who I am on a soulful, spirit level.

Being happy with who we are, feeling and knowing with every pore of our being that we are alive and perfect just as we are is what it's all about.

Next, I decided to work with a Celtic Quartz Cluster.
I call it a “Fairy Cluster” because it has a light, fairy-like energy about it. Quartz Clusters also help to encourage a sense of community, as well as creating harmony and removing negativity from the environment.

Fairy Herbal Healing Oracles

I drew another card from my Fairy Herbal Healing deck and it was called "Lavender."

Lavender helps bring a sense of stability into one’s life and it attracts energy of a high vibrational nature. It is also used to attract money and bless homes.

- I felt such strong love towards my work and especially towards the soul healing energy work that I do.

The Lefty Oracles Speak

Next I pulled a card from my Lefty Oracle deck, to try and make a strong connection with my Spirit Guides and it was called "Demon."
The Lefty Oracle deck consists of 50 oracle cards that I created from my Lefty paintings. Their energy is playful, light, edgy, ethereal and quirky.

Because the Lefty cards were all drawn with my non-dominant left hand, the ‘intuitive’ hand (controlled by my right brain) they do not come with any kind of written interpretation so it's up to me to trust myself and my intuition when I attempt to interpret this card.

- I sensed Fire Spirits around me, and they were taunting me by saying, "Is it hot enough for you yet?" (Keep in mind that I have not yet looked at the card I pulled, this I will do at the very end of my reading.)

"We want you to be a little bit uncomfortable, to challenge yourself!"

May Day Animal Totems
All of a sudden I opened my eyes and a bunny appeared out my window, and stopped as if it was looking at me! The first thought that popped into my head was, "Be gentle."

The next thing I saw was two big blue jays and to me, this symbolized the need for me to "Squawk loudly about this gentleness!" So that is what I'm doing today in this post.

Wishing all of you a Happy May Day and much love.