Seeing Things For The First Time

Sinking into Artist-Time is sheer self-indulgence in a way and in another way, not at all! It is both and more. It is being present and open to:

heart emotion intuition dreams soul being feeling alive and on fire in every pore.

In Process - acrylic, pastel & charcoal on masonite - 48" x 48"

It is trusting the instincts of your hand, the brush, your colors and their combinations based upon years of loving them, knowing them, spending time with them, through devotion, nurturing and letting the paintings and colors nurture and heal oneself - it's all of this an so much more.

I can't imagine seeing the face of God/dess because She is everywhere and in everything.

Sometimes it may appear to others that we're being selfish, but how can we possibly feed and nourish others when we ourselves are starving? So we take and take and nourish and feed until sated and then we empty ourselves in giving, knowing that we will never go hungry again because now we understand what fullness means and we can share that knowing with all we meet. So far with this series - Journey Into Intimacy, I'm learning how not to finish a painting to perfection, but instead to let it be, not push it beyond where it wants to go, trusting completely in the process to guide me into a perfection I've never known before - non-attachment.

"I'm seeing things for the first time in my life." Sung by The Black Crowes ~ Seeing Things.

Musical Ambiance ~ The Black Crowes album, "Shake Your Money Maker" and Santana's album, "Supernatural".