I started this painting on Friday the 13th.

Time to move on.

Leave this country, this home, this town, this space, this emotion.

I just want to go home. Is that why I do what I do? Painting, soul reading? To find home, to make home?

The only true home I have is within myself and my connection with the Divine.

We find our way by being the way.

I came back to this painting on Nov. 16 - not finished yet.

One last kiss before the void.

Self. Contained.

There is so much more.

Home - acrylic & pastel on silk - 3.5' x 3.5'

"We'll keep on whispering our mantras" (from the song "Slow Moves" by Jose Gonzalez).

Musical Inspiration: Putamayo presents "Women of the World Celtic I & II". Booth - "Carbon" and Jose Gonzalez - "Veneer".