Feelin' that eclipse: Get involved to evolve

On June 26th a partial lunar eclipse will occur at 4 degrees Capricorn which will conjunct Pluto, activating a planetary grand cross. A shake down of our ruling power base reveals what communal commitments we actually honour. Get involved to evolve. We'Moon Excerpt

A lunar eclipse is only possible during a full moon. During a Full Moon, the Moon and Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth, and the Moon is at its brightest. A lunar eclipse is a special full moon where the Earth is in the same plane with both luminaries and the Moon is therefore shadowed by the Earth. This too, is a relatively sudden and rare phenomenon and not visible to everyone on Earth.You will feel an eclipse if it falls within 5 degrees of one of your natal planets.

Well I'm feelin' it - this lunar eclipse falls on my MC (1 degree apart) - so what does that mean? It feels like I'm fully on stage with all of you in this global, Aquarian world we live in, connected by cyber space, blogging on the airwaves and connecting body, mind, heart and soul. It feels intimate, it feels important and it feels powerful. We can make a difference, no matter how small, or how large - it's all the same - as long as we make the effort, we need to be present and to show up.

Divine Moon Muser Michéle wrote about her own experience with a lunar eclipse here (originally shared with members of our Divine Feminine Soul eCourse):

I just wanted to share another important event in my life with the Moon.

I was in my 20's and witnessed a lunar eclipse. I was at a cottage near a mountain. It was a brilliant, amazingly huge moon that rose along the side of the mountain. I could not take my eyes off her. I followed the path and ended up in a field to watch the unfolding. As the moon was nearly eclipsed, all of Nature stopped: the wind died down; no birds, insects, sounds of any kind arose. As if there was this universal expectation... The moon changed to blood red. As I sat there, mesmerized, I could taste the blood in my mouth-coursing through my veins, and the whole of being female - with monthly cycles tied to the energy of the moon. There was an awareness of the sacred and how significant that moment was. As soon as the eclipse began to wane, Nature started up again with its usual busy-ness.

The whole experience left a profound mark on my consciousness and still today I feel awe at what I had the privilege to witness.

~ Divine Moon Muser, Michéle G.