Soul Speak

In process - acrylic & pastel on masonite - 48" x 48"

A new surface today - the rough side of my masonite panel, primed and ready with three coats of house primer.

I've been writing and researching alot for the online course I'll be teaching - trying to determine the outcomes of the course. Perhaps my lunar based course is trying to teach me something; to let go of outcomes. Aren't there enough courses out there that beat that into our heads?

How about a course that seeks to awaken us to our passion, our instincts, our inner knowing, our emotions? I know how easy it is to cut oneself off from these ways of being. Society and the media cannot package and sell these qualities - we must spark and grow them on our own or in cahoots with like-minded souls who now, thanks to the internet are much easier to find.

Today I look at my pure white canvas board and I realize how important it is to be true to myself and to express this truth in all I do. Why, you may ask...Because happiness breeds happiness, passion - passion and joy - joy ... I revel in this fertility.

By picking up a pen, a brush (whatever works for you!) we focus our attention, our minds, upon the other, as we let our soul speak. It's truly amazing how we are able to manipulate our own feelings, change track, or get back on track, fall off track - do we even realize how powerful we are?

I can play our song, create you on canvas and then wash it all away....

"Can't fight the fighter, I keep losing ground and I can't hide the hider with you hanging around." From the song "Run For It" by Delerium

As I press myself into it's surface (the masonite) I leave an imprint from my soul to yours.

"Do you believe in dreams? That's how I found you." From the song "Fallen" by Delerium

Musical Ambiance: Chimera by Delerium