Aries Full Moon Artist Spotlight

Full Moon in Aries

October 3, 2009
11:10 pm PDT

Full Moon fulfillment burns with Aries heat and fire this month so take some time to wake up and remember who you truly are, even if it bothers those you work with or love. Tempers, tears and passion run high as we find our independence and our voice.

This month's Full Moon Aries artist is Roberta and Renee (a Libra) from Amanda, Ohio and I'm sure you'll find their story very inspiring in many ways. I must say that I had a very tough time finding Aries artists to feature this month - not sure why, maybe they're all too busy charging full steam ahead changing the world?!

Roberta & Renee

Stratus Silver
Amanda, Ohio

Recycled Twig Bangle Bracelets

Roberta and I (Renee) are co-owners of Stratus Silver Jewelry Co. I am an Aries and Berta is the Libra. We have known each other and worked together at our day jobs for sixteen years, although Stratus Silver did not come about until we 'accidentally' became neighbors out in the middle of nowhere. (We live in the Hocking Hills region of southeastern Ohio.)

I am definitely not an astrology expert, but I know Aries and Libra are a great mix. Berta's air feeds me and my fire moves her. I'm the initiator, innovator and fixer; she picks up whatever comes and runs with it, all while bringing balance to the entire operation. We motivate each other and work better together than any other two people we know. When we're swamped and under pressure, we often work 10-12 hours together in our studio and never miss a beat, including getting families fed, kids to football, client calls and anything else on the agenda. A few words between us is all it takes to get the ball rolling. From there we hum. One picks up where the other leaves off and before we know it, the jobs are done. No worries about tripping over egos here either. We're both well aware of who excels at what and surprise, surprise, our talents are perfect compliments to each other.

Our nature line was born one day when I was bored and said: "Lets do something different. I feel like burning something up." (Are you surprised?) Berta agreed. (She never quashes my spontaneity.) A few hours later, we were both staring at a pound of sterling silver twig castings. Simultaneously we said: "What now?" The twig bangles were my idea. Berta immediately followed with twig earrings and "Can we do other stuff, too? Like leaves maybe?" Yeah. We could do leaves. And flowers and petals and seeds and on and on. We haven't found a limit to what we can do together yet, except perhaps in that linear, non-existent dimension we're in called 'time.'

Queen Size Twig Bangle Bracelets

Our ultimate goal is to grow Stratus Silver to the point where we can provide some jobs for the many people who are out of work in the depressed, very rural area where we live. The folks around here have relied on manufacturing companies for employment for generations. Unfortunately, the area's manufacturers have all moved out of the country or closed because of the economy.

It's also our intent and hope to inspire a sense of appreciation for nature and an attitude of conservation in others through our jewelry. The Wayne National Forest is on our doorstep and we'd like to see it there for generations to come.

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