The Age of Intuition

We are in the Age of Intuition and just for fun and in honour of the New Moon entering the sign of Gemini today and the start of my eCourse Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul - yehhhh! I'm going to plant and tend some NEW MOON SEEDS within this blog over the next 2 weeks. Gemini does encourages communication, idea sharing and curiosity! Here is a fascinating personality test (it's a short online Facebook app version that allows you to post the results to your Facebook page) based upon the Kiersey Temperament Sorter (otherwise known as the Myers Briggs) to help you find out lots of cool stuff like how intuitive you are (Type I), whether you're a procrastinator type (a type P) and lots of other cool stuff (the full length test can be found in the book "Please Understand Me.")

The Temperament Sorter is useful for career counselling and in the work place because it really does help you understand how and why others are so different from you and how to get along with all types.

On our first road trip together, which by the way is the ultimate test of compatibility, my husband and I (before we were married) took the test and quickly discovered where our major differences lay - he's quite the P and I'm a super J! The first time I met my mother-in-law, a primary school teacher, she whipped out the test and quickly pegged me as one of the dreaded 'them' - an ENTJ (although I'm more an I) as she proceeded to tell me that my type (in the classroom) was one of those annoying (but rare) students who questioned just about everything!

So, as you can see this test has some helpful qualities and some rather limiting aspects. Of course we are much more than a series of letters on a scale and who really wants to be sorted, pegged and classified anyway?

Some other fascinating psychological profilers are:

The Enneagram (very deep and with a spiritual bent.)

The Clifton Strengthsfinder (helped change my life but you have to buy the book to do the test.)

Astrology (the most complex of all!)