Virgo New Moon Double Artist Feature

New Moon in Virgo
September 18, 2009

11:44 am PDT

New Moon in Virgo, my favorite (hint, hint, I'm a Virgo!)

The Moon in Virgo asks us to consider what needs healing. It's time to study, learn, train, organize and turn our compassion into pragmatic action, but don't get stuck in your head! Moon in Virgo teaches us how to diagnose and heal our soul and the soul of the world. She offers us practical compassion and ancient wisdom.

Suggestions for celebrating the Virgo New Moon:

1. Buy or borrow that book you've been longing to read all summer, but haven't had time for, 'cause now that you're extra busy, it's the perfect time! I like to read just before bed and just after I wake up.

2. What needs healing? What are you willing to work on this month to make yourself feel better? Self-care is the word of the day! I plan to get a massage from Laurie Reynolds (soul healer & psychic masseuse!)

3. Giggling is good for the soul, didntcha know? The Buddha taught with laughter - it raises our vibration and releases good energy into the world. I recommend Edward Gorey & "Harold & Maude" (my favorite movie) for a dose of quirky, dark humour. Oh, and my Lefty Oracle guide "Chicken Suit" (who also happens to be in the collection of Will Ferrel who is also good for a giggle or two, especially when he's streaking ... not!)

Every New Moon I welcome several guest artists to talk about how their Zodiac sign influences their work and their life. This month I welcome Annie Ciszak from Anchorage, Alaska, Heyar Padron from Miami, Florida and Conchita Macarty from San Francisco, California.

Annie Ciszak

I have been told by many that I am the epitome of a Virgo ... which is not always the highest compliment, but it most certainly is the truth. At least we know what we’re working with, right? As with all art forms one needs to pay great attention to detail . Metalworking, which is my specialty (though I have been known to draw and dabble in other areas,) is no exception. As a Virgo, I am sometimes *overly* concerned with the nitty gritty, but I feel this makes for a better final product. I create pieces which are meant to withstand the test of time, be it wear and tear and constant handling, or occasional hardy usage.

Virgos have a tendency to nitpick those around them, yet we are not so good at seeing our own faults. I admit, I may be guilty of this (see how I sidestepped that? lol) ... however, the imperfections in my work are my attempt to see through things as I search for perfection ... a paradox indeed, but a needed one. My Virgoan tendency for details is countered by the rough, hammered and sometimes imperfect style I have acquired.

"Spot of tea Govna?"

As an earth sign I am drawn to the dirty side of things - physical dirt, and the finishes and patinas in my work truly resonate within me. The changing seasons (which I rarely get to see in Alaska) can be seen in the process of transforming flat metal into forms and objects - this makes my heart leap!

Heyar Padron

My name is Heyar Padron and I am the creator of A Flair For Paper. I am a graphic artist by trade and a paper fanatic at heart. In fact, I’ve been in the paper business in one form or another for the past twenty years.

As a Virgo artist, I am meticulous about details and extremely critical down to the very last pixel. My Virgo sign is represented by the way I approach design in general. I am whimsical, but precise, earthy and grounded, and I always find a way to leave a feminine mark on everything I do. I am a bit of a neat freak and I love to bring order out of chaos. I am patient, unemotional (for the most part,) and shy. I find inspiration in every day things and view my surroundings with unsullied eyes in order to find the beauty in the mundane. I love color, texture and especially the beautiful muted hues and character of Fall.

The New Moon is a very significant time for me and brings with it unexplainable excitement and mental clarity. I find that I have more energy and that my creativity soars - I call it my Virgo energy. This energy is all about work that is both accurate and focused, driving me forward through whatever lies ahead. Don’t get me wrong, on any given day my goal is nothing short of perfection, but for these few days I feel as though I may actually achieve it.

Personalized Ladybug Notecards

With each New Moon, I get to know myself a little better and my creativity and spirituality is enhanced as I become more aware of my own creative energy, not just the energy that helps me design, but the creative energy that connects me to All That Is.

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