Taurus New Moon Musings

New Moon in TaurusMay 13, 2010 6:04 pm PDT

This month the New Moon enters the sign of Taurus, the Celestial Cow and a fixed, earthy sign represented by the crown of Isis (the symbol or glyph for Taurus). Try to picture Taurus the Bull munching contentedly away in a field of clover and then ask yourself, “What can I do this week to reward and pamper myself in a sensual way while giving thanks and acknowledging my strengths and values?” (Think of it as a Taurean pleasure bath for the soul). Is there a special source of strength that you can draw upon when necessary? What is it? Have you ever healed yourself by connecting with your power source? Wouldn’t that be amazing?! When the Moon enters Taurus on May 13 get ready to:

- ground your energy in Mother Earth - be cautious and reserved about money - continue or finish projects - stay at home with your family - appreciate the bounty and beauty of Mother Earth

Taurus – The Bull

Time of Year – Spring turns into summer, May Day Quality – Fixed Element – Earth Planetary Ruler – Venus Anatomy – Neck and throat Natural Sign of – 2nd House Color – Pink, green, earth colors Gemstone – Chrysocolla, green emerald, moss agate Tarot Card – Hierophant Goddesses – Demeter, Flora, Gaia, Hathor, Hera, Nokomis, Olwen, Rhea Taurus Meditation

I am of the earth, Gaia feeds me, I worship her body as I worship my own. Introducing The Moon Muses

The Moon Muses are intuitive guides and question askers that offer insight and wisdom along with exercises to heal and inspire you. They are creative leap takers forming a glowing moonlit bridge between your rational self and your higher self, a self that dwells in pure intuition, clairvoyance (clear seeing), meditative reflection and dreaming.

This month you will meet a Gemstone Muse called Emerald and a Lefty Oracle Muse by the name of Song. I encourage all of you to create a Moon Musing Journal to record your monthly moon explorations (more about this in my eCourse Awaken Your Divine Feminine Self).

- lose yourself in music - appreciate and indulge in life’s simple, sensual pleasures

A Message From Emerald

Emerald encourages you to define your values especially in relation to money and possessions.


How much is enough, too little, just right?

Does the work you do express your values? Tell me more!

Emerald is a wishing stone and works especially well with this New Moon in Taurus, so that means it’s time to make a wish, but with 1 stipulation, that instead of releasing your wish into the ethers, Emerald wants you to plant it, tend it and watch it grow.

Take a moment now to envision that wish of yours spreading out and effecting 100 other folks, then 200, then 300 then 10,000!

My Green Wish is _____________________________________________________

My Version of Taurus

“Song” is part of a series of left-handed drawings I created over a period of five years. These drawings were later turned into an oracle card deck that I use for soul readings.

“Song” asks you to write a song from your heart!

To begin, list 3 words that fill your heart with joy, perhaps relating to their meaning, or even just to the sound that the word makes. Think fast, don’t dwell on this too long! What are the first 3 words that pop into your head? Write them down!

1. 2. 3.

Now, write down a symbol or something concrete beside each word.

Allow these 3 words to act as a talisman or touchstone for you this month. Try turning them into a collage or collect them as actual objects that you can carry around with you. Ponder them, bring them to life, because they will teach you about the way of joy, the way of heart and the way of soul. Think of them as your Heart Song of Joy and let their magic work it’s synchronicities and healings into the very fabric of your life.

I am currently teaching “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Self” at the Wise Woman University. “Celebrating the lunar cycles is an important part of building a spiritual framework. Each month we can tune into her cycles to keep ourselves on track. At the new moon we plant our intentions for the month ahead, at the full moon we watch them flower, and at the waning moon we release and share our wisdom with the world. As women we are naturally able to resonate with these cycles in deep and meaningful ways.”