Virgo Moon - Harvest Moon

New Moon in Virgo
September 18, 2009

11:44 am PDT

Suggestions for celebrating the Virgo New Moon:

- Buy or borrow that book you've been longing to read all summer, but haven't had time for 'cause now that you're even busier, you'll actually be able to find the time! I like to read just before bed and just after I wake up.

- What needs healing? What are you willing to work on this month to make yourself feel better? Self-care is the word of the day! I plan to get a massage from Laurie Reynolds (soul healer & psychic masseuse!)

- Giggling is good for the soul, didn'tcha know? I recommend Edward Gorey (writer and illustrator) & "Harold & Maude" (my favorite movie) for a dose of quirky, dark humour.

Every New Moon I welcome several guest artists to talk about how their Zodiac sign influences their work and their life. In Part 1 of my Virgo series I welcome soul-based Virgo artist and skin care specialist, Conchita Macarty from San Francisco, California as she shares her Virgo secrets with all of us.

Conchita Macarty

Virgos are all about the details and this is useful for me because I create and formulate everything in my product line from the raw materials to the design, labeling and marketing. The negative side of this can be the Virgoan tendency to be overly self-critical, but I choose to see this quality in myself as an on-going challenge in the journey towards perfection.

I have found that the most positive quality of Virgo is the ability to find creative solutions to problems. For example, I was shocked when I discovered that most commercial body care products contain a great deal of cheap fillers and potentially harmful ingredients - I knew there had to be a way to ensure that the products I was using contained only quality ingredients and none of the potentially harmful additives. In true Virgo style, I became obsessed with learning everything I could about the cosmetics and personal care industry and my search for a solution that had begun with a spark of passion was followed by years of meticulous research as I perfected my own formulas to create my product line.

Sprinkling Clean - Rose-All Natural Complexion Cleansing Powder with Real Rose Essential Oil
I find that I very much exemplify earth sign qualities as reflected in the natural foundations of my product line: natural and earthy colors, textures, and essences appeal to me and I like things to be as close to nature as possible. My "Sprinkling Clean" line is a good example of this - it allows you to customize your own skin care with an all natural, earthy blend of clays, grains, nuts, seeds, and pure essential oils. Combined together, these ingredients naturally cleanse and detoxify skin without having to rely on synthetic cleansers containing chemicals and preservatives.

"Golden Magdalen"

When meditating on classic Virgo qualities, the word 'perfection' continued to come up. Virgos are often pegged as perfectionists and although this is sometimes the case, I find that there is much more to this than a Virgo's propensity to criticize. I have always been a very creative person with a keen eye for detail and perhaps a slight obsession with perfection. In my art, this perfectionism can hinder creativity because I tend to get caught up in perfecting the details rather than seeing the 'bigger picture'. In this sense, painting becomes an almost therapeutic practice. In school, friends created a term for my tendency to re-do a painting over and over; they called it 'Conchita-ism'. As humorous as it was, it is a very real challenge for artists who also happen to be perfectionists.

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