Free Moon Chart!

All students of my Divine Feminine eCourse will receive a Moon Chart to show you where the Moon is in your personal zodiac chart.

Course Material includes 4 ebooks

Developing Wise Woman Moon-Knowing is a way of deepening your experience of the lunar cycles. My lunar-based Divine Feminine eCourse is designed to help you connect in a more meaningful way with these cycles. A Moon Chart, which explains where (what sign) the Moon and the Nodes of the Moon are in your natal chart are a great way to get started - once registered for the course please email me your exact date, time and place of birth so we can begin!

What does the Moon mean in your birth chart?

Your Moon: your birth chart wheel shows you what was happening in the sky at the exact moment when you were born. The sign and house position of your Moon relates to your emotional comfort zone and what makes you feel ‘at home’.

The Nodes of the Moon explore what new lessons you’re learning in this current lifetime based upon where you’ve been in past lives. Knowing this can help you uncover what areas are best for growth and which areas are familiar territory ie. ‘been there, done that’. This kind of valuable Moon-Knowing helps you push past your comfort zone so that you can begin to dream your ‘impossible dream’ in a balanced and healthy way. Learn more here: Astrology & the Moon

Recommended Reading: Jan Spiller - Astrology for the Soul

Developing Moon-Knowing can help you:

* Increase your intuition * Balance your external and internal worlds * Connect with guides * Tune in to synchronicities * Nourish creativity through Moon Collaging! * Open your heart * Protect your dreams * Cherish yourself and others * Nurture your deep soul

Learn more about the Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eCourse here.

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