Museletter: Scorpio New Moon Musings

Brigid. Mixed media on board, 22 x 30 inches. © 2010 by  Kathy Crabbe

New Moon in Scorpio – November 5, 2010

Something very beautiful is being born today - You. Scorpio knows without knowing how she knows... it's all on a subconscious level.

When tuning into Scorpio power (and we all have it in our natal birth charts) it's a great time to ask the really important questions and expect to receive some answers - that's how powerful this Moon in Scorpio can be. Ponder that for a moment and then start brewing up some good questions and remember, often they will come at you whether you're ready or not, so be prepared for a few surprises.

Don't over-think things either 'cause this can kill the process. Just jot them down as you try to capture the biggies in your life.

On Nov. 5th when the New Moon enters Scorpio get ready to:

- get motivated, resourceful and determined - make eye contact - risk honesty - see the seeds of decay inherent in all things - relax into the warmth of the crone’s cave - transcend earthly concerns and soar to the heights - open your second chakra as far as it will go and feel the heat of passion

More About Scorpio the Scorpion, Phoenix & Eagle

Time of Year – October 21 to November 21 Quality – Fixed Element – Water Planetary Ruler – Pluto Anatomy – Sex organs Natural Sign of – 8th House Color – Blood red, maroon Gemstone – Malachite, opal, topaz Tarot Card – Death Goddesses – Brigid, Hecate, Morgan, Selkhet

Scorpio Meditation

Deep inner knowing Her arms snakes, her belly the depths Slowly she transforms Her vulture claws spread open, forming wings of magic Reborn glory, the Phoenix

Introducing The Moon Muses

The Moon Muses are intuitive guides and question askers that offer insight and wisdom along with exercises to heal and inspire you. They are creative leap takers forming a glowing moonlit bridge between your rational self and your higher self, a self that dwells in pure intuition, clairvoyance (clear seeing), meditative reflection and dreaming. This month you will meet two Gemstone Muses – Opal and Malachite and a Lefty Oracle Muse by the name of Miss Talitha, Spider Sister. I encourage all of you to create a Moon Musing Journal to record your monthly moon explorations on a regular basis - more about this in my eCourse, Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul.

opal sphereA Message from Opal

Tune into your physical body right now - how do you feel? Does anything hurt or irritate you?

Join your hands together because we're going to stimulate both sides of our brains, yin and yang. Scorpio is all about relationships.

1. What new relationships are you forming right now? 2. What established relationships could you deepen? 3. Are these two related? If so, pick a symbol that best represents them. 4. What does this symbol mean for you? What does it teach you?

malachite sphereA Message from Malachite

Have you become bored or complacent with your closest relationship(s)? Are you taking them for granted or being taken for granted?

Try dreaming with malachite (a powerful heart cleanser so use in small doses) and opal under your pillow to stimulate your subconscious. Then immediately write down everything you remember about your dreams as soon as you wake up.

Miss Talitha Spider Sister. Watercolor on paper, 8 x 10 inches. © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe

My Version of Scorpio ~ Miss Talitha Spider Sister

"Miss Talitha" is part of a series of left-handed drawings I created over a period of five years. These drawings were later turned into an Creative Soul Guide deck that I use for giving Soul Readings.


Do you ever have a feeling of smallness? In what ways do you want to be heard? How would you like to be treated by others that would make you feel respected?

How can you nourish yourself in healing and affirming ways?

Now, imagine yourself standing tall as you gaze at yourself, as if in a mirror. Who are you? What three words or symbols could you use to describe yourself?

1. I am _____________________ 2. I am _____________________ 3. I am _____________________

Try and come up with a catchy slogan that best describes you and what you do.

I create a world where _______________________________________

Here are mine: Love conquers all. The vulnerable are free. Passion is everything. It's okay to love again. All is Love. Love matters.

Now lastly, choose a Soul Animal to help you on your journey.

Kathy Crabbe: Guiding Your Creative SoulKathy Crabbe is a Creative Soul Guide who has devoted her life to exploring spirituality and creativity with passion and integrity. Her art and writing have been published and shown throughout the world at museum shows, galleries, magazines and books. Through online resources Kathy is able to help women express their unique gifts and talents in empowering ways. She maintains a blog and website sharing her experiences with the psychic, intuitive realms and the world of art making.

The artwork above is from Kathy’s Goddess Zodiac deck and Creative Soul Guide® deck, two of the four decks she incorporates into her soul readings

Kathy is currently teaching Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul at the Wise Woman University. “Celebrating the lunar cycles is an important part of building a spiritual framework. Each month we will tune into her cycles to keep ourselves on track. At the new moon we will plant our intentions for the month ahead, at the full moon we’ll watch them flower, and at the waning moon we will release and share our wisdom with the world. As women we are naturally able to resonate with these cycles in deep and meaningful ways.”