A Shining Star Getting Stronger

Kathy Crabbe, In Process. Acrylic & pastel on masonite, 48 x 48 inches. © 2010

The love of life is all that remains. A shining star will appear somewhere.

Salvino Nucera, Re Niliu~Pucambu

The fact is that I don't really care what becomes of these (recent) paintings of mine. I just need to do them.

Q & A

Q. So these paintings were created just for you?

Me: Yes, and no. I willingly share these fits of creative love, expression and heart with the world via my blog, so yes I do care about putting them out there into the world, but I'm not assigning any monetary value to them.

Q. What if someone wants one?

Me: They're not for sale. These paintings are part of one year of Process Painting and I won't have any answers for you until that year is up (some time in October, 2010) and even then I may not be ready to respond to that question.

Q. So why paint?

Me: Today, I was a bit down so I sat in front of a new white board (very large, by the way), played some music, wrote, pondered and eventually put brush to board and in the process felt better and stronger and then the painting process itself grew and morphed and became something in itself; the process carried me along with it. So basically I was able to make a choice: do I want to get out of this bad mood I'm in or stay in it.

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