Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: Releasing the Undesirable Story

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Geminiby Guest Astrologer, Emily Trinkaus

The Full Moon on December 21st is a super-potent, highly charged, cosmic opportunity to make a significant shift. The power of this lunation is amplified by two factors -- it's a Lunar Eclipse, and it coincides with the Winter Solstice.

At a Lunar Eclipse -- when the Earth's shadow blocks out the light of the Moon -- events from the past reach a point of culmination, fruition and completion. Feelings that have been repressed erupt into awareness, inspiring breakthroughs and revelations. The energy is intensely emotional, and potentially volatile.

In Gemini, this Eclipse activates themes related to siblings, neighbors, learning, writing, speaking, teaching and everyday communications and connections. Mental activity -- including anxiety and worry -- is likely to be heightened. The potential is to awaken to and release any thinking patterns, beliefs or perceptions that are keeping you from stepping into your true power.

The opposition between the Gemini Moon and Sagittarius Sun asks: Do your everyday interactions and activities reflect your integrity and higher vision? Can you connect with others while maintaining connection with your inner wisdom? Are you overly attached to your version of "truth," or overly adaptable to others' ideas and opinions?

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, when the darkness reaches its height of power. Traditionally, Solstice is a magical and mystical holy day, a time to release the past, rekindle your inner light, and plant a new vision for the coming year.

The concurrence of the Lunar Eclipse and Winter Solstice deepens the seasonal and metaphorical darkness, presenting a powerful opening to die to what no longer serves you. On January 4th, a New Moon Solar Eclipse will launch a powerful new beginning. In order to make the most of that initiation, what do you need to release? What is the old story that keeps you from living your highest purpose?

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I fell in love with astrology when I was 13 and read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. Suddenly the world made sense! I’ve been a passionate student of the cosmic science ever since. The more I learn, the more I’m humbled by its elegance, power and profound mystery. I started giving readings professionally in 1999.

I also have a background in creative arts – writing, painting and movement – and founded Portland Women Writers. I love working with other artists and writers to offer support for breaking through blocks and increasing access to the creative flow.