Poem of Longing

Passion, angst, intimacy, fulfillment. When we get what we want do we stop trying? Become complacent? Where to go next?

"Love Yourself" TC told me. What does that look like? Feel like? It feels fuller, not empty at the core. 'Happy' sounds so frivolous - 'soul peace' sounds better.

All I want is to be immersed in the paint, to forget everything else - lost in creating - at one with the ALL.

"I will not forget you". Sarah McLachlan

It's like painting on skin (the silk surface): supple, moving, drapey, crepey-wrinkley, soft, scratcheable.

"Poem of Longing" - acrylic & pastel on silk - 4' x 5'

Musical Inspiration: Todd Rundgren - "Something, Anything", Sarah McLachlan - "Solace", Sugarcubes, Sade, Crazy Beautiful Movie Soundtrack and esp. the song "Serralde" by La Reina Del Lugar