Mating in Captivity

Desert Soul- acrylic & pastel on masonite - 48" x 48"

Leo full moon last night. The most important thing is heart - I can feel mine beating.

I'm reading a book by Esther Perel called "Mating in Captivity" - here are some interesting bits:

" One aspect of the erotic blueprint that illustrates the irrationality of our desire is that what excites us most often arises from our childhood hurts and frustrations".

"The central agent of eroticism is the human imagination, but for many people the project of sexual self-discovery is hampered by parental messages that induce fear, guilt, and mistrust".

"The body is the purest, most primal tool we have for communicating. As Roland Barthes wrote, "What language conceals is said through my body.""

"Erotic intimacy is an act of generosity and self-centeredness, of giving and taking.".

"The first place we learn about love and relationships is in our original family".

"Love and desire are not the same. Cozy is not the same as sexy".

"Intimacy does nurture desire, but sexual pleasure also demands separateness. Erotic excitement requires that we be able to step out of the intimate bond for a moment, turn toward ourselves, and focus on our own mounting sensations. We need to be able to be momentarily selfish in order to be erotically connected."