New Moon in Gemini Artist Feature

Get Ready for The New Moon in Gemini
May 24

5:11 am PDT

The New Moon in Gemini speeds our thoughts and nerves. It's time to weave the web with words, to talk, listen, laugh, sing and write, juggle possibilities, just don't get spread too thin! Network, express, negotiate, weed, and rearrange, but avoid planting. Excerpted from the We'Moon Journal & Datebook.

This month I'm featuring several Gemini artists because Gemini is represented by the twins. Today's spotlight is on London born, Edinburgh based musician, Woody Taylor who I was honoured to connect with on Twitter.

Spotlight on Gemini Musician, Woodstock Taylor

"Being a singer/songwriter is an ideal occupation for a Gemini, because it involves doing several things at once; writing words, composing melodies and singing them - maybe playing an instrument at the same time. I'm in distinguished company: other Geminis include Bob Dylan, Cole Porter, Peggy Lee, Paul McCartney, Ray Davies, Paul Weller, Prince, Noel Gallagher, Kanye West, Tupac Shakur, Lionel Richie and Barry Manilow, to name a few. I may not be as famous as any of them but I do feel a certain vague kinship with my fellow Gemini artists.

It's often been said that being a Gemini is like being two people for the price of one; happy, moody, extroverted, introverted, shallow, deep and predictably unpredictable. As a double Gemini (I am Gemini rising too,) what can I say - you don't get two, you get four! Life is many things, but never dull.

As far as my own music-making goes, I guess I'm driven by a very typically Geminian urge to try everything. This translates into a studio littered with different musical instruments, all of which I enjoy getting to work, though I am much more of a singer than an instrumentalist. People ask what kind of music I write and I have to explain that it depends on the song. A bit of blues, a bit of pop, some jazz... a bit of this and a bit of that, but it all sounds like me.

I like the craft of songwriting - it's part storytelling and part composing, assembling the right words and music to get the message and the mood across in a tight structural format. Geminis often have the reputation of being gossips and truth-seekers - Gemini songwriters just do it to music!

With Mars in Pisces I am your typical dreamy artistic type, while Venus in Aries means I've usually got one thing other than music on my mind - and it's the favourite topic of songwriters through the ages, so there's never going to be any danger of running out of subject matter!

But of course being a double Gemini means that I can take the whole thing with a pinch of salt, or very seriously, and be whomever, and whatever I want to be today; mystical, scientific, analytical, scatty, wordy, political, minimalist, melancholy, funny - take your pick!"

You can find Woodstock Taylor online at Myspace.

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